Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 220

Chapter 206: chapter 220-- overly nervous
hey, guys, all the free chapters will be put in auxiliary chapters, which are at the top of contents table (chapter lists), before chapter 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lee immediately interrupts Wang Yu "Yes right, Mrs. Shao, I really want to thank you for saving me. If it weren't for you, I really can't survive. In the future, if you need something that needs my help, feel free to tell me. As long as I can help, I will try my best." Lee says seriously, he almost stands up to salute Tang Ningshan, which makes Tang Ningshan directly laugh out. However, she raises her eyebrows and says "If I let you go to punch Shao Ruihan up, are you willing?"Tang Ningshan looks at Lee with an expected look and wants to see what kind of answer Lee would give. Then, she sees Lee showing a distressed expression. Tang Ningshan says "Well, I am just joking. You'll have a good rest, I am leaving. You are the most trusted people of Shao Ruihan. I hope that you can protect him. Even if one day I can't be with him, I hope he will be safe and happy."Tang Ningshan's words are filled with sighs, and both Wang Yu and Lee are stunned. Originally, they thought that Tang Ningshan really doesn't care about Shao Ruihan, because when Tang Ningshan said that they would separate, her tone was very plain. However, this is obviously not the case now. Is there anything Tang Ningshan couldn't say?"Well, I will go back. It is already very late. I haven't eaten yet." After Tang Ningshan finishes speaking, she walks outside.Wang Yu and Lee hear the words of Tang Ningshan, and immediately glance at Li. Li looks innocently at the two people who are next to him. He is like, you let me bring Tang Ningshan here, and why does it become my fault now?"Li, hurry up." Tang Ningshan goes outside the door and shouts to the door."Brother, Yu, and then I will go." Li hears Tang Ningshan's voice and immediately says to Wang Yu and Lee. After that, he immediately rushes out. As he runs, he still responses to Tang Ningshan's words.Wang Yu and Lee look at the back of Tang Ningshan. Neither of them knows how to describe the mood at the moment. They know Shao Ruihan very well, so naturally, they know Shao Ruihan loves her. However, according to the meaning of Tang Ningshan's words just now, it means that their previous ideas are wrong? In fact, Shao Ruihan has a favorite person. He just wants to protect that person, so he chose to marry Tang Ningshan? How could it be possible? That's completely impossible! What happened between them? This kind of thought is filled in the hearts of two people, and at this moment their hearts are not calm.Tang Ningshan and Li go downstairs one after the other. Out of the hospital, Tang Ningshan stands at the gate waiting for Li to drive over. At this time, Tang Ningshan seems to see Yin He's figure passing by her. But the person walks very fast, and before she can make it clear, the person disappears.Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says in her heart, how could this person be Yin He? Yin He should not know that Tang Yichun is in the hospital here? However, even if she knows, it does not matter. Anyway, the current Tang Yichun has no value to her. If it is not for reasons of blood relationship, Tang Ningshan really does not want to let Shen Quan treat Tang Yichun.Li's car comes soon. The car stops at the gate and Tang Ningshan gets in the car directly. The night in A city is not dark at all. Every road is brightly lit, which makes Tang Ningshan feel that every day in A city is like celebrating a holiday."I have a question to ask you." The car is driving on the road, and Tang Ningshan suddenly says.Li apparently did not expect Tang Ningshan to speak. Li believes that keeping silence in the car is an inherent mode of getting along with each other for them. However, Li says "Mrs. Shao, you ask. As my brother said, as long as I can do it, I will definitely try my best."Tang Ningshan immediately smiles and waves her hand and says "It's not a serious thing; I just want to ask you where I can buy a car with a higher safety factor. You know, I don't know much about these things. Usually, only men will especially like things like cars, so I want to ask you."Li immediately says "I am sorry, Mrs. Shao, but I am afraid you asked the wrong person. Although I have been driving, I usually drive military vehicles. When you said that the safety factor is high, I can only think of military vehicles, so..." After Li finishes speaking, he shows an embarrassed expression. He seems very nervous, like a child who made a mistake, which lets Tang Ningshan laugh out loud."Okay, okay, I am not embarrassing you, I just want to consult. You don't have to show such expressions, as if I am bullying you." Tang Ningshan says with a smile, her eyes look out the window. She looks at the people who are flashing outside the window, and they are all in groups. Tang Ningshan suddenly discovers that there is no other friend in her world except Yu Huan. She also has no friends like other girls who can go out shopping with her and chat with her.Thinking of this, Tang Ningshan takes out the phone and directly calls Yu Huan. The phone is not connected. Tang Ningshan suddenly begins to wonder if there is any accident happened to Yu Huan. Otherwise, why didn't he reply to her message for so many days and also didn't call her? When such an idea comes out, Tang Ningshan begins to be nervous. Since the incident of Miao Yu, Tang Ningshan has been overly nervous about security issues. No matter what it is, she will think of the worst result in the first place. She even wants to go to the residence of Yu Huan to check now. However, she also thinks that if there is an accident or if there is any danger, then Wang Pengxuan would definitely protect him.With such a thought, the tension of Tang Ningshan eases a little. She plans to hack into the computer of Yu Huan after she goes back. She thinks that she should have installed a positioning on his body at the beginning. In this case, if he really has any problems, she will be able to rush to save him in the first time.Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time, and finally couldn't help but says to Li anxiously: "Come on, I am in a hurry.""Okay." Li does not ask Tang Ningshan the reason, but according to Tang Ningshan's tone, Li knows that she should have something urgent; he directly steps on the gas pedal.When they arrive, Tang Ningshan immediately opens the door and jumps out of the car before the car is parked stably. She goes straight to the bedroom upstairs. The first thing after entering the room is to turn on the computer and go directly to Yu Huan's computer. She checks his online traces, and his last internet trip was a few days ago. Tang Ningshan's heart suddenly becomes very nervous. Suddenly, she thinks of Wang Pengxuan and immediately goes to check Wang Pengxuan's computer. His online record is the same as Yu Huan's, which makes Tang Ningshan suddenly panic.Where did Yu Huan go? Why are two people missing at the same time? Did they have any accidents? Tang Ningshan thinks about it and begins to track the mobile phone of Yu Huan, and the location of Yu Huan's mobile phone is actually near Shao's house.Tang Ningshan immediately turns on the computer and goes to watch the surveillance video of Shao's house.After watching all the videos, she fails to find Yu Huan in the house. She can only invade the Shao's house's monitoring system to see if Yu Huan has entered the Shao house's gate.In the end, Tang Ningshan finds that one night a few days ago, Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan appeared in a silver-white car and were taken to the Shao's house. After the car entered the gate, it did not drive to the villa area, but directly to the forest area behind the villa. There is no monitoring in the forest area, so Tang Ningshan does not know where the car was driving. A sense of crisis immediately rises in her heart.Tang Ningshan rushes directly into the cloakroom and changes a sports suit. She directly locates Yu Huan's mobile phone location on the computer, passing the location information into her own mobile phone, and rushes down the stairs with her mobile phone.When Li comes out of the kitchen, he sees Tang Ningshan rushing downstairs wearing black sportswear. Li immediately shouts "Mrs. Shao, where are you going?"Tang Ningshan ignores Li and runs straight outside. Li quickly puts down the things in his hand and follows Tang Ningshan. Seeing Tang Ningshan running towards the car, Li immediately speeds up and runs to the car.Tang Ningshan sits in the driver's seat, and Li also just comes to the side of the door. Tang Ningshan sees that there is no key in the car, only to wait for Li to come. Li just opens the door and is directly dragged into the car by Tang Ningshan."Key!" Tang Ningshan's voice sounds a little scared. Li does not speak, taking the key out of his pocket and closing the door.Tang Ningshan takes the key in the hand of Li and starts the car. She steps on the gas pedal and the car almost hits the front wall. Li silently ties the seat belt, his hand tightly holding the armrest on the side. Although he wants to say that he will drive, looking at Tang Ningshan's current state, he does not dare to speak, so he could only pray in his heart desperately that there will be fewer cars on the road this evening.When Tang Ningshan drives the car out of the house, she heads straight toward Shao's house. When Li sees this route, he knows that she is going to Shao's house because there are no other houses or villas in that area except for Shao's house."Mrs. Shao, are you going to Shao's house?" Li asks cautiously.Tang Ningshan looks at the front and says nothing. However, Li feels that after he has asked her, the air of Tang Ningshan has turned upside down. Her body exudes a cold atmosphere, which is exactly the same as Shao Ruihan.Tang Ningshan's car passes through the front door of Shao's house. She does not drive into the gate but stops in a very remote place. When stopping the car, Tang Ningshan does not make any noise. After getting out of the car, she takes out her mobile phone and begins to look for the location of Yu Huan's mobile phone. They are in a location near here.Although Li doesn't know what Tang Ningshan is doing, his responsibility is to protect Tang Ningshan's safety, so he stands quietly behind Tang Ningshan. If Tang Ningshan needs any help, then he will definitely help Tang Ningshan in the first place.Tang Ningshan looks for a long time before she finds the specific direction of his mobile phone. Tang Ningshan puts the phone away and turns and says to Li "You are waiting for me here."