Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 234

Chapter 213: chapter 234-- I will send you to die
However, so many rooms here make Tang Ningshan helpless. Without Shao Ruihan around her, she has no computer; she can't determine the position of Shao Ruihan. Tang Ningshan checks every room one by one carefully. However, she still fails to find Shao Ruihan. What surprises Tang Ningshan most is that she sees Shao Ruihan's uncle Shao Xingsheng here and he is also Shao Hong's father.She sees him sitting on a chair with his feet on the desk in front of him. There is a satisfied smile on his face, and it seems that he is very proud now.Tang Ningshan frowns and watches this scene. Just when she is about to leave, suddenly someone knocks the door."Come in." Shao Xingsheng's tone is rising when he speaks. Obviously, he is in a good mood now.Tang Ningshan has never seen this person who comes in. He is a man in a black suit and looks ordinary. However, looking at the man's respectful attitude towards Shao Xingsheng, Tang Ningshan feels that this person must be a person who Shao Xingsheng is quite trusting."Mr. Shao, Shao Ruihan has been caught, but he seems to know that this is our conspiracy." The man's words make Tang Ningshan nervous immediately, she did not expect, in this short period of time, Shao Ruihan would be caught. But after thinking about it, it shouldn't be. Shao Ruihan should be very powerful. Looking at the man below, he doesn't look like someone who can beat Shao Ruihan. Is this the plan of Shao Ruihan?"Oh, so what? Since he comes in here, how could I let him go out easily? Doesn't he know where this is? But this place is really unsafe. So, you will take a few people to punish him first. Then you will send him to the room of General Ni. Doesn't he always want to find General Ni? I will make his wish come true." Shao Xingsheng's voice is insidious, his face is showing a sly smile, but he seems to be more and more proud."Okay, then I will do it now." The man finishes his words and leaves with respect. Tang Ningshan immediately puts her ear on the wall of the air-conditioning channel, listening to the footsteps of the man outside. She decides to follow this man so that she can see where Shao Ruihan is.All the way, she has been listening to the man's footsteps and moving forward. She comes to the innermost room finally. In fact, Tang Ningshan has passed this room just now. However, she did not find anyone, so she left. She did not expect Shao Ruihan to be here.After the man enters the room, he firstly knocks on the wall. After that, another door appears. On the door is a password lock. This password lock is more high-end than those outside. It requires a fingerprint plus password to unlock, and even face recognition. It can be seen that the things in the room must be important to them.The man opens the door. And the room inside is very small. Tang Ningshan sees that Shao Ruihan is stuffed there like clothes. He closes his eyes. If it's not because Tang Ningshan sees that he is breathing, she even suspects that Shao Ruihan has been killed.The man drags Shao Ruihan's clothes collar, and directly drags Shao Ruihan out of the room. He drops Shao Ruihan on the ground. However, Shao Ruihan who falls to the ground does not respond at all.Tang Ningshan is worried and looks at Shao Ruihan on the ground. She doesn't know if she should go down to punch the man up now, or she still lets Shao Ruihan continue to suffer. In fact, she knows that Shao Ruihan does this is to try to find General Ni. Tang Ningshan is doing an ideological struggle.Just then, the door outside is suddenly pushed open. Seven strong men come in and they are punching and kicking against Shao Ruihan. Those people leave after finishing their so-called punishment, and the man also leaves after locking Shao Ruihan back into that room. The room is quiet in an instant, and there is still blood on the ground that has just overflowed from Shao Ruihan's mouth.Tang Ningshan immediately goes down from above. But when she is about to open the door, she suddenly realizes that she doesn't know the password. However, the system plays a powerful role at this time."Master, transform pen." The remainder of the system makes Tang Ningshan suddenly realize it. She actually forgets such an important tool.She uses a transform pen to make a tablet and then gets some wires. She directly connects the password lock to the computer. After entering the code, the computer starts to unlock automatically. This makes Tang Ningshan happy, thanks to her system, or even if she finds Shao Ruihan's position today, she could not save him.Opening the door, Tang Ningshan carefully pulls Shao Ruihan out. She gently pats his face, but Shao Ruihan still does not respond. His current state is a bit like what Wang Pengxuan is. Tang Ningshan takes the dagger from the waist and cuts her finger. After that, she puts her fingers into Shao Ruihan's mouth. She now hopes that her blood is really as magical as the system said. Otherwise, how can she save Shao Ruihan?Time passes little by little. However, Shao Ruihan, who is in a coma, does not show signs of waking up. This makes Tang Ningshan, who initially was not too anxious, gradually nervous.Just when Tang Ningshan is about to cut her fingers again to give more blood to Shao Ruihan, the system directly stops her behavior."Master, even if your blood is useful, it costs time. It doesn't make sense to do anything now, you will wait and see."Tang Ningshan has to hold the dagger in her hand. Her eyes are fixed on Shao Ruihan whose eyes are closed, and she hopes that she could see a trace of expression from his face.After about five minutes, Shao Ruihan finally begins to react. Although he does not open his eyes, his eyes are turning, which makes Tang Ningshan breathe a sigh of relief. She is now looking forward to Shao Ruihan to open his eyes quickly so that they can leave here.When Shao Ruihan opens his eyes and sees Tang Ningshan, his subconscious reaction is to push her away and says "Why are you here? Hurry to leave. It's dangerous here.""..." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan silently. After a long of a silence, she says, "How do you feel?"Shao Ruihan turns to look at Tang Ningshan, who is pushed away by him. Only then does he see a big wound on her finger. Her finger is still bleeding now. More importantly, his mouth is full of bloody smell."You!" Shao Ruihan does not know what to say at this moment. He wants to be angry. He doesn't care about the pain, he is just thinking, why is she coming back? Why is she here? Why is there her blood in his mouth?Tang Ningshan walks over to Shao Ruihan and asks him to lean on her body and whispers "Don't say anything, listen to me."Shao Ruihan could only glance at her and wants to see what she is going to explain it.Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan's appearance and shows a smile. She says softly "Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan has been taken back by Shen Quan. Shen Quan said that Wang Pengxuan was injected with a banned drug. There is no seat for me in the car, so I came back to find you. After I came in, I didn't find you, but I saw your uncle. His subordinate said that he had caught you and planned to transfer you to other places with General Ni. However, when I came to this room, I found you have already been in the same state as Wang Pengxuan, so..."Tang Ningshan's words are not finished, but Shao Ruihan already understands what she means. His eyes are full of warmth, looking at Tang Ningshan and saying "Shan, you can't take such an adventure in the future, you know?"Tang Ningshan is moved. After all, Shao Ruihan does not ask her any questions. He doesn't care why her blood could wake him up? He does not care how she found him and open the door?"Then you say what we should do next. I guess they will come over and transfer you away soon." Tang Ningshan reaches out and touches Shao Ruihan's face and finds that there are several places on his face that have been bruised."You go back, I will go with them." Shao Ruihan gives her a positive answer directly.Tang Ningshan is not happy at once. How could she go back? She glances at Shao Ruihan and says "No, you are weak now. How can I go back? If you are so stubborn, then I will knock you out and follow them. You have to believe that I have this ability.""Shan!" Shao Ruihan says coldly. Although his eyes are very gentle, his tone is full of irresistible meaning."Why! Why I have to go back? Give me a reason. If it wasn't for me to come to you, do you know the consequences if the banned drug is really absorbed by you? If you don't die, you will become a puppet. Hey! You know puppet? They don't have a brain, they don't have ideas, and they don't know anyone. You don't understand?" Tang Ningshan shouts angrily, even her eyes have begun to turn red.Just now, Tang Ningshan's mood was still very calm. However, after hearing that Shao Ruihan ask her to go back, she feels that her concerns are ignored by the hateful man in front of her eyes at this moment. She is worried about his safety, but he directly asked her to go back. However, as long as she thinks of that if she does not return, then there will be probably no Shao Ruihan in this world, she feels cold in her heart. The more she thinks about it, the more she feels scared. Even she feels that she is beginning to despair. Tang Ningshan understands this feeling very well. Although she has never had a crush on someone, this feeling makes Tang Ningshan know that she has fallen in love with Shao Ruihan. She can't stand that Shao Ruihan will disappear in this world. Even if they can't be together in the future, she hopes that he can live well."You..." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan like this and feels very strange. He doesn't know what to say. He could only reach out and pull her into his arms and puts his head on her shoulder. He could hear his own weak breathing and Tang Ningshan's gasping with anger."I? What? Don't talk. If you really want to go to death, then I will send you to die. Anyway, I don't think many people in this world will care if you are alive. Not many people know that you came to this place today. If you really want to die, I will send you to die. I don't understand, why my concern in exchange for the words you said just now." Tang Ningshan pushes Shao Ruihan hard. She doesn't want to stay in his arms at all. However, after pushing him away, she regrets it. Shao Ruihan is now scarred, and she will only make his situation more serious.