Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 240

Chapter 216: chapter 240-- sulfuric acid
Shao Ruihan directly answers "Together!"Tang Ningshan nods silently. She is like I just said something that makes him angry? Why is Shao Ruihan's tone so serious just now? And there is a threat in his eyes. It seems that if she refutes him, he will rush over to punish her...Shao Ruihan sees that Tang Ningshan is very obedient so he does not say anything else. He chooses the most middle road and goes straight forward. There is nothing special on this road, but it gives Tang Ningshan a very weird feeling."Shao Ruihan, do you think if there is a secret passage in this wall? I always think this road is a bit weird." Tang Ningshan feels that the wall is a little different, especially the place that they have just passed. Because they are walking against the wall, she can feel the material of the wall, and she thinks the soil on the wall of the place they passed just now feels quite different from that of other places."Why do you say that?" Shao Ruihan immediately stops and looks at Tang Ningshan, whispering.Tang Ningshan directly tells Shao Ruihan about her thoughts. When Shao Ruihan hears it, he takes Tang Ningshan and goes back, intending to see the wall with different soils that Tang Ningshan said."It's here." Shao Ruihan has been holding Tang Ningshan to walk back, Tang Ningshan's hand has always been putting on the wall. When she touches that special wall, Tang Ningshan immediately reminds him. Shao Ruihan also touches the wall, but he does not find anything special for a long time. However, he knows that Tang Ningshan would not make such a joke.He pokes the dagger directly against the wall and obviously feels that something is inside the wall. Shao Ruihan immediately pulls Tang Ningshan behind him, and he looks at the wall with vigilance. Some cement mixed with water begins to flow out along the wall. The water that came out of the wall falls on the ground and begins to smoke. Tang Ningshan is nervous at once. After all, she has never encountered such a situation.Shao Ruihan's reaction is very fast. He takes Tang Ningshan's hand and runs out in the direction of coming in. When they run into the hall, they could still hear the strange sound coming out of the tunnel."This..." Tang Ningshan with a confused look looks at Shao Ruihan. She does not understand why the water would fall on the ground and smoke. This is just like sulfuric acid."Sulfuric acid!" Shao Ruihan's face is black. Looking at the tunnel, his eyes flash a variety of mixed emotions.Tang Ningshan with intangibly looks at Shao Ruihan and asks "Why do they add sulfuric acid in the wall?"Shao Ruihan shakes his head and says "I don't know, but I guess their purpose is to destroy such a route at any time. This may be specially made to prevent someone from discovering some secret passages." Shao Ruihan thinks for a moment and continues to say seriously. "It seems that whether we can find General Ni here is a problem. It seems that a big challenge is coming. If you did not find that wall with sulfuric acid, when we enter the tunnel, we will all be burnt by sulfuric acid. After all, no one knows how much sulfuric acid is in the wall."Tang Ningshan hears this and suddenly becomes very nervous. Tang Ningshan begins to think about whether there are some things in the virtual space to help them avoid some dangerous emergencies.Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, who is bowing her head, and raises his hand to pat her head softly and says, "Don't worry; there should be not so much modern technology here. Otherwise, they will not use such common things like sulfuric acid. I think there should be some secrets inside, or there must be other tunnels inside. These tunnels may eventually lead to the same place, and this sulfuric acid may also flow toward the final destination."After Tang Ningshan hears it, she is shocked again. Who has such perverted psychology and would build such a secret base here? How much sulfuric acid is there in the wall? Are they safe now?"Don't worry, the hole I made just now is not big, so the sulfuric acid is flowing out bit by bit. Even if they really have any special way to let the sulfuric acid from the entire wall all flow out at the same time, then it would also flow along the opposite position. Didn't you see that all the tunnels are downhill?" Shao Ruihan says this, and Tang Ningshan takes a look at each tunnel entrance deliberately. It's exactly what Shao Ruihan said. However, why did she not find it? Tang Ningshan feels that she is stupid."What do we need to do now?" Tang Ningshan really can't think of any good way, only to let Shao Ruihan come up with ideas again.Shao Ruihan finds a place to sit down. It is estimated that his movements have caused the dehiscence of his wound on his leg. Tang Ningshan stretches her hand toward his belt. This time, Shao Ruihan does not even dodge.Tang Ningshan takes off his pants and sees a lot of blood flowing from his legs. Even some blood has flowed into his shoes. His entire leg and even the socks are already blood red."You!" Tang Ningshan really doesn't know if she should beat him or scold him. Why did he not tell her when his wound is cracked?Shao Ruihan understands what Tang Ningshan wants to say and smiles at Tang Ningshan. "Shan, this kind of injury is commonplace for me. As long as I am alive, these injuries are nothing to me."Shao Ruihan's words let Tang Ningshan directly not know how to say it. She also understands him, but she always feels very uncomfortable in her heart. She just doesn't want to see Shao Ruihan injured, not wanting him to be so uncomfortable. But she also knows that whatever she says makes no sense. She takes out the universal spray directly. This time, Tang Ningshan intends to dump the medicine directly on his wound.Shao Ruihan once again witnesses the magic of the universal spray, which is simply too powerful. It seems to be a protective film; just after the bloody wound is sprayed with this medicine, there is no blood flowing out."There is no other new gauze. I will wrap your wounds first so that it would not be cracked again. Also, if the wound bleeds or cracks, you must tell me first. By the way, do you need to contact other people? "Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan's wound. She thinks that the seawater is so cold and it is still salty, so if Shao Ruihan swims back with her, then it is estimated that he would have a problem with this leg.""I don't have anything with me now. It is estimated that they were taken away by Shao Xingsheng. I don't have the tools to contact others." Shao Ruihan calmly says."..." Tang Ningshan suddenly feels speechless. She is like, I have never expected to use your communication equipment to contact other people; come on, and I am omnipotent!However, Tang Ningshan thinks about it and takes out her mobile phone that she has put in the virtual space. She hands it to Shao Ruihan. Shao Ruihan raises his eyebrows and looks at Tang Ningshan. Now, he should say that the waterproof performance of this phone is good, or the life of the battery is long enough?After seeing Shao Ruihan's expression, Tang Ningshan also knows that what she did is not normal. However, this time she does not intend to explain, directly saying "You hurry up; you want to contact other people by phone or message? However, if there is no signal, we can only think about other methods. It is very remote here; I think it's hard for others to locate our position. If there is a computer, then it would be much better." Tang Ningshan even thinks whether she should quietly hide a computer in the corner and pretend to find the computer accidentally so that Shao Ruihan does not doubt the source of the computer. However, this idea appears for a second, and she denies her own thoughts immediately. She has shown her magic so many times in front of Shao Ruihan today. If she takes out a computer from the virtual space again, whether it is not a big deal?When Tang Ningshan is thinking whimsically, Shao Ruihan is holding her phone to think about the next plan. This mobile phone of Tang Ningshan is not the one that Shao Ruihan gave her before, so there is no positioning system at all. And there are only three people, Yu Huan, Li and Shao Ruihan knows her new phone number. What's worse, there is no signal here so the other functions of the phone are simply not available."No signal..." Shao Ruihan puts her mobile phone in his pocket and is not intending to return it to Tang Ningshan. He still feels that a series of functions such as positioning should be installed on Tang Ningshan's mobile phone. If today she brings the cell phone he gave her, they can now contact the outside, but unfortunately...Tang Ningshan can only say "Forget it, let's go in and take a look. I am full of curiosity about what is inside." Tang Ningshan deliberately says this sentence with expectation, as if she is looking forward to seeing what is inside."Okay!" Shao Ruihan stands up from the ground and buckles his belt. After he walks two steps forward, he suddenly stops."Let's first take a look at the other channels and see if there is sulfuric acid. If there is, we can prove our guess. In this case, we can also release the sulfuric acid to make us safer." Shao Ruihan finishes, and Tang Ningshan nods immediately. For the first time, she finds that many of the things that Shao Ruihan says are very reasonable. Moreover, he is very talented, and every time she feels very convinced about his decision.Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan and walks toward the most left tunnel. Tang Ningshan's hand touches the wall and begins to feel the material of the wall. After walking for a long time, Tang Ningshan finds that her palm has turned red, and she shakes her head helplessly.Tang Ningshan waves her hand and tries to get rid of the soil and rust on the palm. Now her palm is covered with rust and soil, and she even feels that she is dirty.Shao Ruihan apparently notices the action of Tang Ningshan. He is wondering if her hand is hurt."What happened to your hand?" Shao Ruihan immediately holds Tang Ningshan's hand in his hand. Tang Ningshan clenches her fist subconsciously. Anyway, she just doesn't want Shao Ruihan to see her colorful palm.Tang Ningshan tries to struggle, but in the end, she still could not take her hand out of Shao Ruihan's hand. Helplessly, she can only obediently let Shao Ruihan open her hand. When her hand is opened, Shao Ruihan sees that her white hand has now become colorful.Shao Ruihan wants to laugh after seeing it, but he has been restraining himself. Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan's expression and knows that he must laugh at her in his heart. She says angrily "You don't have to restrain yourself. If you want to laugh, you can laugh out. It's your entire fault."