Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 226

Chapter 209: chapter 226-- don't be complacent too early
This book mainly includes monitoring, but not only satellite monitoring, but also sound wave monitoring. Anyway, whatever people can hear and see can be monitored by means of hacking. This is what Tang Ningshan did not expect. Tang Ningshan even suspects that after she has learned all the contents of this book, then whether she would not need to learn anything else.Unfortunately, just when this idea flashes in her mind, the system says "Master, I suggest you to not be complacent too early. The development of the earth is not so fast. Even if you master the sound wave monitoring, I think you can't use it on the earth for the time being. However, even in such a situation, you must learn this technique. Now, the learning task begins. Learning content, intermediate hacking techniques. The requirement, to achieve proficient level. If the task fails, the punishment will be doubled."Tang Ningshan hears this and immediately becomes unhappy. She is like, why is there still a punishment even if I ask for the learning task voluntarily? You are really too heartless, system.The system does not care what Tang Ningshan is thinking now. Every time after it posts a task, it stays silent as if it doesn't exist. Although Tang Ningshan could not see the system, she knew that the system must have been watching her all the time.However, Tang Ningshan also understands that complaints are meaningless. After complaining, she still has to continue to learn. After all, she is not only learning for herself but more importantly for the people around her. If the person around her has an accident like Miao Yu, she is not sure if she can get out of her self-blame.Tang Ningshan can only pick up these books and read them. Looking at the dense code above, Tang Ningshan even suspects that if she has not been genetically modified, could she understand these things?In fact, she always knows that gene potion is not just about transforming genes, but even changing everything in the body. The fortified potion's function is to strengthen all functional parts of the body, including IQ.However, now is not the time for Tang Ningshan to sigh that these potions are powerful. Tang Ningshan can only read it carefully and begins to practice on the computer. After the system reminds that the task has reached the standard, she is still immersed in the fun of writing code."Master, the mission has been completed. I have put the reward for this mission into the cabinet; you can go to check it at any time."After a while, Tang Ningshan puts down the things in her hand and turns her stiff neck and sore arms. Even she feels that her fingers are no longer belonging to her. Tang Ningshan plans to go to the cabinet to take a bottle of recovery potion. This is also the first time Tang Ningshan takes the initiative to go to this cabinet to take things.In fact, at the moment of opening the cabinet, Tang Ningshan is shocked because there are all kinds of rewards. Many of the rewards are not rewards for the task, but they are extra rewards that the system gave her, which makes Tang Ningshan feel a little touched and surprised.After Tang Ningshan recovers her energy, she goes out of the virtual space. The water in the bathtub is still clear, which makes Tang Ningshan sigh that the level of technological development of the earth is not as bad as the system said.Getting out of the bathroom, Tang Ningshan feels relaxed. She sits on the bed, turning on her laptop to start her first satellite surveillance experiment in the real world. After all, what she did in the virtual space is just an exercise; she has never taken it into practice.However, it is clear that satellite surveillance does not disappoint her. The area monitored is quite large. No matter where it is, as long as there is satellite coverage, she can see the panorama of the certain area.Tang Ningshan does not hesitate to monitor the mountain behind the Shao's house directly. With satellite monitoring, Tang Ningshan does not need the detailed map at all.However, after observing the panoramic map, Tang Ningshan only finds an entrance in the mountain. She couldn't see the situation inside the entrance, which makes Tang Ningshan somewhat disappointed."Master, this situation is also what I did not expect. After all, on our planet, there is no such high mountain. Even if there is, they have already been removed, and will not appear in the eyes of the public." The system suddenly says. Tang Ningshan actually wants to ask the system why, but she also knows that the system could not tell her, so she ignores the system directly.Now that she has found the location of the cave, she will go there to see the situation tomorrow. Anyway, she has a thermal sensor. It doesn't matter if she can't go inside. Tang Ningshan comforts herself. However, what she doesn't know is that because of her surveillance video today, Wang Yu and Lee become busy and neither of them sleeps tonight.This night, Tang Ningshan sleeps very deeply, probably because of the genetic modification. The next morning, it is almost seven o'clock when she gets up. Tang Ningshan simply prepares for a moment. She changes clothes and goes downstairs. She doesn't even have breakfast; she lets Li send her to the company directly. After all, she knows that if she is late, she would definitely be discussed by her colleagues.After arriving at the company, Tang Ningshan clearly feels that the attitude of the people in the company today toward her changes once again. In the past, they all talked about her identity or said something behind her to insult her. Today, as soon as she enters the company's gate, she clearly feels that many people look at her with flattering eyes. If it weren't for her cold expression, it is estimated that many people will come to greet her.Upstairs, Tang Ningshan sees all the secretaries on this floor standing outside the secretary's office. After that, she sees a woman wearing a white long skirt with a 10-inch high heel and a delicate makeup. The secretaries are all standing opposite the woman, and several people are hanging their heads. It seems that this woman is the head of the secretary department.Tang Ningshan walks over, and when the woman sees Tang Ningshan, her eyes flash a hint of hatred. But soon, her expression returns to normal. If it is not for Tang Ningshan who has been observing her, it is estimated that Tang Ningshan would not see it.Just when Tang Ningshan is about to pass the woman, the woman suddenly says "Tang Ningshan?" Although the woman's tone is very dull, Tang Ningshan can hear the threat in her words.Tang Ningshan frowns, not wanting to communicate with this woman at all. However, this is Shao's company, after all, Shao Ruihan's grandmother is still on the top floor, in this case, no matter what the identity of this woman, and she can only show a faint smile to her. She nods her head and says, "I am Tang Ningshan, who are you?" Tang Ningshan looks confused and seems to have seen something incredible."Hello, I am Shang Xiaxia." Shang Xiaxia says her name while reaching out her hand to Tang Ningshan. Later, she says "I hope we can cooperate happily in the future. I am also the new assistant of the general manager. But I am not a special assistant." When Shang Xiaxia is talking, she specifically emphasized the word 'special'. Tang Ningshan does not understand her intentions, just nodding.When Tang Ningshan walks to the door of her office, she suddenly says, "Oh, I remember. There was a crazy woman who threw the dish at me in the cafeteria. Are you Xiaxia who she talked about? Are you Shao Hong's fiance?"Tang Ningshan raises a lot of questions. The expression on her face is quite surprising and unbelievable, which makes Shang Xiaxia quite embarrassed.There is an embarrassing smile on the face of Shang Xiaxia, but her expression does not change. She says calmly "Tang Ningshan, I don't know what happened on that day, but when I was at the head office of this company, everyone calls me Xiaxia. It is estimated that there is only one Xiaxia in the whole company, that's me, so the person she said should be me. However, I am not the general manager's fiance. The general manager has always been single; this is what the whole company knows. I hope that Assistant Tang will never believe the gossip in the company. If you are getting yourself into troubles because of these gossips, that's not a good thing."Tang Ningshan looks at the false smile of Shang Xiaxia and she has to say that this woman is indeed much smarter than the woman in the restaurant that day. After all, when Tang Ningshan clarifies the purpose of this woman, she could still calmly chat with her. For this point, Tang Ningshan also thinks that this woman is not simple."I thought that there would be something big happen to Shao's family. However, if you are going to marry Shao Hong, please invite me to attend your wedding." Tang Ningshan does not know that her simple sentence lets all the envy in Shang Xixia's heart breaks out. Shang Xiaxia always thought that the position of special assistant would be hers, but she did not expect it to be occupied by Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan not only robs her position but also occupies Shao Hong's office. These are not big deal. What makes her angry is that Shao Hong actually asked her to go to the cafeteria to have lunch. In the face of so many employees, two people actually sat on the same table. She has been with Shao Hong for many years, and all the things that should happen between them have happened, but they never ever made any intimate behaviors in public, even dine together.Before Tang Ningshan appears in this company, Shang Xiaxia was in the design department, and her position was design assistant. Because of a coincidence, she and Shao Hong met at the bar. After that, the two people have always maintained a sexual partner relationship. Although there were not many communications between the two people in the company, everyone who familiars with them know that Shang Xiaxia has always been the most important woman in Shao Hong's heart. Everyone also believed that this position of Shao Hong's assistant must be Shang Xiaxia's.Therefore, after knowing that Shao Hong and Tang Ningshan had dinner together, Shang Xiaxia applies to transfer back to the head office to be Shao Hong's assistant. Her reason is that she still has a lot of customers in her hands, and there is no one in the head office can get these customers. However, in Shao Hong's heart, Shang Xiaxia is only a chess piece, because her father is a government official of A city, although it is only the head of the Land Bureau. For a big company like them, her father can't give any help at all, but for those who need to be affirmed like Shao Hong, then this is a big boost.