Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 31

Chapter 17: chapter 17--she is my wife

"Print the test report of her body today, and send it to me." Shao Ruihan walks out the door without answering any of their questions.

Suddenly he turns back.

"Since you have nothing to do, start from tomorrow, you guys need to do 20 kilometers weight-bearing cross-country and 200 push-ups every morning before having breakfast."

"No..." The people in the room shout. The cups in their hand drop from their hand, and their laughter suddenly frozen.

With that, he doesn't looks at the mournful people in the room.

Coming out of the surveillance room, Shao Ruihan says to Tang Ningshan "you can go to the canteen now, the food is ready, and you can help yourself."

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan silently. She still remember that Shao Ruihan ask those people to send her body test report to him.

Tang Ningshan doesn't intent to go to the canteen. She plans to go and see what her report shows. She is really afraid that someone would find the system in her body.

Soon, Tang Ningshan sees instructor Wang walking out of the surveillance room and walking in the direction of the departure of Shao Ruihan. She knows it is Shao Ruihan's office.

When she sees Wang Yu gets into the office building, Tang Ningshan follows him. Thanks to that Tang Ningshan has put down all the stuff on her body, otherwise her own surveillance can easily reveal her position.

When he gets in Shao Ruihan's office, Tang Ningshan puts her ear to the door, and hears such a conversation.

"You've been watching it all day, right? Tell me what you think. And this is another report of her." Shao Ruihan's voice rings out.

"She has a lot of potential, but I notice that she only shows her willpower when you talk to her." The voice if Wang Yu spreads to her ear.

"Isn't the report strange?" Shao Ruihan says. Then Tang Ningshan hears a surprise sound from instructor Wang.

"How could it be? When was this report made?" instructor Wang says with an incredible voice.

"The day before yesterday, she didn't get up for practice in the morning. I went back to see her and found the room was full of the smell of blood. I thought it was a terrorist attack. When I found her, there was blood all over the bed and she was sleeping."

"Strangely enough, the military doctor said that she needed to rest for a period of time, otherwise, she would be paralyzed. But this morning, she kept running without resting. And there is even no problem with her body." Shao Ruihan's words make Tang Ningshan to wonder if she really had so many loopholes. Now she just hopes they don't find any more exceptions.

"You mean she has a self-regulating way? Like bleeding?" instructor Wang's voice is even more shocked.

"No, I mean, she's got secrets. If we can find the secret..." Shao Ruihan says. Tang Ningshan feels her heart is held tightly at that moment, as if she is facing the death penalty. She is extremely nervous.

"I don't think so. I've been watched it all day. It's as if she's inspired by your words. Is she...?" Instructor Wang's voice immediately gives Tang Ningshan hope.

"Is there anything wrong with what I said today?" Shao Ruihan says doubtfully.

"...Ah, you have shielding equipment, we can only see the picture, and cannot hear the sound." Instructor Wang's words make Tang Ningshan immediately feels that she is smart. Thanks to that she didn't drink the gene water during the day time, otherwise she would expose more.

"I told her if she couldn't hold on, she could take a break and quit." Shao Ruihan's voice is calm, as if he doesn't think there is anything wrong with it at all.

"No, every time she looks at you, it's like she is going to kill you. Think it carefully. I want to know everything about it, so that I can train her well." Instructor Wang says. Tang Ningshan wonders why Shao Ruihan suddenly becomes so interested in her. She continues to listen to the door.

"She is my wife, but someone give her to me. The first day, you let her do push-ups, but she failed, then I told her that is she can't hold on, she can give up. After all, she is the tool for giving birth." Shao Ruihan says.

"...I finally know why she looks at you like that, and I asked her to do cross-country, she ran out quickly and didn't even ask me why I put a rock in her bag." Instructor Wang says. Tang Ningshan feels that Wang Yu is the only one who understands her.

"You don't need to study her. Her potential is created by you. Your words touch her heart. A woman can be strong when she is angry. But when she hates you or cannot handle you, she will run away. For example, today, she could hold on, because you are right behind her..." instructor Wang says. After making sure that the system in her body won't be discovered, Tang Ningshan leaves.