Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 30

Chapter 16: chapter 16-- stimulant

After running along the mountain road for about half an hour, Tang Ningshan feels that her shoulders, neck and even her waist are no longer hers. Sweat runes down from her forehead. Her clothes are wet with sweat, which makes her uncomfortable. She really wants to stop to rest, but when the thought shows up, she hears the sound from the car.

The car slowly approaches to Tang Ningshan, she sees the last person she wants to see.

Although Tang Ningshan's teeth are itched and she wants to throw the gun in her hand at him, she has no strength and has to ignore him.

Tang Ningshan's disregard doesn't bring peace.

"Yo, you can't bear it?" Shao Ruihan is watching Tang Ningshan since she began to run. He knows very well what her physical strength is like, so when she just ran for ten minute, he was ready to wait for her to give up and bring her back, and then make a good mockery of it.

Later, Shao Ruihan finds that things don't develop as he thought. During this half an hour, although she runs in a slow speed, every time the move is just like in situ, she has been moving, and never stop.

According to Shao Ruihan's understanding of her, now Tang Ningshan is not strong at all, and she probably cannot insist for few minutes, so he just drives to her side. When she falls down, he will drive her back.

" don't even have the energy to talk?"

"In fact, it's not necessary to be like this. Even if you can't pass the test, you can still live a life like past. Why bother with yourself, isn't it?" Shao Ruihan's voice is steady, driving in front of her, as if he is saying something that is really ordinary.

Tang Ningshan feels that this is to despise her, and even belittle her.

The hatred to Shao Ruihan in her heart seems to be a kind of power that could make Tang Ningshan goes forward bravely. All of a sudden, the power comes out of her body.

Now that she has the strength, Tang Ningshan wants to get rid of the man beside her. She rushes out as if she bursts out.

But Shao Ruihan is full of disapproval. Why does she still so arrogant?

As soon as Tang Ningshan thinks of the man behind her, she says "run as fast as you can, come on" to herself. Run away from this fucking man. Run as fast as she can, only that she can get away from the person behind her.

Shao Ruihan seems to find a pattern, every time when Tang Ningshan has no energy, he just drives the car slowly to her side, and says something that has no special meaning in his eyes then Tang Ningshan would suddenly accelerate.

All the way, Tang Ningshan is running slowly, and Shao Ruihan is also following her. As long as Tang Ningshan has no energy, Shao Ruihan would say something to stimulate her.

The next day at 3 o'clock in the morning, Tang Ningshan finally runes back to the camp. Seeing the dormitory, the cafeteria, she suddenly stops. She doesn't know whether she has ran enough 20 kilometers, but she still feels that since she has ran around in the mountain, it should be enough.

She takes the things off her and feels relaxed all of a sudden. Seeing the car following her, she doesn't want to stop for a more second, so she runs back to the dormitory. At this time, Tang Ningshan doesn't want to hear his sound at all.

Shao Ruihan gets off the car. Immediately, he stops Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan looks back at Shao Ruihan confusingly; she has no idea what else he wants to do.

Shao Ruihan walks ahead, followed by Tang Ningshan. Quickly, they walk into a surveillance room.

Shao Ruihan lets Tang Ningshan stand outside; he enters the surveillance room alone. The door is not closed; Tang Ningshan can clearly hear the dialogue inside.

"You guys have been watching all day?" Shao Ruihan's voice is calm.

"Yeah, we've all seen it, captain, you are a stimulant."

"Who is this beautiful girl? Captain, how could she let you to keep your eye on her?"

"Yes, tell us about it."

Several people walk up to him laughingly, and ask curiously.

"I don't think you are very busy, I don't mind giving you something to do."

"Well, captain, it's not that we are idle, it's the girl who is so strange."

Shao Ruihan frowns. Looking at Tang Ningshan's physical state on the computer, he turns his head to look at instructor Wang.

"Captain, she can't hold on for many times today, even the detector gives the alarm, but every time you spoke to her, the body suddenly returned to its best state. According to the detector, she didn't use any stimulant."