Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 3

chapter 191-- not let go of any chance to get along with him

Shao Ruihan puts the porridge in front of Tang Ningshan without speaking. He points to the bowl and motions for her to eat it quickly.

Tang Ningshan picks up the bowl and puts it in front of her nose to smell. At this time, she feels hungry. She immediately picks up the spoon and starts to drink porridge.

Seeing that Tang Ningshan starts eating, Shao Ruihan shows a faint smile.

When Tang Ningshan is eating, she hears footsteps coming from outside. She immediately turns back and sees Yu Huan and Wang Pengxuan coming in.

When Tang Ningshan sees Yu Huan, her eyes light up and her face finally hangs a smile.

Seeing this scene, Shao Ruihan feels that his decision, which is to invite them to come over, is correct.

"Ningshan, why is your face so pale? Is it that Shao Ruihan abuses you?" Yu Huan comes and sees Tang Ningshan sitting on the sofa drinking porridge. When she turns around, he notices her pale face, so Yu Huan asks, and he also looks at Shao Ruihan at the same time.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head immediately. She is not abused; she is just in a bad mood.

"I'm fine, just something unhappy happened. I'm a little sad." Tang Ningshan explains faintly.

Yu Huan immediately comes over and sits next to Tang Ningshan. After that, he winks at Wang Pengxuan. Then, Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan stand up and go to the second floor with Wang Pengxuan.

"Ningshan, are you okay?" Yu Huan looks worriedly at Tang Ningshan and asks.

"Well, I am fine, really, you can rest assured." Tang Ningshan immediately shows a smile.

Yu Huan also shifts the topic. Since Tang Ningshan is not willing to mention this matter, then he is not willing to make her think about it and make her feel sadder.

"Oh, right, Ningshan, anti-virus software has been done. Now it has officially put into sales. When I come over next time, I will take the information and the procedures for you. All records are your personal information, as well as your bank card number. You are quietly waiting to collect money now. "

"Really?" Tang Ningshan immediately looks at Yu Huan with a look of surprise. This is what she did not expect. Most importantly, she did not expect the speed to be so fast. She thought that this would take at least half a year or more. After all, applying for a patent is a very cumbersome thing.

"Well, your software is very useful. Many large companies are hoping to use this anti-virus software for a long time. Most importantly, the firewall alert feature you've made is really useful, as long as someone invades the computer, it will give feedback the first time. I am curious how you created such perfect software? You are simply too amazing." When Yu Huan speaks, his eyes clearly show the meaning of worship.

Tang Ningshan feels that she is over flattered, and immediately smiles "Hey, I will pay you dividends later."

"I don't care about dividends. When you are free, you can improve my computer. I don't want Wang Pengxuan to invade my computer." When Yu Huan speaks, his expression is very angry, but Tang Ningshan sees the love in his eyes.

"Huan, do you have a good relationship with him now?" Tang Ningshan could no longer restrain herself from the gossip. Now she finally has the opportunity to chat with Yu Huan, she feels that she must not let Yu Huan go so easily.

Yu Huan immediately blushes, and even his expression is a little nervous, "I..."

Tang Ningshan suddenly understands why he is nervous. However, Tang Ningshan feels that this is not a big deal. After all, in this era, love is love, love can cross gender.

"Huan, you tell me, is your relationship good now? Does he treat you well?" Tang Ningshan looks at Yu Huan expectantly.

Yu Huan can only nod, and there is a slight embarrassment in his eyes.

"I will go to Shao's company to go to work in a few days. I don't know what kind of things I will encounter." Think of it, Tang Ningshan says with an exclamation.

Yu Huan looks at Tang Ningshan, and he does not know how to comfort her. After all, he knows that although Shao Ruihan is very nice to Tang Ningshan, this does not mean that the Shao's families will not embarrass her.

"Don't worry; you still have Shao Ruihan, don't you? He is so good to you, he will definitely help you. Even if you are just a nominal couple as you said, but the nominal couple is also a couple, right? You live together every day so I think it is inevitable to cultivate love."

This is the first time Tang Ningshan hears Yu Huan say such words. Tang Ningshan even begins to wonder if he has been with Wang Pengxuan for too long so he is influenced by him. Otherwise, the previous Yu Huan would never say such words.

Tang Ningshan immediately explains "Huan, you shut up. The relationship between us is not what you think. The things related to love are not suitable for us. He does not love me, I do not love him."

After that, Tang Ningshan immediately looks at Yu Huan firmly, worrying that Yu Huan does not believe her words.

Yu Huan only feels that Tang Ningshan's reaction is way too intense. She must have fallen in love with Shao Ruihan, otherwise, why should she be so eager to explain this? But he does not unmask Tang Ningshan, he just smiles.

Tang Ningshan sees the strange smile on the face of Yu Huan, and also understands that Yu Huan does not believe her words. She can only drink the porridge in the bowl with annoyance and turns her head away, not looking at Yu Huan.

"All right, all right, there is no love between you, okay?" Yu Huan is helpless.

"Hey, there is really no love between us. He really doesn't love me, really, I swear!" Yu Huan doesn't know what words to use to describe Tang Ningshan's solemn expression now. He just feels that she is too cute.

"Well, I see. Your breakfast is only porridge?" Yu Huan asks.

Tang Ningshan nods, looking at Yu Huan with a look of anticipation. Yu Huan immediately understands what she means, and he looks around.

Tang Ningshan immediately stands up and pulls Yu Huan to go to the kitchen. After entering the kitchen to open the refrigerator, she remembers that there is nothing else in the refrigerator except for the bread prepared for Pu Jiayi. Now, there is no bread in the refrigerator. At this time, she begins to wonder if Pu Jiayi had dinner every day during this period when she was abroad.

"Huan, wait for me, I will change clothes. Let's go to the supermarket later. I will also go upstairs to see Pu Jiayi. I don't know whether he has eaten or not these days." After that, Tang Ningshan runs upstairs like a gust of wind.

Yu Huan stands in the same place and smiles, shaking his head. When Shao Ruihan called him, he said that Tang Ningshan was very sad and needed him to comfort her.

Yu Huan does not know that when Tang Ningshan saw him, she had a feeling of seeing her family in her heart, so she directly suppressed the grief brought to her by Miao Yu's death. She does not want others to be influenced by her own emotions, so every time she is pretending to be strong in front of others. She will never confide in her inner pain, and she is more willing to bury her sorrow in the deepest place in her heart than releasing it.

Tang Ningshan goes upstairs and runs directly to the room of Pu Jiayi. She opens the door and sees Pu Jiayi, who is concentrating on carving. There are a lot of plastic bags on his desk, which contain all kinds of food, which makes Tang Ningshan breathe a sigh of relief. If he doesn't have anything to eat because she is not at home, she will feel guilty.

When Pu Jiayi sees Tang Ningshan coming in, he immediately puts down the thing in his hand and walks to her.

"Sister, you are back."

Looking at Pu Jiayi's pure smile, Tang Ningshan feels that she is not alone. She also has Yu Huan and Pu Jiayi around her, isn't it? She still has a family.

"Well, I am back. I will go out and buy something for a while. Do you have anything you want to eat? I am cooking for you today."

Tang Ningshan feels that she should compensate for Pu Jiayi. She didn't cook before. Since she now learns to cook, she should personally make a meal for Pu Jiayi. After all, her cooking skills have been painstakingly practiced.

After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, Pu Jiayi immediately looks at her in surprise. He has never seen Tang Ningshan cooking before, so he always thought that Tang Ningshan doesn't cook. To be honest, he doesn't like to eat bread. He eats these fast foods because he doesn't want to waste too much time. Now when he heard that Tang Ningshan is going to cook for him, his heart is full of expectations.

"Then you are waiting for me at home. I am going to change clothes. I will go to buy food for a while with Yu Huan, what do you want to eat?" Tang Ningshan has been very patient with Pu Jiayi. She knows that he doesn't like to talk, so she asks the repeated questions until he answers.

"I like what you cook!" Pu Jiayi blushes and stands opposite Tang Ningshan. He also understands the meaning of Tang Ningshan, Tang Ningshan just wants him to speak. However, he never ever went to the restaurant before. From small to large, he basically didn't go out to eat anything. When he was in the mountains, what he ate was also made by himself, and the type was very simple. He doesn't know what he likes to eat, so he can only give Tang Ningshan such an answer.

"Good." Tang Ningshan rubs his head. After that, she walks out and closes the door for him.

Back in the room, she sees Shao Ruihan and Wang Pengxuan sitting in the living room on the second floor. Tang Ningshan is a little curious. She doesn't understand why they choose to talk about their business here instead of the study room.

However, Tang Ningshan is in a good mood now, and she does not care about it. After entering the house and changing clothes, she ignores the two people in the house and immediately opens the door to go downstairs.

"Shan, do you want to go out?" Shao Ruihan immediately asks.

Tang Ningshan turns and nods to Shao Ruihan.

"Go together." Shao Ruihan immediately stands up and says to Wang Pengxuan.

Wang Pengxuan also stands up and prepares to go downstairs.

"I am going to buy food with Yu Huan, are you sure you want to go?" Tang Ningshan looks at the two men in suits and asks with a sly look. Seriously? Are they going to wear a suit to the market?

"I'll change my clothes; you are waiting for me downstairs." Shao Ruihan's answer is straightforward. When he finishes, he goes into the bedroom. Wang Pengxuan is speechless. Why does Shao Ruihan also withdraw from their 'suit league'? However, if Yu Huan wants to go, he will naturally follow him. He can't let go of any chance to get along with him.

When Shao Ruihan changes clothes and goes downstairs, Tang Ningshan has already sat in the car waiting.

Four people drive to a large supermarket. Tang Ningshan finally has an understanding of the knowledge of cooking, so she is very picky about the choice of materials. When she is choosing, she also discusses with Yu Huan from time to time.

Yu Huan feels that these changes in Tang Ningshan are due to Shao Ruihan. Tang Ningshan has begun to learn to cook; he thought it is a woman's performance in falling in love. However, he does not unmask the secrets of Tang Ningshan.

Wang Pengxuan immediately sighs in the heart after entering the supermarket. Thanks to the fact that it wasn't Tang Ningshan who drove the car, otherwise, she would have driven to the farm to buy food, given how picky she is about food.

Tang Ningshan takes Yu Huan to pick food in front, and Shao Ruihan and Wang Pengxuan follow behind them. However, the attention of the latter two people is all focused on the two people in front.

Tang Ningshan, who enters the supermarket, is like a child who gets candy. She is very happy. She takes Yu Huan to turn around in the supermarket. In addition to food, she also buys some other things, of course, including a lot of cocoa powder and other desserts ingredients. Yes, she is going to make some desserts.