Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 222

Chapter 207: chapter 222-- we will come back at night
Tang Ningshan looks at the time on the phone; the sun is going to come out. Her mood is more and more anxious. If Li has not returned yet when the sky is bright, what should she do? First of all, she is not sure if Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan are here. She can't just rely on a mobile phone location to determine that they are underground. Second, if she is found, how should she explain? If she can't explain it clearly, what should she do?These ideas begin to appear in Tang Ningshan's head. Just as Tang Ningshan is thinking about it, she hears the footsteps of several people. Tang Ningshan stands up with vigilance and climbs to the tree. No matter who is coming, it is the safest to stay in the tree before the sky is bright.The footsteps are getting closer and closer. Tang Ningshan sees Li, and then she quietly comes down from the tree.Li bring a group of people here, some with shovels and some with hoes. Tang Ningshan would like to ask if Li has brought all the people from the army farm. Otherwise, why do they take the tools of the farm?"Mrs. Shao." Li sees Tang Ningshan, shouting immediately. The tight expression on his face disappears at the moment when he sees Tang Ningshan."Hey, guys, thank you for coming. I only need one hole that can pass one person. This position is what I just dug. You can see if you can continue to dig from here." Tang Ningshan squats on the ground, pointing to the hole that she dug with a hammer and saying.The soldiers in the training suits all nod their heads immediately.Tang Ningshan retreats to the back. Li and the few people begin to dig around the small hole dug by Tang Ningshan. So many people have been digging around the small hole for about two hours. The sun is slowly rising, and this digging work is almost completed.Tang Ningshan smiles and says quickly "I really appreciate it. I will go down to check the situation first. After that, I will treat you guys a meal."The few soldiers quickly wave their hands and say no problem to Tang Ningshan. Moreover, the expression on everyone's face is a little embarrassed. It was too dark last night, and they didn't look at Tang Ningshan's look at all. They only knew that they would come to help, but now it is dawn, they find that this person turns out to be Shao Ruihan's wife.This makes them feel like they are doing what they should do. When they came out with Li last night, they were all afraid, because they are not allowed to go out without the orders of their superiors."We will go to my house for a while, I will cook for you. You will also taste the food I made. Please don't refuse. You are willing to sacrifice your sleep time to help me dig holes in the evening. I really appreciate it. If you don't give me the chance to treat you, I will feel very embarrassed." Tang Ningshan has a big smile on her face and says with sincerity.Li immediately says "Mrs. Shao, they have to go back in a while. When you go to the army next time, let's eat together. You should go down and see if there are any people you are looking for."When Tang Ningshan listens to Li's words, she could only say with some regrets, "Then, thank you guys very much. If you have something to do later, then go back. I will go down and see. You don't have to wait for me here. I'll go down. You should have training tasks when you go to work, right?" Tang Ningshan says as she watches the rising sun.None of the soldiers speak and they use their actions to show that they would leave with Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan can only speed up her action. She asks Li to find the rope to tie to her waist. After that, Tang Ningshan goes down little by little.Light shines through the hole. After Tang Ningshan goes in, she discovers that this place is a place that is very deep like a tunnel. The passages inside are intricate and there are many forks, which makes Tang Ningshan do not know how to choose. Of course, this also increases the difficulty of finding Yu Huan. However, since she knows that there is a tunnel, she can probably be sure that Yu Huan should have been here. The only thing she needs to do now is to go in and see if she can find his mobile phone. Looking at the time on her mobile phone, Tang Ningshan can only choose to go up. Not only that there are still a lot of people waiting for her outside, but also it is time to go to work, she has to deal with Shao Hong. She can't be late or absent.Tang Ningshan shakes the rope, and Li immediately pulls Tang Ningshan up. He first checks if there is any wound on Tang Ningshan. After that, he says "Mrs. Shao, have you found the person you are looking for?"Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says "There are too many passages underground. There is no way to determine where they are. We will first deal with the hole. We are coming at night." After Tang Ningshan finishes, she begins to look for things to cover the hole. They were too hasty when they came last night, and there is no preparation at all, so now they can only find some branches to be laid on top, and then cover them with dirt. Anyway, Tang Ningshan believes that there should be no one come in a general situation. If someone really falls into this hole, it only shows that this person is too unlucky.After these things are all dealt with, Tang Ningshan and Li and those soldiers who were asked over to help by Li in the middle of the night leave the woods.After returning home, the first thing Tang Ningshan does is to take a shower. She finds out her formal suit before taking off her sports. She has a simple breakfast downstairs and then goes upstairs to take her own laptop and bag downstairs. She decides to monitor Yu Huan's mobile phone to see if he is there after she goes to the company.After arriving at the company, Tang Ningshan still struggles with the information. Basically, nothing special happens. However, the only strange point is Shao Hong. Tang Ningshan feels that he is way too flattering today.Tang Ningshan does not think she and Shao Hong are acquaintances. In the past few days basically, they were in a state without mutual distraction when they were working. However, what surprises Tang Ningshan is that Shao Hong is completely different today. Basically, he will come to her office every twenty minutes. At noon, before the meal time, Shao Hong stands at the door of her office and waits for her. He says that he wants to have lunch with her.For such a flattering behavior of Shao Hong, Tang Ningshan could not refuse. He is not only her boss but also the cousin of Shao Ruihan. Tang Ningshan doesn't have any reason to refuse. Therefore, at noon, Shao Hong and Tang Ningshan both go out of the elevator and enter the staff canteen. The chefs of the Shao's company can be compared to chefs in star hotels outside. There are a lot of chefs hired here with high salaries, in order to create a good dining condition for the staff, and also let the staff not delay the work because the food in the cafeteria is not good.When two people enter the cafeteria, they receive a lot of attention. Tang Ningshan could only follow behind Shao Hong awkwardly and keeps cursing him in her heart. Originally, after such a thing happened yesterday, Tang Ningshan does not want to have too many interactions with Shao Hong in the company. Now, Shao Hong uses such a means, he is telling everyone that Tang Ningshan is the kind of person that the woman said yesterday.Shao Hong takes Tang Ningshan to find a position by the window. There are not many people in the cafeteria now, so basically, all the seats near their place are available. Tang Ningshan sits in the seat, Shao Hong asks "Ningshan, what do you want to eat? I'll bring the menu to you?"Tang Ningshan immediately shakes her head and says "It doesn't have to be so troublesome. It's just lunch. I can eat anything, it doesn't matter."Shao Hong listens to this and immediately puts a disapproval expression on his face. He says seriously: "How can you do this? I notice that you haven't eaten well at noon these two days. If you lose your weight, Ruihan will blame me when he comes back. Then I can't explain it to him." Tang Ningshan listens to Shao Hong's joke, but she has no meaning to laugh. She hears the threat in his voice, which lets her unconsciously want to go upstairs, and she plans to stay away from Shao Hong."General Manager, you order what you like to eat. I still have a lot of work to finish. If you don't go to buy food soon, there will be no food for a while. In this case, we can only wait for the next round." Tang Ningshan looks at the counter that is gradually surrounded by people, reminding him.Shao Hong smiles and says "You can rest assured that our food counter is not the same as them. We can order our own food. You should not worry; I will not let you feel hungry." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Hong's gentle face, unconsciously shivering. Tang Ningshan begins to doubt if this is the characteristics of the Shao's family. The people in Shao's family are either showing a smile that makes others feel scared or putting on an expressionless face that makes people feel cold.Tang Ningshan really doesn't want to be entangled with him because of this problem. She could only continue to say "...It's still better to be quicker."Shao Hong nods and asks Tang Ningshan to wait here. He goes to the kitchen on one side. Tang Ningshan begins to think about what Shao Hong's purpose is this time. What is he going to do in the kitchen? If he is going to add medicine to the meal, then he may have made another wrong decision again.When Shao Hong comes out of the kitchen, the seats near Tang Ningshan have been filled. A group of people secretly observes Tang Ningshan, making her feel very uncomfortable. When Shao Hong is sitting opposite Tang Ningshan, Tang Ningshan hears many people muttering around.The person sitting next to them says directly to his friends "Isn't that the girl yesterday? She was almost be hit by a plate yesterday? She even threatened the woman and said that she was going to call the police. However, after we went back yesterday, I haven't seen the police come. But, the woman seems to be directly fired.""Really? They fire people directly because of such a small thing? Besides, she did not been beaten, did she? Also, I think her relationship with the general manager must be unusual. I have been in the company for so many years; I have never ever seen the general manager having dinner in the staff cafeteria with any woman. In addition to the company's annual meeting, the general manager will not appear in the staff restaurant generally."