Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 28

Chapter 14: chapter 14-- bedroom

Shao Ruihan is confused that what she could do to break the limit of her body in the dormitory and even makes herself covered in blood.

But he feels as if he has discovered something interesting, for she seems to have a secret. He hopes to find it, and threatens her with this secret. It's interesting to see her get angry.

Tang Ningshan has been in the infirmary all day, and didn't wake up until midnight.

"Why am I here?" This is the first question after she opens her eyes.

"It's nice to see you wake up. You'd better think about what you've down and why did you get blood all over your body." Shao Ruihan frowns, his eyes full of fierce light.

"Blood? I can't remember exactly." She says confusedly.

"I'll let Lee take you to your room. I've got work to do." Shao Ruihan stares at her for a while and then goes out.

Lee leads Tang Ningshan to a tent. She follows Lee to get in. all the girls inside stand up.

The dark green tent is large, with simple facilities. There are some singles beds inside, grass on the ground and a light bulb hanging from the top of the tent.

"You guys can sit down." Lee says.

"She will be with you from now on. I got to go." Then he nods at her and leaves.

"This bed is yours. Come and help me guys. What are you waiting for?" A girl comes over. Apparently, she is here to fetch her stuff.

"Don't bother, I'll do it myself." She shows her appreciation, and her voice becomes softer.

"Let's introduce ourselves. I am No.28. People who are trained here don't have a name, but a code name." The girl says with a smile.

"I'm No. 38, Nice to meet you." She smiles and thinks that she would be good friends with her in the future.

"No.38, why did you come here? Normally, speaking, the tryout is over. There's no reason to get in." No.28 is curious, and she says "tell me."

"I don't know what you mean. I am here because of someone who needs me to possess the self protection ability. That's why I am here."

Her remark stops them from doing what they were doing.

"What did you do in the past?" No. 28 asks.

"In the past? I was a university student, my major is jewelry identification."

"Yo, you are a spoiled girl, why did you come here to suffer instead of going to school?" As long as you listen to it carefully, you can hear the irony in her words.

She looks up, and the girl is dressing in a camouflage, she is in good shape and pretty, but with that sarcastic look, she looks like a ghost. If she remembers correctly, the girl is No.32.

"It's my family's decision, and I cannot do anything. I am sorry for the trouble I am causing you." She stands up apologetically and bows to those six girls in the room.

"I am glad that you know you are a trouble. I hope you don't hinder us. You should know that we are in the same room, so we should in one team. The team grades are the individual grades. If you are the only one who can't pass, it's not going to be as easy as bowing and apologizing." No.32 says. After giving her a supercilious look, she falls back on the bed, without looking at others.

Other girls' expressions are a bit unnatural. After all, everyone wants to pass the training. It is not appropriate for No.32 to do so when she first met her. The rest of girls hold out their hands at her, indicating that they don't care that, and also tell her to not care too much.

After turning off the light, she looks at No. 28 beside her, she taps her lightly and whispers "are you asleep?"

"What' up?" No.28 replies confusingly.

"Can you tell me where this is?" She asks cautiously, being afraid to disturb others.

"What?! You have no idea what this place is." It's like the question brings her to herself in a moment.

Tang Ningshan has no choice but to nod her head.

"Well, this is the special forces. We are trained for the special forces."

After listening to the No.28, Tang Ningshan begins to hate Shao Ruihan.

She says in her heart "Shao Ruihan, you are an asshole. Am I your wife, or the soldier? Your wife has to participate in Special Forces training. Is this not a joke? If the body is from its original owner, she must be died at the first day."

"Master, you are right. The original owner was indeed dead, or you are unable to be here." The system suddenly speaks.

"You are everywhere!" She feels that she and Shao Ruihan are irreconcilable, and if the original owner didn't die, she would not have to suffer now, so she decides to revenge later.