Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 32

Chapter 18: chapter 18-- ambiguous movements

Tang Ningshan returns to the bedroom and looks at the few people who are sleeping in the room, and she sighs.

She walks slowly, trying not to make a sound. She fumbles in the dark to get to the position of her own bed and sits down on the bed. She did not eat anything the whole day. She is very tired and her shoulders, neck, waist are painful.

She doesn't have the strength to take off her clothes. She just wants to lie down and rest.

The next day's training comes, from morning to night. And she has never known all the course content before.

After breakfast, instructor Wang takes them to the shooting range and demands that everyone hit the target, no matter how many the score is.

It scares her who has never touched a gun, why does a girl need to touch the gun; don't you know it is illegal? Although she really want to ask instructor Wang this question, but instructor Wang's eyes are clearly telling everyone that there is no discussion.

Firstly, it's the males' turn to hit, everyone can hit the target, especially No.16, who can accurately hit the center of the target, which lets some girls adore him.

When it's her turn, she lies on the ground with the gun in her hands. No.16 on the side of her suddenly comes over to help her adjust her position, which frightens her.

"It's not like that. You can't use your chest. It's very recoiling. You should take care of yourself." No. 16 straightens her out and carefully tells her what to do and what should be paid attention to.

She looks up at the boy carefully, his face beams with sunshine smile and a warm feeling runs in from his eyes.

She gives her a sweet smile and says "thank you."

No.16 looks at her smile; he is stupefied by her beauty.

Instructor Wang looks at this scene, his eyes appears a quick flash of doubt.

"When the position is adjusted, then shoot. If someone fails to hit, practice right here." instructor Wang stands beside her, staring at her and saying savagely.

Apparently, after she fired one shot, the gun was nearly dropped by her, and the bullet goes down into the ground.

"No.38. Stay to practice. Each of the others takes two tires to the puddle."

"Yes, sir!"

Tang Ningshan sees No.16 gives her a sign before leaving, she does not understand what he means, so she can only continue practicing with the gun in hand.

"Shooting? If you come and serve me tonight, I'll teach you." Shao Ruihan shows an evil smile, his eyes glance at her body, with a grass in his mouth.

Looking at him in uniform, she feels that he is the legendary human beast.

"No, I don't need it." Tang Ningshan's expression is angry.

"Oh? Hooking up with someone so soon? Are you sure the others are better than me?" Shao Ruihan's expression had not changed at all, but he thinks to himself, who is so audacious, daring to touch his wife?

"Do you think everybody is as bad as you are? Get away from here. Don't you see I'm practicing?" Tang Ningshan's tone gets more impatient, he seriously affected her mood, and his look let her feel uncomfortable.

'Fine!' Shao Ruihan walks out slowly, asking the intercom that who she had contact with today.

Hearing the sound spreads from the intercom, he frowns.

"Tell Wang Yu to give a punishment to No.16." Shao Ruihan smiles and speaks to the person opposite. After listening to his order, the person of the other side beats a shiver, feeling that No. 16 is unlucky.

At noon, the scorching sun rises to the top of the sky, emitting its heat. In the open range, there is a figure lying on the ground.

No. 16 is holding a lunchbox in his hand, standing quietly outside the firing range, until the man on the ground moves, and he walks forward.

"Take a break and have something to eat." No.16 walks to Tang Ningshan, handing her the lunch box in his hand. He stands in the same place quietly, waiting for her to take over.

"Uh... Thank you so much." She looks at the lunchbox in No.16's hand, and though she is eager to take it, she could not lift her arms and only smiles shyly.

"I'll open it for you. Don't work so hard at the beginning. No one knows everything at the first time." No.16 opens the lunch box in her hand, and the smell of it spreads which makes her swallow the saliva.

"Why don't you put it down, I'll eat later and I need to have a rest now." But the stomach rings at this time, letting her flush.

"You'd better eat quickly. Is your hand weak? Or I'll feed you. That's how we all did when we got here at the first time." No.16 says. At the same time, he takes the spoon out from the lunchbox. He takes a spoonful of rice, and sends it to her mouth.

"... No, no, no. I'll eat later." She avoids the hand that reaches at her mouth, and she keeps shaking her head to refuse these ambiguous movements.

Seeing she refuses, no.16 decides not to feed. He sits beside her, chatting with her. He also tells her to remember the essentials tips before shooting, and do not blindly practicing.

Tang Ningshan listens to it very carefully, but soon, she has forgotten a lot of content.