Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 26

Chapter 12: chapter 12-- insult

Before she finishes her food in her bowl, Shao Ruihan, who sits opposite her, tells her to accept training.

She doesn't even looks at him. Doesn't he see she is still eating?

"Let's go. Do you want the whole team to wait for you?" He just stands up, tugging at her wrist and pulling her out. Her chair is even knocked over by him.

"Hei, can you be reasonable? I haven't finished my dinner, and you dragged me out. I don't want to be starved." Tang Ningshan couldn't help shouting.

"Although I don't think two months of training will make a difference to you, you can give up now. If you want to leave, you can go for the dinner now, and I will take you home later." Shao Ruihan suddenly let go of her hand, which let her stumble.

"When did I say I am leaving?" She doesn't have the strength to argue now, but she can't leave, or she will be punished.

"If you are not going to leave, you need to do what you are told. If you hadn't been in a daze at the dinner table, you can finish it by now. People like you don't deserve to be here to train." He gives her a contemptuous looks and turns away.

"What?..." Obviously, she gets angry. She wants him to make it clear, but as soon as she finishes shouting, she sees all the people around her looking at them. She could only show her apology, and goes quietly out into the queue to stand in silence.

"Why don't you come here at once when you hear the rally point, No 38?" Instructor Wang asks rudely.

"I am still hungry." She says.

"You want more food? Okay." Instructor Wang says with a wry smile and enters the dining hall.

When he comes out, he has a plate in his hand, full of food.

He puts the plate on the ground in front of her and tells her to do push-ups. And every time her body goes down, she could eat a morsel of food. She could go back to rest until the food on the plate is finished.

"Are you kidding? How could I finish this?"

"If you cannot finish, then keep doing push-ups, until you have finished it. Begin now, right here."

"I won't do it. Ask Shao Ruihan to come."

"The captain doesn't have time to talk to you. And he said that during the training, if you don't follow orders, you can leave now."

"All right, the rest of you, let's meet at the rock climbing place."

Then he leaves. There is not even a watcher except her and a plate of food.

Just as she is about to take up the plate, she sees a man coming out of the dining room. She immediately puts her hand back. It seems that she has no choice but falls down to do push-ups.

One, two... ten, eleven, she is already failed to support her body. Her arms are trembling. She knows she has reached the limit of her strength, but she didn't know her body is so weak, she only did ten push-ups, and she has become such exhausted.

"Yo, what's up. You want to give up? Don't you think you are a joke?" Shao Ruihan says.

Tang Ningshan knows he is being sarcastic about her.

As if she is stimulated by his words, she keeps doing. Unluckily, her arms lost support, her face directly goes into the plate.

"Sure enough, you can only be treated as a piece of garbage to throw away. The only use of you is to be my sex partner." and with that he smacks on her ass.

Looking at Shao Ruihan's back. She feels that she has received the unprecedented insult.

This evening, in the virtual space, she begins the endless physical training, the non-stop running. Because there is no time limit in the virtual space, she can go out only to meet the task standards, as long as she enters, she can only complete the task set by the system.

"System, if I run to practice physical ability, break physical limits constantly, will I no longer be looked down upon in the future?"

"Master, just remember, you must complete the task, not for anyone, but us. So come on!"

She doesn't know how long she has run. She just knows that if she fail the task, she would die and the system would disappear with her.

When she thinks that she is dying, the sound of the system rings out.

"Mission goal achieved, get a vial of GM water."

Tang Ningshan looks at the familiar gene potion in her hand. Her tears run quietly down. Once, she didn't think this deserves her to pay attention to, because it is the reward of a simple task, which is used to strengthen the gene. Now the rewards are random, she has no idea what the system is going to give her. Right now, it is what she needs.