Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 27

Chapter 13: chapter 13-- genetic potion

In the virtual space, she has drunk the gene potion and is suffering from a lot of pain from her body.

As the system said, the gene potion is designed to improve the structure of human body, allowing blood vessels, meridians, and gene in the body to be improved. It won't succeed in one step, but gradually.

When she first heard about this, she laughed and said, is that the legendary factory reset?

The pain goes on, but she just grits her teeth. She doesn't want to be humiliated. Even though she was a very lazy person who refuses to deal with problems until the problem is beyond her limit, this time everything is different. She feels she has been insulted or even treated as rubbish. She can still remember what Shao Ruihan said yesterday and the way he looked at her when he was speaking.

It was a very ironic look, as if she is a toy, which could be thrown on the bed at any time, being disrespected, insulted. She thinks he looked at her as a woman who is worse than a whore at that time.

With the support of these elements, she feels more firm. She bites her lip to reduce the pain from her body. She doesn't give up even though her bone is clicking; her blood is oozing from the skin surface.

Watching the scene, the system feels that its owner has changed. In the past, his owner was lazy, as long as all the things are not beyond her bottom line, she would live a leisurely life. He has never seen her hard-working. Once he thought that he had found the wrong owner. He exists to cultivate talent, especially all-rounder. While his owner was lazy, when he gave her the task, she felt very troublesome, then she would refuse, because she thought nothing is important than sleep.

He is clear that this new body makes her feel uncomfortable, but she still accepts the situation. She even thinks that she can save herself the trouble of getting married, since the new body has already had a husband. Now her master has changed.

The sudden change makes him a little curious, but mostly he is thinking that how long his master can insist. All in all, it would be good to change.

What she doesn't know is that her arrival has made everyone here feel confused and disdainful, and she doesn't know that her later life would be very tough.

By the time she wakes up, it is about 7 o'clock. After a night of running and genetic modification, she feels exhausted. She goes to the bathroom, and takes a quick shower to wash away the blood oozing from her body. She throws the sheets and covers from bed into the washing machine, then goes back to bed. She is so tired that she falls asleep again in just few minutes.

Knowing that she didn't go to the training ground, Shao Ruihan backs to look for her. As soon as he enters the room, he feels that the house is full of the smell of blood; the professional reaction causes him to pull a gun from his waist. He slowly opens the bedroom door and sees Tang Ningshan lying on the bed with a pale face. He goes to check the bathroom and finds that the sheets and covers are hanging inside.

He puts the gun away and walks to her. The thick smell of blood emanates from the bedclothes. He can feel her breath, but it's not clearly. He carries her with the quilt, and then walks quickly to the infirmary.

People on the way are all feel curious. The woman was alive and kicking yesterday, but now why she is in the arms of their captain and she is pale and unconscious.

When Lee sees it, he immediately follows Shao Ruihan. He wants to ask Shao Ruihan what happened. Only ten minutes, the captain maimed her? Last night, he had been with Shao Ruihan because he had to prepare a room for Tang Ningshan and study some training materials. This morning, Shao Ruihan heard from the instructor that she didn't go to practice, so Shao Ruihan went back to check it out.

After arriving at the infirmary, Shao Ruihan gently placed Tang Ningshan on the bed and asks a medic to examine her. After a series of examinations, the doctor didn't find any wounds on her body, but she is still unconscious.

"Captain, after the examination, she needs to recuperate for a period of time, her body had finished many forced extreme breakthroughs, leading to deep spiritual sleep. If she can't get enough rest and continues with the intensity of training like yesterday, she may be directly paralyzed or dead. But I don't know why she didn't have any wounds; there is a strong smell of blood. If possible, I'd like her to tell me what happened after she wakes up, so that I can observe her condition." The medic says.

"Well, when do you think she might wake up?" Shao Ruihan is only concerned this question.

"It depends on the willpower of the individual. It's hard to say now, under normal circumstances, if a person breaks the physiological limit, he will rest for a period of time to continue. But she keeps breaking her limits without rest. No one knows how long she has persisted, so there is no way to calculate." The army medical officer is troubled by the fact. And he wants to know how did she do that? It is a really dangerous thing.

"Well, I see." Shao Ruihan stands by the bed, and looks at her with gentle eyes.