Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 236

Chapter 214: chapter 236-- desert island
The two boats stop together, they are about a few meters away from each other. Just when Tang Ningshan thinks that the person on the opposite boat is going to get on the boat, the people on the boat take out the iron plate and place it in the middle of the two boats. Shao Xingsheng's subordinates directly roll the blue bucket containing Shao Ruihan though the iron plate. Shao Ruihan is rolled to the opposite boat. Tang Ningshan can only sneak into the water again. Since Shao Ruihan has changed the ship, her plan to board the ship can only be postponed.The boat drives very quickly, and Tang Ningshan deliberately uses a rope to fix herself under the boat. In this way, she can not only save energy but also not have to worry about that the wind and waves will take her away. However, this method also has one drawback, that is, she is not free. If Tang Ningshan encounters some marine life or hits the reef, unless she cuts the rope directly with a knife, otherwise she will put herself in danger.Fortunately, there are no bad things happening along the way. The boat goes straight to a small island and the boat stops.Tang Ningshan sees the people carry the bucket to go on the island. They also look around and they seem to be very alert. There are many trees on the island, but they are not too high. This island is a desert island and looks a bit desolate.Those people push the bucket forward. When walking, they also look around from time to time. Tang Ningshan can only go out of the water after those people have gone a long way. After that, she quietly follows them.The island is not big. According to Tang Ningshan's guess, the island probably appears because of the water level reduction. Many places are like have been soaked in water for a long time. Along the way, Tang Ningshan does not see animals on the island, not even a bird, which makes Tang Ningshan very doubtful. What kind of place is this? And even animals are not willing to go there.Along the way, she carefully follows those people. In the end, those people stop in front of the thatched cottage. To be precise, this house is worse than the thatched house, basically, it is built with leaves and branches. The roof is wrapped in plastic sheeting. The house is in the middle of two trees and looks quite rudimentary. Next to the house is a stove made up of stones, with a pot on it, and the pot is smoking. There are four people sitting in this room. There is another person in the corner as if he is asleep.The people in the room seem to be very leisurely. Tang Ningshan looks at them far away, and those people seem to be playing cards, and they are very happy. They are surrounded by wine bottles.However, when the person pushing the bucket enters the room, one of the men who is playing the card game instantly comes back to normal state. He drops all the cards that are in his hand and places them on a simple table. He says to the man who pushes the bucket "Mr. Four, you are back? Is this the new one?"Mr. Four immediately replies "Well, Mr. Shao said that this person will be locked with the person who was brought here last time. Don't let them escape.""Get him out first. Anyway, they will be our servants in the future. Let him recover his strength first, and then he will have the strength to serve us." A dark-skinned man says."Okay, don't think too much. Since we have chosen this road, we can only follow Mr. Shao. We can only do what Mr. Shao says. As long as our families can live a good life, it's worthy of doing this. "Mr. Four walks over and pats the shoulder of the dark-skinned man, and he says."Well, we must be optimistic, don't entangle this thing anymore. Although the conditions in this place are not good, there is nothing, but our wills are that our families can live a good life. Boss, am I right?"The man who is called the boss nods. He has never spoken, but his eyes have been staring at the bucket containing Shao Ruihan. He walks over to the bucket and cuts the rope directly with a knife."A few of you came to help, first get this person out. I don't know who came up with such a bad idea. How could he use such a way to hide the guy?" When the boss just finishes, the rest of the people all come over to help.Soon, they take Shao Ruihan out of the bucket. At the moment, Tang Ningshan has no other thoughts. She just wants to see how the situation of Shao Ruihan is. Even if he is a healthy person who has been tortured in such a bucket for a long time, it is estimated that he will be unconscious even if he does not die. What's worse, Shao Ruihan has been injured and has been injected with drugs."Mr. Four, who is this person? Look at his injury. Mr. Shao must hate him very much." That boss asks with a squint.Mr. Four immediately shakes his head and says "I don't know, Mr. Shao did not say anything, just let us lock this person and not allow him to run away.""Then send him to the room over there. You and Mr. Two send him and the person, who was sent last time, over. I have not slept well during this time; I can finally take a good sleep tonight." The boss finishes, directly going into the thatched room, ignoring the answer of Mr. Four.After that, Tang Ningshan sees the dark-skinned man enter the house with the boss. He lifts up the man in the corner of the house who seems to be asleep and walks along the other side of the cottage with Mr. Four who is carrying Shao Ruihan.Tang Ningshan knows that this is an opportunity. However, now she is not sure if the person who is sleeping is General Ni. Therefore, Tang Ningshan chooses to follow them. Along the way, she does not make any noise. There are no lights on this island. Tang Ningshan, who is behind them, can hear the complaints of the Mr. Four and Mr. Two from time to time."Mr. Two, how long do you think we have to stay here? I have not seen my child for a long time." The voice of Mr. Four is sad.Mr. Two does not say anything. However, after listening to this sentence, his footsteps pause."I also know that all I do is to make my families live a better life. But staying on this desert island far away from my families, I really can't stand it." The voice of Mr. Four is full of oppression. Tang Ningshan begins to think that Mr. Four may be a good sally port. Listening to the conversations between these people, Tang Ningshan thinks that if she decides to rescue Shao Ruihan, she would investigate the identity and family background of these people. She feels that these people are easily controlled. Anyway, their purpose is money and family. However, this is just a momentary idea of Tang Ningshan. She can only slowly follow the people in front. Keeping a safe distance with them is the most significant thing at this moment.The two people in front seem to be familiar with the terrain here. In such a dark night with only moonlight, the two people's movements are not slow. They do not even look down at the road when they are walking, which makes Tang Ningshan feel a bit strange. She keeps thinking in her heart what are they going to do for Shao Xingsheng? Why are they staying on such desert islands?However, before Tang Ningshan comes up with a result, she sees them stop under a hill. Tang Ningshan can only look at them far away. Because two people block her sight, Tang Ningshan does not see where here is."Mr. Two are we sending them to the inside, or are we leaving them here?" Mr. Four asks, but there is a hint of urgency in his voice.Mr. Two replies "Why? Hungry? Then leave them here, anyway, the weather is not cold. They won't freeze to death. Let's go back quickly. I think you should have eaten nothing all day. Remember to prepare yourself for food before going out next time.""Hey, I know that you are the only person who cares about me here." When Mr. Four finishes speaking, Tang Ningshan hears the sound of the iron chain friction. After that, the two men turn around and are going to go back.Tang Ningshan immediately falls into the grass. She thinks that the other party should not find her so easily. However, she thinks it is better to be cautious.When their footsteps gradually disappear, she comes out of the grass. However, she is still vigilant and looks around. Then she runs to the bottom of the hill. Below the hill, there is an iron gate with a heavy iron chain attached. There is a small lock on the chain. The style of the lock is very old, not a high-tech electronic lock. Shao Ruihan and the man are thrown on the ground, but Shao Ruihan is lying on the man.Tang Ningshan frowns. Although the man is in a coma, she could not confirm that whether the person would wake up if she opens the door forcedly. Therefore, she thinks of another way. After such a long time passes, Shao Ruihan should wake up. But he does not open his eyes. Tang Ningshan does not know if he was hurt too seriously, or he faints because of the rotation. However, no matter what the reason is, Tang Ningshan wants to take this door apart quickly.Tang Ningshan chooses a rather simple method, which is to use a dagger to dig the wall connected to the iron fence. Her purpose is to remove the fence. This is Tang Ningshan's most direct idea because she can't think of other ways to open the door without making any sound.Tang Ningshan's movements are very fast, she uses all her strength. The soil falls from the wall and makes a sound. Tang Ningshan's eyes keep looking around, and she is afraid that someone would come out suddenly. It may be that Tang Ningshan is too nervous, and the dagger is directly inserted in the wall deeply and could not be taken out.Tang Ningshan, who has no choice, can only use the foot to against the wall, holding the dagger in her hand, and her body keeps leaning back. Then she starts to release her strength. She tries many times and could not pull out the dagger. She is going to try the last time, this time she has exhausted her strength and finally she succeeds. When the dagger is pulled out, a thin iron wire is pulled out too, which makes Tang Ningshan feel strange. Why is there an iron wire inside the wall?