Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 230

Chapter 211: chapter 230-- trust
Tang Ningshan reaches out to Shao Ruihan and gives him a thumb up. She almost couldn't control herself to go to kiss Shao Ruihan to show that she admires him.Walking along the way that Shao Ruihan found, the more they walk, the more they feel that it is not a mountain road. It looks like a renovated passage. Although there are no lights in the tunnel and it is dark, but all the inside walls are covered with marble. They become more careful as they walk inside. Regardless of whether Yu Huan is here, this place is a place hidden by others. Since they have come to other people's secret bases and know the secrets of others, they must be especially careful."Hey, is there a computer?" Tang Ningshan looks at the end of the road with light and immediately asks Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan doesn't have a computer, but he takes out another electronic product. Tang Ningshan doesn't know what it is. Even when she was training in the army, she had never seen this machine. Shao Ruihan directly hands it to Tang Ningshan "You can use this. It should be similar to the principle of the computer. You can use it to write the program."Tang Ningshan takes over the equipment and looks up and down. This thing is not big, it is smaller than a tablet, and there is a shell made of metal. Its front side is a touch panel with a power button next to it. Tang Ningshan is squatting in the same place; Shao Ruihan is always watching the situation around them. Two people's cooperation is perfect.Tang Ningshan turns on the device and finds that this is much more convenient than the computer. In addition to having all the functions of the computer, there are some special features, but Tang Ningshan does not know how to use it.Tang Ningshan starts to make thermal sensor software to detect whether there is anyone inside. After a successful experience, this time, writing a program is a piece of cake for Tang Ningshan. In addition, her hacking skills are higher than before, so she spends less time writing this program. After the software is done, Tang Ningshan's first reaction is to hand over the device in her hand to Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan takes the equipment and then looks at Tang Ningshan with a hotter look. However, now they have other things to do, so it's not the time to ask questions at all. With the software made by Tang Ningshan, they will be more convenient and safer to enter. With the help of this device, they can hide themselves better.Arriving at the place where there is light, Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan are not in a hurry to get in, but standing in the distance to observe the place. It is an empty hall; white is the main style of decoration. There is a chandelier above the middle. Although there is no one here, no one can guarantee that there is no monitoring in such a place, so this is also the time when Tang Ningshan can show her special skill. She uses amazing vision to observe every corner of the entire hall. There is only one monitor near the northwest corner. However, the location of this monitoring is quite unfavorable for them. As long as they appear in the hall, they will definitely be monitored.After Tang Ningshan observes, she says to Shao Ruihan "Hey, there is monitoring inside, but I have no way to connect to the monitoring of this place. Moreover, this place seems to be blocked. If I can find the wires here, I can try to anti-monitor this hall."Shao Ruihan understands the meaning of Tang Ningshan. However, finding wires in this tunnel is not an easy task. This place is covered by marble and there is no soil at all. After removing the marble slabs on the ground, they may have some gain. However, he does not dare to take risks. He is worried that there would be bombs or other dangerous things under the marble.At this time, Tang Ningshan suddenly says "How about that I directly destroy the surveillance? Or simply disguise myself and goes in. Anyway, I want to go under the surveillance camera."Tang Ningshan's words remind Shao Ruihan. However, he does not intend to destroy the surveillance but chooses to approach the camera. "I will go and explore the situation first. You are waiting for me here."Shao Ruihan is just stopped by Tang Ningshan when he is about to leave. Tang Ningshan directly takes down the night vision device worn on her head and stuffs it into Shao Ruihan's hand. She says to Shao Ruihan "I think my speed must be faster than you, so let me go, believe me."Shao Ruihan knows that he could not stop Tang Ningshan. However, at this time, he can only believe in Tang Ningshan. After all, even if he goes to explore the situation first, then Tang Ningshan will go in sooner or later, so he might as well let her go first. Anyway, there is no danger now, the only trouble is monitoring."Well, be careful." Shao Ruihan stands in the same place, looking at the smile on Tang Ningshan's face and saying.Tang Ningshan immediately nods. She has a dagger in her hand and quickly rushes out. Before Shao Ruihan reacts, she has already appeared under the surveillance camera. At this moment, Shao Ruihan really wants to hide Tang Ningshan. She always does something to surprise him. However, exposing her unusual ability is really not a good thing. If one day someone knows her secrets, then the consequences are really not something that he can imagine. It is at this moment that Shao Ruihan decides that no matter what will happen in the future, he could not let Tang Ningshan take such an adventure.Tang Ningshan stands under the camera and takes out the tool that Shao Ruihan gave her in her pocket and begins to tamper with the surveillance. Such a thing is a piece of cake for Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan quickly completes anti-monitoring and makes a gesture to Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan walks over with a cold expression and says seriously "If you expose yourself in this way regardless of your own danger, then no matter what will happen in the future, I don't want you to participate anymore. You will stay at home obediently. Understand?"After Tang Ningshan listens to his words, she is shocked. She originally thinks that Shao Ruihan would praise her or should encourage her. She did not think that Shao Ruihan would say such words. However, when she thinks about it carefully, Tang Ningshan understands the meaning of Shao Ruihan and immediately says "Shao Ruihan, do you think that I am a person who doesn't worry about her own safety? I did this because you are by my side. Otherwise, I will not be like this. By the way, I suddenly remember that Wang Yu looked for me a few days ago. He said that he needs my help. When I went to the hospital, he was discussing with Lee about the modification of the gun, saying that he hopes that I can help them to modify the gun. I said I don't know about such modification thing, you remember to keep the same with me, don't expose my secret."Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan's stupid means of transferring topics and doesn't know what to say. He thought that he would get the guarantee from Tang Ningshan. He did not expect that she would push her responsibility to him. It is undeniable that when he just now heard her say that this is because you are by my side, his heart is full of joy as if in this world only he knows the secret of Tang Ningshan. As long as he thinks this way, he feels that the relationship between them is intimate. Otherwise, how could she tell him such a secret that is related to her life?Thinking this way, Shao Ruihan quickly ignores the anger of that moment. Instead, he feels a little sweet feeling in his heart. This feeling of being trust by Tang Ningshan is quite good.Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan's look changing from cold to gentle, and she knows that this thing has passed. In fact, she does not know why she feels that Shao Ruihan is worthy of her trust. She can even deliver her life to him. If one day, she needs to go to the battlefield, Tang Ningshan can say with certainty that she has the confidence to dare to hand over her life to Shao Ruihan.The trouble of monitoring is solved, and everything left is much easier to handle. Tang Ningshan's way of dealing with monitoring is very simple, that is, she intercepts one of the surveillance videos and then freezes the picture. After that, no matter what happens, the monitoring will still display such a picture, so the person watching the monitoring will not find an abnormal situation at all. And the surveillance video will look natural too, so it's difficult for others to find that the video was modified. This is also the new skill that Tang Ningshan has mastered."Hey, two doors, which side we should go?" Tang Ningshan looks at the two closed gates on two sides. There are password locks on the doors. However, these password locks are not difficult for Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan wants to save time, so she directly asks Shao Ruihan which side to go. In this case, she can directly unlock the lock, saving time and effort.Shao Ruihan does not directly answer Tang Ningshan's question but begins to study the two doors. Shao Ruihan's all concentration is on the button on the password lock. He carefully checks the password lock buttons of the two doors. After that, he stands at the door on the right and points to it.Tang Ningshan immediately walks over. She originally wanted to destroy the password lock directly. However, this time she doesn't need to take action. Shao Ruihan takes the device in her hand and asks Tang Ningshan to stand behind him. The instrument in the hands of Shao Ruihan actually shows a scanning function.Tang Ningshan sees this scene and knows what Shao Ruihan is doing. However, she did not expect that such a high-level thing has been created in this era. She also thought that such high-tech things are only coming from a fiction movie.The scanning process is slow, and Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan are waiting quietly. Shao Ruihan's eyes keep staring at the numbers jumping on the equipment. The numbers are constantly changing and eventually stop. The stopped numbers stun Shao Ruihan. The numbers displayed on the instrument screen turn out to be his grandfather's birthday.After entering the password, the door opens directly. Shao Ruihan does not know what his mood is now. If Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan are here, will Tang Ningshan misunderstand him? If General Ni is here too, then how things should be explained?Tang Ningshan sees that Shao Ruihan is not natural, but she does not ask him. She feels that if Shao Ruihan needs her help, he will definitely tell her. If he doesn't speak, it means that this thing has nothing to do with her, so she doesn't care too much.