Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 25

Chapter 11: chapter 11-- alert from system

She finds several girls in the procession, and she goes over to stand beside those girls.

"Let's move on. No. 38, if you don't understand what I taught before, when you go back to your dormitory, remember to ask your teammates, you must understand the content of last class before the next class. And I am Wang. Remember to ask for permission before you speak. You can speak only after I approve." Instructor Wang's voice is fierce and his face has a savage expression.

The three rows of people listen to him quietly, probably because the team is full of new people; the courses contents are very basic.

Everyone is standing upright, and she has to follow them. The weather is particularly hot in July. From 1 to 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the sun is at its brightest. They just stand there without moving, and she even didn't eat anything. She is already feeling a bit exhausted by the time.

However, she still needs to insist. If the system decides that the task is not up to par, she will be punished. As long as she meets their eligible criteria, and then she could go back and undergo systematic private training and assessment.

She looks that the people around her. Everyone is breached in sweat. Even some of the clothes are clearly stuck to their bodies. And they just stand there as though they haven't noticed.

"OK, that's all for today's training. Let's go to the canteen for dinner. Meet your leader at the square in half an hour." Instructor Wang looks at his watch and says mercifully.

Tang Ningshan feels that if she still doesn't eat anything, she will die. Had she known this would happen, she would have eaten the beef that he served in her bowl in the morning.

The dining room is not big, it's clean and tidy; there are some round tables and two square tables. Every table is set. Standing at the entrance to the dining hall, she could smell all sort of alluring smells. There are already many people sitting inside, which confirmed her belief that they are not the same as others. And they have different clothes. There are men in military uniform with epaulettes on their shoulders, men in training uniforms with military ranks on their collars. While those with whom she was trained have nothing but a camouflage uniform.

However, it is not the time to think about this question, she only wants to sit down and eat. Unfortunately, imagination is good, but reality often runs counter to imagination. Everyone around her remain motionless as if waiting for orders.

Shao Ruihan comes in from the door, looks at the tables, then takes a look at everyone, and goes to the front of a square table.

He sits down and says "let's have dinner."

She wants to know whether it is necessary that dozens of people in the room couldn't have dinner before waiting for him to make order. What kind of rule is that?

Unfortunately, the people around don't give her a chance to ask. She sees all the people around her go to take their own pots and chopsticks. Suddenly, she realizes that she doesn't have any of those things. Would she not eat for a day?

At this time, she sees Lee coming towards her.

"The captain let you come to him." Lee whispers in her ear, and he leaves.

She could only move slowly under the gaze of the crowd and come to his table.

He is eating without lifting his head. He only raises his chin to motion her to sit down.

"How do you feel?"

"Not so good, very hungry."

"Your father called you today, and told you to call him back."

He thinks of the changes of Tang Yichun, he feels their family is ridiculous.

"You just tell him I am training, you cannot reach me"

"Before he could ask any questions, she picks up her chopsticks, and begins to eat. She gobbles the meat, which makes the system in her body surprise."

"Master, are you so hungry? I remember you didn't eat for the last two days. In the past, even when you are eating, you look so elegant. Why don't you continue to pretend?" The system speaks with a hint of derision and some heartache.

"Now my body is different from the past. If it was before, I can stand for a few days without feeling tired. Now, after only a few hours, my legs have gone limp. This body is so bad that it needs to be modified with gene medicine. I obviously don't think I have enough IQ, and my memory is bad. I don't know what I am going to be, especially what's going to happen later on." Tang Ningshan is complaining.

"Master, this time has been arranged. You train with them during the day, go to the virtual space for my training in the evening, and I need to tell you one more thing. If you die accidentally this time, we will both disappear." The system's tone is solemn, but she doesn't notice it when she is absorbing in the food.

"Disappear? Where are we going?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"Vanish completely from this world. Generally speaking, it's death."

"Are you kidding me? Aren't you the universe's super awesome system? I died last time, but I am fine now."

"I am not kidding, because the system determines that your foundation doesn't reach the eligible criteria, your learning and self-control ability are poor, and you are lazy, this time you have to start the mandatory task, your body won't survive the ultimate punishment. So we will both disappear."

"All right, I got it."

After understanding her current situation, she begins to face the training formally. She thought that even if she couldn't accept the training content, she could just give up. But now it seems that if she fails to finish this task, she can't get a reward, and she would keep on receiving the systematic punishment. Imagine that if a person gives birth continuously, will she be killed by pain? The thought makes her shiver.