Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 24

Chapter 10: chapter 10-- code name

Under Lee's guidance, they come to an office building, following Lee to the fifth floor, and she stops in front of a room with "the chief's office" hanging on a door.

"May I come in, sir?" The sound of Lee's voice is loud and clear.

"Come in." Shao Ruihan's voice comes from inside the room.

Tang Ningshan enters the room, seeing Shao Ruihan is bending his head and writing. He looks very attentive and attractive. She glances at his epaulet, which has two stripes and two stars. Though she knows nothing about it, she knows those who have a star are senior officers. Besides, he has two stars, and apparently he is in a very high position.

Though she is anxious to inquire, she remembers his words, and could only keep it inside her heart.

Soon, Shao Ruihan puts down his pen.

"You go back to your unit." Shao Ruihan says to Lee beside her.

Lee salutes him and leaves.

"Come over to sit." Shao Ruihan's face lights up with a smile, which looks attractive. But she feels as if something bad is going to happen.

"Now that you are here, you are bound to be trained. In my family, a woman must be able to protect herself, must undergo rigorous training. You must pass the examination after the training. I think you should understand."

Tang Ningshan nods.

"Here are the items of your training. Take a look and I'll give you two days to get used to the environment." Shao Ruihan's smile grows stronger. He is looking forward to see she gets angry.

Just look at the first few projects, Tang Ningshan feels like she is about to give up.

She can't help asking "are all the women in your family raised as super Saiyan."

"Heh, it's a simplified version, you know your own strength." The smile on Shao Ruihan's face become ambiguous and his eyes sweeps over her.

"Rascal." Tang Ningshan glances at him and then continues to read those items.

She needs to get up at five o'clock in the morning and have a rest at ten in the evening. If there is a special exercise, the break will be postponed. She could understand all of these, but why she feels that if she really master those skills that written on the training courses, it would probably take her a lifetime.

Combat skills, penetration skills, detection skills, driving training, airborne training, demolition training, surveying and mapping courses.

"May I ask, are your Shao's family women exist for the war?" Tang Ningshan is speechless by this time.

"I think Shao family's position in this country is clear to you yesterday. If you were kidnapped, you would be in grave danger. If you can't save yourself, you'll only face death." Shao Ruihan's words are so strong, and the expression on his face becomes grave. There is a trace of sadness in his eyes which soon disappears, making her imperceptible.

"Task starts. Please complete the task goal. Random rewards will be given for each goal."

"What are you doing here now? Reject the mission."

"System tip: force task cannot be denied because you have refused; the system determines that you have failed the task. Now the penalty starts."

An electric shock come over her and sends Tang Ningshan into a shudder.

"Why are the rewards random?"

"Because you used to pick unnecessary things when you chose your own reward, then you died, so.."

"Okay, you don't have to say it." Stupid system.

Looking at her trembling body, and the more and more nervous expression, Shao Ruihan thinks she is scared, and when he tries to say something, he hears something quite different from what he thought.

"Ok, but let's start training today. Let's start with a course that doesn't require physical strength. Physical fitness takes time."

"This may not go your way. If you start training, you will train with the new comers. Now come down with me."

Following Shao Ruihan, they come to a large training ground with a lot of equipment in it, but there are very few people here. Compared with the training ground they have just passed, the two of them are a far cry from each other.

When they see Shao Ruihan and her coming, they all stop what they are doing, and even the instructor who is standing in front of the lecture comes over and salutes Shao Ruihan, and he just waves to him.

"What's on the schedule for today's training?" Shao Ruihan asks the instructor.

"In the morning, we will do physical training. In the afternoon, it will be the reconnaissance training, in the evening, extra trainings." Shao Ruihan nods thoughtfully.

"How's everyone's training? Can you take it anymore? If you can't handle it, please quit."

"We can."

"Cool." His voice becomes colder and colder, the expression on his face is more and more serious than ever, unlike the man she has seen before.

"Are you all wondering why I am here? Have you seen her?" Shao Ruihan's finger point to Tang Ningshan beside him.

"She will train with you from now on. She will see if you are lazy, but during the training she won't accept any help from any of you, and you will see if she is lazy. And you can call her No. 38."

"Understand?" Shao Ruihan asks loudly.

"Yes, sir." They all answer.

"She will stay here with you, I got to go." Shao Ruihan says to the instructor, then leaves.