Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 224

Chapter 208: chapter 224-- ask for help
Until the sky is completely dark, Tang Ningshan's program is also completed. The first thing she does after writing the program is to let Li come over to do the experiment with her and determines if the program she wrote has no problems. Even the location of Pu Jiayi in the room on the second floor can be displayed on the computer. Li looks at Tang Ningshan with admiration and says "Mrs. Shao, you are so amazing; you can even make such a perfect program. If you enter the army, you must be a senior officer, and you are as good as my captain."Tang Ningshan hears Li mention Shao Ruihan and suddenly remembers that Wang Yu has not called her back yet. Would some accidents really happen?Tang Ningshan quickly puts the computer in her hand aside and reaches out to grab the bag on the sofa. She takes her phone out of it and quickly finds Wang Yu's phone number and immediately dials it.The phone is quickly connected, and Wang Yu's tone sounds bad. Tang Ningshan immediately asks in a panic "Is there something happened to Shao Ruihan?"Wang Yu immediately says "No, girl, you can rest assured that Shao Ruihan is very good now. But this task may be a little troublesome. Recently, he is doing extra training, so he may not be able to go back. After he finishes training, he will call you, of course, if he still has energy.""Oh, oh, as long as something is not happening, it's great. Then I have nothing else, I will hang up." Tang Ningshan finishes as if she is relaxed in an instant. However, she is more focused on the thermal sensor she has done. After dinner, Tang Ningshan still goes to change the black clothing she wore last night.This time, before Tang Ningshan gives the instruction, Li has already parked his car at the door to wait for Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan can only let Li go with her.Along the way, Tang Ningshan barely speaks but keeps thinking about the next plan. Should she use her computer to draw an underground map after going down? If she doesn't understand the road conditions of the underground tunnel, even if she finds Yu Huan's position with a thermal sensor today, then when they come back, it is also troublesome.After arriving at the destination, Tang Ningshan is holding a laptop and carrying a school bag. Li doesn't know what is in her bag, but it looks a bit full. Tang Ningshan does not explain, Li will also not ask, as if two people already have some simple tacit understanding.Still following the route of last night, Tang Ningshan walks in front, and Li follows behind. Soon, they arrive under the tree of last night. Tang Ningshan first checks the passage they dug and confirms that it has not been stepped on or moved by anyone, and then she removes the things covered on it little by little. Tang Ningshan puts the laptop that she is holding into the backpack and takes a long hemp rope from the backpack. After she ties herself with the rope, she ties the bag with her. She says "When I go down, you are waiting here. If there are any suspicious people, you should first ensure your own safety. If possible, you should stay in the tree. In this case, I will be relieved. Also, if I shake the rope, you will pull me up, just like yesterday."Li makes a military salute to Tang Ningshan solemnly, and he says "Mrs. Shao, you can rest assured that I will complete the task."Tang Ningshan shakes her head speechlessly. She is like, I am not your superiors, and can you not talk to me in a way of making a report next time? And also, suddenly making a military salute is a very scary thing.However, for these words, Tang Ningshan will not say it out to give Li a blow. After all, it is not easy to train a qualified and obedient soldier. She doesn't want to destroy Shao Ruihan's efforts for so many years, so she could only nod her head and doesn't talk. She squats down and puts the bag tied to the top of the rope in the hole, and then she goes down herself. Li grips the rope tightly and ties the end of the rope that exposed outside to the tree.This time, Tang Ningshan has plenty of time to walk around in this tunnel. This time, she also intends to make the situations in the tunnel clear. There are no lights in the tunnel, but Tang Ningshan can see the surrounding environment. This is thanks to the system. The tunnels are all made of earth, and only the top is built by something like concrete. Anyway, the tunnel is sturdy and will not collapse. Tang Ningshan feels that it is a bit like a bomb shelter.After looking around and confirming that there is no danger around, Tang Ningshan unties the rope tied to the backpack on her body. She takes the laptop out of it and first monitors the tunnel with her own thermal sensor, but only to find that there is no one nearby. She looks around and sees that Yu Huan's cell phone is on the ground here, and there is no trace of damage on the phone. So she turns on the drawing function of her computer and begins to draw a map of the underground tunnel while walking. She has been walking around for more than half an hour, and many roads have appeared in Tang Ningshan's picture, but these roads are intersected. If there is no such picture, Tang Ningshan feels that after turning around here, she can't find the way back.In this way, Tang Ningshan paints while walking. Finally, she walks to the end of a road, which turns directly to the outside. There are some mountains outside, and the mountains are covered with dense trees, making Tang Ningshan's clues directly broken. If there are many such exits in underground tunnels that lead to different places, then she simply can't find Yu Huan through the tunnel.However, Tang Ningshan will not give up so easily. She goes back to the tunnel and plans to take the road she has never walked to see how many exits the tunnel has.After she has walked all the passages, Tang Ningshan finds two exits. She also understands what the function of this tunnel is. Another exit turns to a broken warehouse in the backyard of Shao's villa. This is really a subtle design. Using this tunnel to escape is a great choice. However, now Tang Ningshan can't understand who in the Shao's family built this tunnel.Going back along the way, Tang Ningshan walks back to where she entered the tunnel. She pulls the rope and lets Li pull her up. She feels that it is still safer for her to stay on the ground.After going up, Tang Ningshan asks directly "Li. Are you familiar with this area?"Li immediately shakes his head and says, "Mrs. Shao, I am not very familiar with this place. The people who are familiar with this place are only my brother and the captain. They should be quite familiar with this place."Tang Ningshan nods and stands in the same place to untie the rope tied to her body. She decides to go to the hospital to find Lee to ask about the terrain and situation of this area."Let's go to the hospital, I am going to ask your brother for help." This is the decision that Tang Ningshan makes after thinking for a long time. Anyway, she does not need Lee to go here personally. Lee only needs to tell her about the approximate terrain and situation nearby.Li doesn't hesitate, but he looks at Tang Ningshan with some worries and says, "You don't need to take a break? You haven't slept for a long time."Tang Ningshan immediately shakes her head. "Let's go to the hospital soon." In fact, Tang Ningshan does not feel tired because she has a spiritual potion provided by the system. After drinking, she is not sleepy at all; she is now full of energy. If it is not because the potion cannot be produced under the current science and technology, she wants to mass produce it and promotes it because it is really useful.Li looks at Tang Ningshan's firm face and her energetic state and could only follow the will of Tang Ningshan. The two people go to the hospital together.When they arrive at Lee's ward in the hospital, Li stands at the door and knocks on the door, and then they directly push the door in. She sees Lee and Wang Yu talking about something, and the expressions of both people are not very natural.Li enters the room and says directly. "Brother, Mrs. Shao has something to talk to you."Wang Yu sees Tang Ningshan and immediately stands up and says "Girl, it is already so late, why are you coming over. If you have any needs, you can call us directly. It is not safe at night." When Wang Yu speaks, there is a trace of concern in his tone."No problem. I have some problems, but I can't find Shao Ruihan. I can only find Lee here." Tang Ningshan smiles and walks into the room. She says as she walks.Lee quickly points to the empty sofa over there and says, "Hey, Mrs. Shao, then you sit down and say, brother, you go to wash the fruit for Mrs. Shao."When Li listens to Lee's words, he immediately takes the plate on the bedside table to go out and closes the door. After seeing Li go out, Lee asks "Mrs. Shao, if you have something to say, speak up. If I can help, I will try my best."Tang Ningshan looks at the serious Lee and immediately smiles. "You relax, it is not difficult. I want the detailed map of the mountain behind Shao's house, it is best to display the position of each tree accurately. "When Wang Yu listens to Tang Ningshan's words, he immediately looks at Lee. Then, Wang Yu smiles and says, "Girl, can we ask, what do you want to do with that map?""Yu Huan, you all know him, right?" Wang Yu and Lee nod at the same time.Tang Ningshan takes out the computer from the bag and directly positions Yu Huan's mobile phone. After that, she turns the computer to face Wang Yu and Lee, pointing to the position on the screen. "Look, this location is near Shao's house. After that, I checked the monitoring of Shao's house and found that Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan were brought into the Shao's house by a car a few days ago." Tang Ningshan says while turning out the surveillance video of that day."Last night, I and Li went to the location where the mobile phone was located. I didn't find Yu Huan's mobile phone there, so I dug the pit on the ground. Below is a tunnel. These passages underground are all interlaced. Two exits. One is to the outside of the mountain forest, and one is inside the warehouse behind the Shao's villa." After saying this, Tang Ningshan takes out Yu Huan's mobile phone from the bag and places it on the side of the computer, saying, "This is the mobile phone I found in the tunnel. There is no broken trace on the phone, it is not like being deliberately dropped, and it is more like accidentally being left in the tunnel."After Tang Ningshan finishes this, she looks at Wang Yu and Lee and hops that they could help.