Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 23

Chapter 9: chapter 9-- strange place

Breakfast ends in depression.

"I will go up and get my things. I'll meet you at the door." Tang Ningshan leaves. Realizing that she is not fit to be here, she leaves.

Shao Cheng looks at her and nods thoughtfully.

"Dear uncles and aunts, although we haven't met before, I still know about your glorious deeds, that my grandfather didn't care about a lot of things doesn't mean I don't care. So I hope you will be a little more restrained in the future." His remark makes the faces of those people unnatural.

"What are you talking about? We are just working for you. Your grandfather never praised us, but he also never scolded us. Today is your first day on this job, we can't afford if you put on airs like this."

"Aunt, I am just telling you that my management style is different from grandpa's, hoping that you don't touch my bottom line without knowing. Just a reminder, or in the future... don't say I am mean." He said carelessly.

"You are the manager of this family, it's up to you. Oh, Mushuang, come here, introduce yourself to your brother." Another middle-aged woman says with a flattering face.

"Hello, brother, I am Mushuang." Shao Mushuang's face is flushed and watery eyes are full of admiration. She knows that if she can get her brother's attention, tings would be different for the rest of her life.

Shao Ruihan nods.

"Grandpa, I'll go first."


He turns back and glance at the crowd with an even more perverse smile on his face, then he leaves.

In the quiet car, two people are sitting side by side. Tang Ningshan isn't in the mood to guess what he is thinking right now. she looks out of the window at the tress. The car is getting farther and farther, reaching at a hill. The car has changed twice on the way and she is a little surprised and a little confused.

"How long till we get there?" Tang Ningshan says to herself without looking at the person next to her.

"You'll know it when you get there, and remember, do not say what you shouldn't say, and don't ask what you shouldn't ask." There is no change in Shao Ruihan's expression, but there is a warning in his voice.

"Who cares?" Tang Ningshan says.

The inside of the car backs to quiet again.

The car stops at a courtyard, which writes the "Seventh Army of the People's Liberation Army". The driver gets out and makes a military salute to the guard, takes out a document from his breast and hands it to the guard. The guard checks the document, then gives back a military salute, and nods to a man in the room.

The car drives into the courtyard, there is a large training ground with lots of people in training.

They have regular movements and their shouting slogans are deafening. She thinks there is the place where she will be trained, so she watches the movement of the soldiers carefully.

The car is still moving slowly inwards, and she is curious, haven't they reached the destination?

She casts a suspicious glance at him.

Shao Ruihan sees her eyes, without explanation, and takes one of the blindfolds and hands it to her.

At this moment, she is perhaps aware that this man is more than a common soldier.

When she puts on her blindfold, she sees blackness. She calculates roughly that the car goes on for about twenty minutes before stopping.

"Take the blindfold off, get out of the car. Lee will take you to our home, After you drop your stuff, ask him to bring you to me." After saying this, Shao Ruihan turns and leaves.

"Mrs. Shao, I think my captain is a lot more gentle when he is with you than when he is with us." Lee has a sunny smile on his face.

"Okay, thank you." Tang Ningshan doesn't know how to communicate with him, especially after hearing that he called her Mrs. Shao.

She follows Lee to a small courtyard, which is a turquoise two-story building somewhat like a villa.

There are a few vegetable plots and a small pool in the yard, and nothing on the ground is planted. Lee opens the door with his key and let her in.

When she goes in, she wonders what the hell this place is. She has clearly entered the military area, why would there is a villa, and, moreover, no army dormitory would be like this.

The house is not very big. It has a kitchen and living room on the first floor. It. The furniture are very simple. A sofa and a coffee table. The second floor let her confused, king size bed, dressing table, a 50 inch LCD TV even hang on the wall opposite the bed. And there's a Jacuzzi in the bathroom.

After putting her stuff in the bedroom on the second floor, she goes downstairs in bewilderment.

She really want to ask Shao Ruihan what kind of place she has come.

Just as she is about to call Lee, she sees him come in with a bag.

"Mrs. Shao, our captain gave it to you to change, and ask you to come."

She takes the bag, finding there is a camouflage suit inside. She goes upstairs to change her clothes and is surprised to find that there is not a single error in the size of the clothes.