Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 33

Chapter 19: chapter 19--seduce him

In the surveillance room, Shao Ruihan is already annoyed, and several people around him are enduring the suffocating murderousness that emanates from him.

Especially when No.16 is ready to feed Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan directly crushed the cup in his hand, which makes those people's heart racing.

"Hey, boss... You... You... are you okay?..." His words are tremulous and unsteady, and he even doesn't dare to look at Shao Ruihan, who is standing on the side.

"..." Shao Ruihan's dark eyes sweep the people around with anger.

All of their legs are weak when he looks at them.

"Don't tell anyone else!" Shao Ruihan goes back to the office.

Damn girl. Doesn't she know that she only belongs to him? She is still unclear about her position, it seems that he really needs to let her understand who he is.

That evening, Tang Ningshan, who has been training at the shooting range all day, is just about to go to the dining hall when she sees Lee walking toward her.

"The captain wants you to look for him in the dormitory." Lee's face is pale and his voice is stiff.

"The dormitory?" Tang Ningshan looks at him quizzically.

"The place that I led you to at the first day, and he looks a little angry!" Lee does not know how Tang Ningshan made Shao Ruihan so angry, but he could not talk too much about others' business.

Tang Ningshan saunters toward the dormitory, Along the way are all large green lawns, so that her mind is calm, no matter how Shao Ruihan is treating her, she must not show impatience, otherwise the loss is still hers.

When she reaches the door, he sees the door of the house is open. When she gets in, she hears a click behind her and the door is closed by itself.

Entering the door, she sees Shao Ruihan is sitting on the sofa lazily. Then she sees a file bag in front of him, and she can also feel the low pressure from his body.

"What can I do for you here?" Tang Ningshan controls her mood and speaks calmly.

"Sit down here. "He reaches his hand out and pats the position next to him.

"If there's anything you want to say, just say it." She stands where she was and does not approach him. She could feel that he is dangerous.

"Think it over, come yourself, or I'll invite you over." He squints, giving her a sense of being locked in by the beast.

"Well, come on, what's the matter with you?" She sits down on the sofa and tries to keep distance with the men.

But the sofa is not very long at all. He is sitting in the middle of the sofa.

"Have a look first." He picks up the file bag on the table and throws it in front of her.

She is very puzzled. Does he find out she wasn't real? Impossible, even if she and the original character are different, but it is impossible to find out so quickly.

She opens the file, there are some photos, and a boy's file. It shows the boy's experience, including what has happened from birth to the present, how many girlfriends he had, family situations and family conditions. There are pictures of the boy and the different girls kissing.

She is very puzzled, who is this person, why he wants to show her this, what does this have to do with her.

"... Hey, who's he?" She doesn't understand why he let her read this.

"Playing dumb?" His voice is deep and magnetic, and it feels like he is threatened her.

" What are you doing? If you just want to show me the experiences of this boy, then you are done, if there's nothing else, I want to go back now." she tries to calm herself, and slowly finishes saying that. She is about to leave.

She passes in front of him, but she is pulled into his arms. Her shoulder hit him so heavily that she shouts because of pain.

"Oh, you know that you can't get away and start seducing me?" The look on his face is as gloomy as ever, and she could not see what he is thinking.

She feels that as if she has offended him.

"What are you trying to do? You were showing me a man's information, and now you are thinking that I am trying to seduce you? Can you make your purpose clear?" She is so angry. What is he doing? She just takes over his wife's body, but she is not used as a toy. She is a person with bad temper.

"Let me tell you what I want. You will find out soon." He speaks softly, which makes Tang Ningshan nervous.