Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 232

Chapter 212: chapter 232-- I am not a prisoner
Shao Ruihan also understands that under such circumstances they cannot go down from here. After that, he suddenly thinks of the general control room of the air conditioner, and there must be an exit in that place. After all, the air conditioner needs to be cleaned, so the air-conditioner control room must have a channel.Thinking of this, Shao Ruihan tells Tang Ningshan about his own ideas. However, when Tang Ningshan is about to return to Yu Huan, her wrist is caught by Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan's hand with the scratches of nails. He really doesn't know what to say. However, he did not expect Tang Ningshan to have such a strong repulsion to human experiments. He even guessed if she has seen human experiments.Shao Ruihan with a worried look looks at Tang Ningshan. He pulls her and gently prints a kiss on her forehead. He whispers in her ear "Baby, you have to believe me, I will take you out. I will never allow you to appear here one day. I will protect you later, you will not see such a scene, you shouldn't think about the human trials they said. So, you don't worry, take care of yourself. For this self-harming behavior, I don't want it to appear on you again." Shao Ruihan says softly. The sweet feeling continually emerges from her heart, so that Tang Ningshan is moved and even wants to cry. No one has ever said that he will protect her. She used to be alone when she was not in this body. Before meeting Shao Ruihan, she has always been alone, but now there is someone now saying that he will protect her.Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan's red eyes and kisses her gently again. After that, he is ready to go to find the exit. After all, such a place is not suitable for long-term stays. Even if they can bear it, Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan must leave here quickly. Who knows why they were in a coma? Therefore, they must leave this place as soon as possible.Tang Ningshan looks at the actions of Shao Ruihan and knows that Shao Ruihan is looking for other ways. Tang Ningshan also waits quietly. After all, she has no way at the moment.After observing the surrounding situation, Shao Ruihan chooses an opposite route, because in Shao Ruihan's view, only that passage looks the cleanest, it seems to be cleaned often. In this case, the cleanest passage must have an exit.After choosing the route, they have a goal. Four people, three of them are awake. However, Yu Huan seems to have no strength, but he can still follow them. Shao Ruihan still pulls the unconscious Wang Pengxuan. The movements of the four people are not fast. Such a passage is not long, but there are many routes. The number of rooms below can be determined by the outlet of the air conditioner. Tang Ningshan silently remembers the number of rooms. She is not sure if she will come to this place again in the future, but she believes that Shao Ruihan will definitely come again.Finally, a long time later, they see the end of the road. However, they are somewhat disappointed because the exit is blocked. There seems to be a door. However, such a door has no way to open from the inside. Besides, they don't know the situation outside. Tang Ningshan feels that they are in trouble and doesn't know what to do. When encountering such a problem, Tang Ningshan's first reaction is to ask Shao Ruihan.So, Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan looks at him pitifully. Her expression makes him want to pull her in his arms. However, he still controls himself. Such intimate behavior is only suitable for happening at home."You will keep a distance with me for a while. I will open this door. I don't know if there will be any special gas. If there is any special smell, you should try to control your breathing and not inhale too much irritating gas." After Shao Ruihan finishes, he suddenly takes out a pen and begins to draw lines on the door. After that, he takes out the dagger and begins carving along the lines. Soon, Shao Ruihan makes a hole in the door.Tang Ningshan picks up the board that Shao Ruihan has cut down. After that, she immediately takes Shao Ruihan's dagger and begins to research. She still doesn't understand how he cut such a door panel down with a dagger.Yu Huan smiles and looks at the confused Tang Ningshan and explains "This should have nothing to do with the dagger. Now let's go out first."After Tang Ningshan hears it, she nods. When Tang Ningshan turns around, she sees that Shao Ruihan has been waiting for them outside with Wang Pengxuan carrying.Tang Ningshan feels a little embarrassed, how could she think about her confusion at such a dangerous time. She must not be in this situation in the future. Originally, Shao Ruihan does not want to take her to such dangerous place. If she delays Shao Ruihan's plan time, will Shao Ruihan not take her to complete the task in the future?This idea directly scares Tang Ningshan. However, she does not think about why she feels that such an idea makes her feel scared at all. She doesn't even think about why she would listen to Shao Ruihan.Getting out of the air conditioning road, they arrive at the general control room. There is no one inside, this is lucky. However, such a place is not a place that can stay for a long time. Tang Ningshan still thinks she should do something. She takes Shao Ruihan's electronic device and starts her little tricks. Although this is only the general control room of the air conditioner, it still has a great effect. Tang Ningshan makes the air of the air conditioner constantly change from cold to hot and from hot to cold. After that, Tang Ningshan also puts the door panel back, deliberately gluing the door with glue to ensure that it would not be pushed down.After that, she nods with satisfaction. Four people walk out of the general control room. Shao Ruihan with Wang Pengxuan taking walks in front, Yu Huan walks in the middle; Tang Ningshan follows behind Yu Huan. Once again, they escape relying on the thermal sensor made by Tang Ningshan. They also rely on Tang Ningshan's memory to get out of this secret base and return to the cave tunnel.When four people go out of the cave, the first thing Shao Ruihan does is to let the two people on the top of the mountain come down to help Wang Pengxuan and Yu Huan. After that, Shao Ruihan takes the phone and goes to the side. Tang Ningshan does not know who he is calling. Anyway, Tang Ningshan only sees a serious Shao Ruihan who is giving the order to the person he is calling."Shan, you will leave with Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan first." Shao Ruihan hangs up and walks to the side of Tang Ningshan and says softly.Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows and asks, "What about you?"Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan's expression and knows that this girl would not leave easily. He could only say "Shan, you have to know that many things are not something you can participate in. I don't want you to participate. If I really need your help, I will tell you. I am not so useless, you know."After listening to his words, Tang Ningshan suddenly begins to think about if women are performing too amazing so that men would be under pressure. From the words of Shao Ruihan just now, Tang Ningshan actually hears a sense of loss."Okay, but I want to monitor you. If you don't agree, I won't leave." Tang Ningshan begins to talk about the conditions. Since he does not let her be here, she should have the right to monitor his movements. She just needs to confirm that he is safe.Shao Ruihan feels very speechless. His eyes are full of love and helplessness. He says quite tenderly "Shan, I am not a prisoner...""Oh, I don't care. If you don't let me know if you are safe, then I am here to accompany you." Tang Ningshan directly interrupts Shao Ruihan's words, not intending to let him continue.Shao Ruihan could only sigh and says "Okay, okay, I agree, but you have to make sure that your monitoring will not leak out.""Of course." Tang Ningshan is very sure and answers quite happily."Okay, okay. Then you are leaving with them now. I accept your monitoring." Shao Ruihan is not discussing this monitoring topic with Tang Ningshan because he knows that if she insists on monitoring him, then she can do it even if he doesn't agree.Tang Ningshan nods and intends to leave with them.Shao Ruihan suddenly stops her and pulls her directly into his arms and kisses her lips directly. The deep kiss time is very long. Tang Ningshan feels that there is no air in her body, and her hands are already around Shao Ruihan's neck. She even has no strength to stand. She can even feel that if Shao Ruihan doesn't let go of her at this time, she would fall directly to the ground. After a long time, Shao Ruihan lets go of her lips. He whispers in her ear "Baby, wait for me to go home, huh?" His voice is fascinating, and Tang Ningshan even has some expectations. What will happen after Shao Ruihan come home?Tang Ningshan also nods obediently, but her face has become as red as an apple, and even her neck is pink.Shao Ruihan looks at such Tang Ningshan and couldn't help but kisses her again. Then he lets go of her and lets her leave with them.Five of them walk in the woods. Wang Pengxuan has not been awake. Tang Ningshan would like to try again to give Wang Pengxuan facial slaps and see if he can wake up again. However, the thing that makes her feel suspicious at is how Yu Huan could wake up.They have been walking in the woods for a long time, and Tang Ningshan can see that Yu Huan is already very tired. Tang Ningshan wants to go to carry him on her back. Anyway, she doesn't feel tired. However, her action stuns the three men."Ningshan, no, that's okay, I can persist, and anyway, we have been walking for so long. I believe we will be able to go out soon." Yu Hun's face is not pale, but after walking for such a long time, plus he had been in a coma for a long time, so his body doesn't have much energy at all. However, even so, he does not want Tang Ningshan to carry him."We still have to go for a while, I am afraid that your body can't stand it. Then, I think you were drugged. I am worried that you will faint away again." Tang Ningshan says seriously what she is thinking.At that moment, Yu Huan even wonders if he is really so weak as Tang Ningshan said. Although he does not exercise regularly, his physical strength is obviously much better than before since he is with Wang Pengxuan.