Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 228

Chapter 210: chapter 228-- I will blame myself for a lifetime
"Shan, if you go there by yourself, you may be in danger." Shao Ruihan's tone has become more serious, and it sounds more majestic. However, Tang Ningshan is not afraid of Shao Ruihan. It may be that she has spent a long time with Shao Ruihan, Tang Ningshan is not afraid of Shao Ruihan now. She is now able to get along with Shao Ruihan very peacefully, and the statuses of the two people in the mode of getting along with each other have gradually become equal."If I will be in danger, does it mean that the situation of Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan is more dangerous? As long as I think of that they were caught and disappeared because of me, I feel very guilty. If I can't find them, then I will blame myself for a lifetime. I don't want people around me to have an accident like Miao Yu. Do you understand?" When Tang Ningshan speaks, there is a trembling in her voice. Her eyes are full of pain and self-blame.In fact, Shao Ruihan has prepared a lot of words to persuade Tang Ningshan. However, after listening to her, he feels that he really could not stop Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan does not blame him for arranging such a dangerous task for Miao Yu, then that is already very good. How could he still ask Tang Ningshan to ignore Yu Huan's safety?"I will go with you at night, but you must listen to my arrangement. If you do not agree with this, then I will not let you act alone." Shao Ruihan has made the biggest compromise. Tang Ningshan could only bite her lip and finally nods.Originally, she thought that Shao Ruihan would drive all the way to the mountain behind Shao's house. However, when she realizes that the route is wrong, Shao Ruihan has already driven the car to another place. This place is also surrounded by dense woods, but Tang Ningshan is sure that this is not the mountain behind Shao's house. However, Tang Ningshan does not say anything, she trusts him. She just quietly sees Shao Ruihan stop the car. After that, he gets out of the car and stands in the same place, as if he is waiting for someone.After a while, she sees two people in camouflage clothes coming out of the woods. Each of them carries a large backpack with a gun in his hand, which makes Tang Ningshan feel shocked. Has Shao Ruihan already made all the preparations?Shao Ruihan lets the two people get in the car and then drives the car to the mountain behind the Shao's house. No one talks in the car all the way. Everyone is thinking about their own things. Tang Ningshan has a feeling of going to the battlefield.Shao Ruihan parks the car in a very remote place, this place is where Tang Ningshan has never been. However, after studying the panoramic map of this area yesterday, Tang Ningshan is already very familiar with the situation in this area. She even knows the specific location of each tree.After the four people get out of the car, the two men in camouflage clothes put their bags on the ground. After that, they sit on the ground and wait for Shao Ruihan's order. Tang Ningshan says directly "Shao Ruihan, do you have pens and papers with you? I have to draw a simple map first."Shao Ruihan makes a gesture to the person sitting on the ground. One of them takes out the pen and paper and hands them to Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan can only start painting according to the panoramic map in her memory. In fact, drawing does not take long. However, Tang Ningshan's memory is too complete, so she has to paint too many things.When Tang Ningshan finishes painting, the sky is completely dark.Tang Ningshan directly hands the map to Shao Ruihan. After all, she is already familiar with the area now, but Shao Ruihan is not, so she must let him understand the terrain here first. When Tang Ningshan started painting, he has been watching carefully every stroke she drew. After the painting is finished, the whole picture has stored in his mind. When Tang Ningshan hands the picture to him, he has already had initial tactics in his heart.Shao Ruihan asks the two men to take out the night vision device from the bag. In fact, Tang Ningshan does not need these things at all, but looking at Shao Ruihan's firm expression, Tang Ningshan could only take the night vision device and puts it on her head."The main purpose of our action this time is to find out the situation inside the cave. Whether or not you find the target, you must remember to follow the instructions. Shan, do you understand?" Shao Ruihan finishes, looking at Tang Ningshan with a very serious look and hoping that Tang Ningshan could give him a satisfactory answer.Tang Ningshan can only obediently nod, she really can't stand Shao Ruihan to look at her with such a look, as if there is only her in his eyes.Seeing Tang Ningshan nods, Shao Ruihan is satisfied and he moves his line of sight away. However, he reaches out and pulls Tang Ningshan to his side. "Then you two go this way, you must pay attention to safety. Remember, no matter what happens or what you see, don't act recklessly, safety is the most important. Try not to conflict with anyone. If there is an emergency, evacuate in the first place. If you can't evacuate, you should signal the first time."After Shao Ruihan gives the order, two people in camouflage clothes take the map that Shao Ruihan hands them. Soon, they disappear in the woods."Hey, who are they? I think they are so great! There is no sound when they are running in the woods. I think my hearing is quite good, but I can't hear their movements." After two people leave, Tang Ningshan is really I couldn't help but asks.Shao Ruihan listens to Tang Ningshan's words and shows a smile on his face. He says faintly "If you call me darling, I will tell you." In fact, Shao Ruihan does not understand why he has been missing Tang Ningshan very much after being recalled urgently. He even hoped to come back to see her a few times, even if looking at her from afar. Unfortunately, he must also abide by the regulations of the troops. In this training, he used more than twice as much effort as usual, with the aim of ending the training ahead of time, so that he can go home and stay with Tang Ningshan for a few days or even a few hours before performing the task.Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan silently. She had thought that he has been away for a few days, so when they meet again, he should have returned to normal. However, she did not expect that his attitude towards her still does not change, or it even becomes better.Tang Ningshan takes the lead to start the action and heads for the cave. When passing by Shao Ruihan, she says "Actually, it doesn't matter if you don't tell me. I don't want to know now." Tang Ningshan walks in front of Shao Ruihan and doesn't care what kind of expression Shao Ruihan would appear.Shao Ruihan picks up a bag on the ground and carries it on his body. He quickly catches up with Tang Ningshan in front. He reaches out and pulls Tang Ningshan into his arms and takes Tang Ningshan's shoulder. Their current state is not like going to perform a task; it is more like finding a place to camp.Tang Ningshan intends to move away Shao Ruihan's arm on her shoulder. However, she has tried several times and it ends up with failure, which surprises Tang Ningshan. Although she does not use too much strength, her current strength has been greatly different from before. Unexpectedly, in the days when Shao Ruihan left, he also made great progress and he becomes stronger, which make Tang Ningshan unbelievable.Along the way, two people walk slowly, as if they are hanging around in the garden. There is no worry in Shao Ruihan's face, which makes Tang Ningshan feel a little angry. She says directly "Can you walk faster? Otherwise, according to your speed, when we arrive, the sky is already bright. If so, how could we act today?""Don't worry." Shao Ruihan does not let go of her, but instead, he locks her in his arms more tightly."Hey, if you are not in a hurry, you can hang around slowly here. I am anxious, I will go by myself." After Tang Ningshan finishes, she begins to forcefully move the arm placed on her shoulder away. However, she tries several times and she does not succeed."Shao Ruihan!!!" Tang Ningshan glares at Shao Ruihan, her eyes are full of anger. However, Shao Ruihan does not mean to be scared by her. Instead, his face is approaching to Tang Ningshan's face. Just at the moment when the faces of two people are about to stick together, Tang Ningshan turns her face away directly.After a few seconds, when she turns her face back, she sees Shao Ruihan's joyful expression. Tang Ningshan is helpless, pointing to Shao Ruihan, "" Finally, she still couldn't say a complete sentence, because she feels that she does not know what words to use to describe Shao Ruihan. Once, she said that Shao Ruihan is a pervert. And now, he is no longer the pervert. She now feels that Shao Ruihan is simply a shameless gangster."Okay, you see, they left earlier than us, it takes them a longer time than us to arrive the destination because their route is not good. We can be slower. When we all arrive at the designated place, I will speed up. If we four people are not working together, then there is no point in their arrival today. You have been waiting for such a long time, so it will not be a big deal to wait a few more hours." Shao Ruihan says softly, like comforting a wayward child, which lets Tang Ningshan have no words to refute him.However, after knowing the purpose of Shao Ruihan, Tang Ningshan also releases her own anxiety. Since this is Shao Ruihan's plan, then she thinks this will be no problem. As Shao Ruihan said, compared to the few days that she has spent to find the route, these waiting hours are nothing.Two people walk slowly in the woods. If they don't wear night vision device, others will think they are coming for an outing.Along the way, they have stopped many times. Tang Ningshan finds that the road that Shao Ruihan chose is very close to the hole she sees on the monitor. Tang Ningshan is now standing in this position and can already see the hole.Just as Tang Ningshan is ready to move on, she is stopped by Shao Ruihan."What are you doing?" Tang Ningshan says this sentence subconsciously. Looking at Shao Ruihan's disapproving expression; she immediately observes the surrounding environment with vigilance. After she finds that there are no abnormalities, she turns back and gives Shao Ruihan a supercilious look."Look, can you not be so impulsive, couldn't you be more patient?" Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with a gentle look. Shao Ruihan's expression and tone make Tang Ningshan very shocked. Shao Ruihan is not like talking to a friend or a subordinate, or even a partner, he is more like saying to his lover. He doesn't seem to perform the task here at all, but instead, as if he is here to travel with his wife and children.