Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 238

Chapter 215: chapter 238-- must know everything
Tang Ningshan shakes her head carelessly and says "Since we live together, I can't hide a lot of things from you. Besides, do you think that I can watch your leg bleeding until it becomes disabled? I don't want to hear you say this in the future."Shao Ruihan now disagrees with Tang Ningshan's statement. Although he always knows that she has a secret, he thought she would tell him her secret sooner or later. However, he did not expect himself to be informed of her secrets under such circumstance."Shan, I don't have any other meaning. I say these words for your safety." Shao Ruihan finishes and does not hear Tang Ningshan's answer for a long time. His expression becomes more serious."Shan?" Shao Ruihan couldn't help but calls her name again.Tang Ningshan is a little moved, but she also knows that Shao Ruihan could not see her expression now, so she says unhappily "I know that you care about me. But I hope you know that if I don't want my secret to being known by others, then no one will find it. My secret is discovered by you because I trust you."Tang Ningshan originally wanted to skip this topic and doesn't want to continue. However, Shao Ruihan obviously does not think so."You said that because you trust me, then I know it?" Shao Ruihan's voice is quite dull. Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan's expression and could see a lot of light from his eyes."Yes, let me wrap the wound for you first." After Tang Ningshan finishes, she intends to wrap his leg with the gauze and ignore Shao Ruihan.Although Shao Ruihan could not see the expression of Tang Ningshan, he could still see her outline. He sees her white fingers move back and forth across his legs. Tang Ningshan is relieved after she wraps his wounds in gauze."Hum... it's done." After Tang Ningshan finishes speaking, she immediately jumps to the side. She intends to wait for Shao Ruihan to put on his trousers and then help him up.Shao Ruihan is still lying in bed, and he doesn't mean to move at all."Hurry up!" Tang Ningshan says immediately."You come to help me." There is a meaning of teasing in Shao Ruihan's tone, letting Tang Ningshan feel that Shao Ruihan is deliberately embarrassing her.Tang Ningshan immediately walks toward the door. She is squatting beside the person lying outside. She originally intended to turn this person over to see who he is. However, before she takes action, Shao Ruihan has come down from the stone bed inside and run to her. He stops the arm she has stretched out, saying softly "You step back, I will check.""..." Tang Ningshan does not like this feeling, it's like she is a weak girl in Shao Ruihan's heart. However, it is not the time for debate now. Tang Ningshan directly takes back the hand that has stretched out. She stands up from the ground and stands behind Shao Ruihan. She carefully observes his movements. She would like to know, with only a little moonlight, how Shao Ruihan can confirm the identity of this person.Shao Ruihan quietly turns over the man lying on the ground. After turning him over, Shao Ruihan carefully approaches the face of this man. After that, Shao Ruihan directly takes the person on the ground to walk to the side of the iron fence, probably because that place would be brighter.After that, Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan frowning. Tang Ningshan does not know what happened. Is this person General Ni? She immediately comes over and asks "What happened? Is this person General Ni?"Shao Ruihan shakes his head after listening to Tang Ningshan's words.Tang Ningshan also frowns, although she never expected this person to be General Ni. According to the desolateness of the island, if General Ni was really caught by Shao Xingsheng, then he should not be hidden elsewhere."You are staying here; I am going to walk around on this island. I want to check if there are other places with such a cell." After Tang Ningshan finishes, she intends to go out but is pulled by Shao Ruihan."I am going with you." Shao Ruihan finishes and walks in front.Tang Ningshan stands at the same place speechlessly and asks "Hey, if both of us leave, then what about him? Do we need to bring him with us? If those people come over and find out that you are gone, I think this person will become a punching bag of them."Shao Ruihan stops after listening to this sentence. However, after seeing the iron fence destroyed by Tang Ningshan, he knows that they could only choose to transfer this person to other places first. After all, here is not a safe place at all. As far as the current situation is concerned, the iron fence has been destroyed. Even if he and the person in a coma are staying inside, people will also find that someone was trying to save them.Shao Ruihan immediately turns around and walks back. He picks up the man who has just been placed on the ground and puts him next to the fence. He himself goes out from the position where Tang Ningshan dug. After that, he asks Tang Ningshan to hand the man out. Finally, Tang Ningshan comes out of this room.After going out, Tang Ningshan points to the direction where she came and says "I followed two people here. We came over from this direction. They have a total of five people. According to their dialogue, they seem to have been living on this island for a long time, as Shao Xingsheng would give them a lot of money. However, they have to stay here all the time."Tang Ningshan simply tells Shao Ruihan what she knows, which is to allow Shao Ruihan to make the next plan. She managed to save him so she does not want him to be caught again. Although those people are not their opponents at all, according to Shao Ruihan's thoughts, he does not seem to want to be caught or conflict with them.Shao Ruihan nods after listening to Tang Ningshan's words. After thinking for a long time, he walks in the opposite direction of the road that Tang Ningshan pointed. Tang Ningshan immediately follows up and walks in front of Shao Ruihan. After all, Shao Ruihan has injuries, and there is no light in the vicinity. Shao Ruihan's vision is not as good as her. Thus, Shao Ruihan also does not stop her, but keeps the same rhythm with Tang Ningshan, following behind Tang Ningshan.Basically, neither of them leaves a footprint on the way, which is a smart point of Shao Ruihan. Although Shao Ruihan always follows Tang Ningshan, he erases the footprints of two people while he walking. This also largely provides a safe guarantee for the person he is carrying. After all, he is going to find a safe place to put the person down first.Two people have been walking for a long time. Although the island is not big, there are many slopes. There is an iron fence door on every slope. It seems that this island is a prison, and people brought to the island would be locked into different fences separately."Hey, don't you think it's weird here?" Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time, and turns around and says to Shao Ruihan, who is behind her."Do you have any special findings when you came?" Shao Ruihan does not directly answer Tang Ningshan's question but thinks about it for several seconds. After that, he asks Tang Ningshan if there was anything unusual happen.After a long time of recollection, Tang Ningshan says "There was nothing special happen. But the ship that sent you here was driven by a man wearing military boots. Although I did not see the person, according to his stand posture, I think he must be a soldier. And it seems that he is standing like that all the year round, so it has become a habit for him. Otherwise, he will not look so natural."Shao Ruihan thinks for a long time, and there is no clue. He now only blames himself for not being able to find out the situation of Shao's family at the beginning, and he does not know how wide the circle of contacts of these people is. However, after thinking about it, because of Shao Cheng, there are certainly many people who are willing to attach themselves to the Shao's family, it is normal for some military officers to have a relationship with them."Let's first look for General Ni, and see if he is on the island. And if we find General Ni, how do we leave? Whether we should take him away directly, or find a place to hide him?" After finishing this sentence, Tang Ningshan thinks about it again and continues to say, "There are five people on the island. I think their purpose is to make money. It seems that they should have been with Shao Xingsheng for a long time. If we give them enough money, will they betray Shao Xingsheng?" Tang Ningshan finishes, looking at Shao Ruihan eagerly as if she particularly hopes that Shao Ruihan can affirm her thoughts.Shao Ruihan shakes his head helplessly. He really doesn't understand why Tang Ningshan can be both smart and reckless like a child. However, there is nothing wrong with this, so he smiles and says "Let's look for him first. As for how to leave, we need to plan carefully later. After all, the island is very remote."Tang Ningshan sighs as if she is unpleasant because Shao Ruihan does not agree with her proposal.Shao Ruihan can only continue to say "Look at the situation first. But what you said can also be considered. We must first investigate the background of those people. Although money can do a lot of things, it also depends."Tang Ningshan also understands that what Shao Ruihan said is justified, and immediately shows a smile. She walks over to the iron fence in front of her. Looking at the rusted lock above, Tang Ningshan turns her head and says to Shao Ruihan, who is behind her. "This lock has been rusted. It seems that this door has not been opened for a long time. If someone often appears in here, this lock should not rust. Do we need to open the door and see what is inside?"Shao Ruihan thinks for a moment and nods. However, when Tang Ningshan is about to use the dagger to dig the fence, he stops her. He takes out an iron wire and places the man he is carrying on the ground and begins to open the lock.Tang Ningshan looks at the action of Shao Ruihan's unlocking with excitement, and there is a surprise in her eyes as if she had never thought that Shao Ruihan would even do things like unlocking."I mean, your Special Forces soldiers have to learn to open the lock?" Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan who is unlocking carefully, jokingly saying with a bright smile on her face.Shao Ruihan says in a serious way "Come on, it's Special Forces, we must know everything, and everything must be proficient. Otherwise, how to be a Special Forces soldier?" At the same time when he is talking, his movements do not stop. He is particularly serious as if he is studying the structure of the lock.