Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 310

Chapter 251: chapter 310-- cannot escape
Just as Tang Ningshan continues to browse the web, Shao Ruihan pushes the door in. He has a glass of milk in his hand and looks at Tang Ningshan quite gently. Until Tang Ningshan looks up, Shao Ruihan hasn't come over.Shao Ruihan sends the cup of milk to Tang Ningshan and says softly "Don't let yourself be too tired. Some things can't be done in one step. You need some time. Don't push yourself too tight."After Shao Ruihan finishes speaking, his hands are naturally placed on the shoulders of Tang Ningshan. He talks to her while massaging her shoulders. In the process, Tang Ningshan feels that if she has such treatment every day, she would feel very happy even if she goes to work at the company every day. After returning home, someone will cook for her, although the taste of the dish is very ordinary, that dish is for her alone. Also, someone will give her a massage and send her the milk. This scene is something that Tang Ningshan didn't dare to imagine in the past.Tang Ningshan closes her eyes and enjoys the warmth that Shao Ruihan brings to her. She feels that her heart has been melted by the gentleness of Shao Ruihan. Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan has already lived in her heart. She will never be able to erase Shao Ruihan from her heart."Well, I think you should also be relaxed. After I finish the work during this time, let's do some exercise together. We can go to the backyard training ground to do some physical training. After all, I think the enemy is coming soon. They will take action very soon, so we should increase our sense of crisis." The purpose of Tang Ningshan for saying this is to let Shao Ruihan realize that she is getting stronger step by step; her ability is not suddenly obtained. After all, a few days ago in the virtual space, she has made a qualitative change in her physical conditions. If she shows her amazing fighting power next time when they get into danger, then she will not know how to explain to Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan feels very happy after listening to her words. After all, her thoughts are consistent with his. Originally, he also planned to bring Tang Ningshan into the army to train. However, judging from her recent state, it is estimated that there is really no time for her to go to the army. After all, she said she has to stay in the position of the general manager for a month, so she will be very busy this month. Although this thing sounds weird, Shao Ruihan does not have any doubts. It can be said that Shao Ruihan is now quite obedient to Tang Ningshan. As long as Tang Ningshan does not leave him, he can do anything.Shao Ruihan immediately nods and says "Well, I will arrange some training for you according to your time. I will not have too high demands on you. As long as you can protect yourself, I will be satisfied. Although I don't know how your current ability is, I think it is necessary to know in advance. Then we will start training tomorrow. If you can get off work early, I will pick you up."Tang Ningshan nods gently. After that, she says "Could please investigate this person's information for me? I am worried that the information I collected is not complete. If possible, it is best to give me a quick reply. The main thing is to see if this person is reliable. If I recruit him into Shao's company, will there be any danger?" Tang Ningshan points to the information she has just collected on the laptop. She now wants to know this former financial staff in depth. After all, the finance department is the core department of a company, so she dare not make decisions easily."If he is reliable, what kind of position would like to offer to him?" Shao Ruihan asks.Tang Ningshan frowns, thinking for a long time before saying "I will let him be an accountant for the time being. If his performance makes me satisfied during this time, I will find a suitable time to drive Li Wei out of the company, and then let him take over Li Wei's position. I really hate Li Wei. What makes me angry most is that he actually took me as an idiot. How could he show me such ridiculous financial statements? If not because there is not one in the company I can trust, I really want to drive him out immediately." As soon as Tang Ningshan mentions Li Wei, her body begins to release angry fire, which lets Shao Ruihan laugh. Tang Ningshan looks cute when she is angry. Shao Ruihan feels that Tang Ningshan looks like a work of delicate art when she smiles. Her smile is attractive and her beauty could not be described. While the angry Tang Ningshan is the loveliest; and it is completely different from her usual state. This is why Shao Ruihan often wants to tease her.When Tang Ningshan turns back, she sees Shao Ruihan laughing. At this moment, she is even angrier. She picks up the pillow at hand and throws it directly at Shao Ruihan. However, not only Shao Ruihan does not have any reaction, but also his laughter becomes even louder.Tang Ningshan stands up with a pillow and begins to attack Shao Ruihan's head with the pillow as if Shao Ruihan is her enemy. Shao Ruihan even thinks that Tang Ningshan wants to kill him. He is like what did I do wrong again?However, Shao Ruihan knows that he should cooperate with Tang Ningshan's attack. After all, if he does not pretend to dodge, it is estimated that Tang Ningshan will have no sense of accomplishment. Thus, Shao Ruihan turns over on the bed and moves to the other side of the bed. Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows and says with a smile "I didn't allow you to run!" After she finishes her words, she directly throws the pillow in her hand at Shao Ruihan's face.This time, Shao Ruihan directly dodges the flying pillow. Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan successfully avoiding her attack and looks at Shao Ruihan with an annoyed look. After that, she finds that there is still one pillow on the bed and reaches out to grab it. At the same time, Shao Ruihan also notices the action of Tang Ningshan. Therefore, there appears a very interesting scene in the bedroom. Each of them grabs one corner of the pillow and starts to compete for the pillow. One is standing on the left side of the bed, while the other is standing on the right side. Their upper bodies are stuck on the bed. The pillow is now in the middle of the bed.Tang Ningshan pulls the corner of the pillow tightly. Shao Ruihan also does not let go of the pillow, but it seems that Shao Ruihan's strength is indeed much stronger than Tang Ningshan. However, this also makes Tang Ningshan more motivated. She kneels directly on the bed; she is closer to the pillow so that she could hug the middle part of the pillow. At this time, Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan with pride and provocation in her eyes. She is like hey, see it? I am the winner; I have held the most part of the pillow.Shao Ruihan has an evil smile on his face. He moves closer to Tang Ningshan little by little.Tang Ningshan immediately looks at Shao Ruihan with vigilance "Hey, you are not right. You can't climb into the bed. You should go down." At the same time, as she speaks, she gently pushes Shao Ruihan, hoping to get him out of bed directly. However, Tang Ningshan is afraid that she would hurt Shao Ruihan accidentally, so she does not dare to push him too hard at all. Of course, there is only one ending, and also the ending is obvious, that is, Shao Ruihan will only get closer to her."Shan, I have just been attacked by you for so long. Isn't it my turn to fight back now?" Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with a clear playfulness on his face.Tang Ningshan immediately turns her head away and does not speak. However, she still grabs the pillow tightly, and there is no intention for her to let go of the pillow.For several times, Tang Ningshan tried to grab the pillow when Shao Ruihan was not paying attention to it, but she failed. In the end, Tang Ningshan can only lower her head and says with a grievance "You bully me. Is there anything wrong for me to hit you? It doesn't hurt. How can you have the idea of counterattack? I know you don't love me." Tang Ningshan's words make Shao Ruihan panic. He didn't expect that she would be angry. He quickly lets go of the pillow and reaches to the face of Tang Ningshan. But when his hand is about to touch Tang Ningshan's face, Tang Ningshan looks up and shows a pretty bright smile. Shao Ruihan is speechless in an instant. He is like what the fuck? Oh, Jesus, Shao Ruihan you are stupid, how can you be cheated by such ridiculous acting of this girl? Anyway, now Shao Ruihan is shocked by his own stupidity. After that, he hears Tang Ningshan proudly saying "Hey, I win. Now the pillow is mine, and you can only accept punishment now."After that, Tang Ningshan raises her pillow. At the moment when the pillow falls, the control of the pillow returns to Shao Ruihan again. This time, Tang Ningshan thinks that she is going to die. When she just wants to let go of the pillow and runs away, she is directly pressed on the bed by Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan is also quite considerate. The pillow in his hand is placed under the head of Tang Ningshan. He says softly "Shan, I think the grievances between us should be settled today. You should be quite clear about what you have done to me recently, especially this morning. I think I should fight back this evening, otherwise, I am worried that if all the grudges are accumulated, you may not be able to stand it when I fight back." After listening to Shao Ruihan's words, Tang Ningshan suddenly thinks of that she kicked him in the morning. The more she thinks, the more she finds that she is going to die.Unfortunately, she is controlled by Shao Ruihan, she could not escape. She can only smile and ask "Do we have any grievances between us? Why don't I know? Can you let me get up first? Let's explain it. If you want to kill, at the very least, you should let me know how I will die."Shao Ruihan shakes his head and says "Do you think I am a fool? I let you go, and then you will run away, right? I think we can still make your question clear even if we keep this pose. What do you think?" Shao Ruihan's face is getting closer and closer to Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan knows that she could not escape this time.