Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 29

Chapter 15: chapter 15-- the plan of Tang Yichun

"Have you sent her to here?" Shao Ruihan looks out of the window, and says carelessly.

"Yes. But she seems to be in a bad situation." Lee looks at Shao Ruihan's face and says slowly.

"It's okay; in the future it will be a lot harder than it is now. I hope she will pass successfully." Shao Ruihan seems to think of something funny, the corner of his mouth appears a faint smile, but his eyes are cold.

Lee feels that since the captain got married, he had changed. He was always cold and never smiled. Now his is always smiling.

In the midnight.

The sky is still dark; the moon can still be seen. They have already begun to get up and prepare to be trained.

Tang Ningshan is dazed. Her legs are dangling, and arms couldn't be lifted. She stands here without opening her eyes, as if she could fall down at any time.

"No.38." Instructor Wang shouts with an impatient expression on his face.

"What?" Tang Ningshan is half-awake. She is dressing irregularly and unbuttoned. In the eyes of the instructor, she is challenging authority.

"Ask permission before you speak." Instructor Wang says seriously.

"Oh." Tang Ningshan's eyes are still closed.

"No. 38, do 20 kilometers weight-bearing cross-country. You can't eat until you have finished. From now on." Instructor Wang's face begins to grow fierce and he shouts in her ear.

"Ah!" This time, Tang Ningshan wakes up completely, because she is scared.

"Hurry up. If you don't want to eat, I don't mind." Instructor Wang don't want to talk to Tang Ningshan anymore. What kind of soldier is she? Even if she is special, she should have some basic qualities...

"Sir!" Tang Ningshan says.

"Say it!"

"What is weight-bearing cross-country..." Tang Ningshan asks in a low voice.

"Poof" a man laughed loudly. Seeing instructor Wang gives him a look, he immediately quiets down.

"No.16, is that funny?" Instructor Wang doesn't even looks at him. He stares at Tang Ningshan.

"Sir, it's not funny." No.16 withdraws his smile, and tries to make his voice normal.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" instructor Wang completely starts to hate Tang Ningshan now. She doesn't know anything, why did she come here to train.

"...Uh, I was forced." Tang Ningshan answers warily. She feels that if he asks her any more questions, she would only make him more resentful.

"Put it all on your back." Instructor Wang takes a knapsack and a gun to Tang Ningshan, and also put a stone in it.

Seeing Tang Ningshan stands still, Wang shouts "hurry up, if you don't want to eat, I can allow you to run dozens of kilometers more."

With dozens of pounds of backpacks on her back, Tang Ningshan feels her shoulders and neck are about to break.

"Go straight down the mountain, and someone will count the kilometers for you. If you take a break, start over. Now, you can start!" After saying that, instructor Wang asks the rest of people to gather at the shooting ground.

As Tang Ningshan is about to start running, Shao Ruihan suddenly shouts "wait a minute."

Seeing the situation, Tang Ningshan immediately lifts her leg to run, but she is caught by Shao Ruihan.

"I said wait a minute. What are you going to do?" Shao Ruihan's attitude is bad, which makes her uncomfortable.

"How did I know you are calling me?" Tang Ningshan stares at Shao Ruihan.

"Here you are." Shao Ruihan shoves the phone in his hand into Tang Ningshan's hand.

Tang Ningshan puts the phone to the ear and says softly "Hello, this is Tang Ningshan."

"Why haven't you called home for such a long time?"

"...I am sorry, who you are?" Tang Ningshan says curiously.

"You don't even know who I am? I have raised you those years; you can't even recognise my voice? I am your father!" Tang Yichun's voice is angry.

" know, there's no phone in the army." Tang Ningshan could only bear the anger of her heart, and says calmly.

"Well, I don't care if you don't have a phone; you should go home right after your training. Don't think you are independent. You can't do anything without me." Tang Yichun says and immediately he hangs up the Phone.

Tang Ningshan looks at the phone in her hand. Her father's purpose is to let her go back? Or he has other plans?

Just as Tang Ningshan is still thinking, Shao Ruihan says "you can go on." With that, he takes the phone away, and turns away.