Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 34

Chapter 20: chapter 20-- banana


Maybe the two chapters (20,21) will make you hate the captain Shao Ruihan, bc he will punish the MC violently. If you don't want to read it, you can directly jump to chapter 22. I promise to you guys that the attitude of Shao Ruihan will get better later. All he has done is transitory.


"Well, then let me go and explain to me." Tang Ningshan struggles in him arms and wants to leave.

"No hurry. Come upstairs with me and I'll show you a video first."

Shao Ruihan pinches her wrist, dragging her to go upstairs.

He loosens his hand suddenly and she falls down directly in the middle of the room.

"Oh, it hurts, Shao Ruihan. If you're a neuropath, go to the hospital and cure. Don't be mad at me. I don't have time to play with you." The pain from her body makes her very uncomfortable and angry, but she knows that she could not beat him at all, and wishes that she could leave the room and away from the man quickly.

Bearing the pain of the body, she tries to stand up and walk towards the door, but she is stopped down.

"Do what you're told. Don't find troubles for yourself." Shao Ruihan's voice is tinged with a trace of anger, and his dark eyes seem to have flames inside.

"See, you don't know how to respect people. I am a living person, but I was thrown by you like this, I am not a doll! Do you have any respect for people?" Tang Ningshan can only try hard to suppress the anger in her heart, saying calmly.

Shao Ruihan doesn't talk to her, instead he reaches over to pull her to sit on the bed. He takes the remote control, then television soon has the picture.

It's the scene that she was talking to the No.16 at noon today.

"Why are you showing me this?" She's confused. What's going on? Is there any problem with the No.16? He is a spy?

"Why are you asking me? I just want to know how hungry you are. What kind of man do you need? But you have to remember your position, you are here to be my wife, to sleep with me, to let me trample and let me play. Understand?" Shao Ruihan's hand pinches her chin. She can clearly see that the blood vessels on the hand are all bulging, and the veins on his forehead come out.

"I'm hungry? What have I done? Why did you mean I'm hungry? Is there something wrong with you?" Tang Ningshan really feels that there is no way to discuss with such a person. She is trying to say what she wants, hoping to ease his anger.

"Then keep your eyes open and take a look at you on TV. There is a hungry and satisfied smile on your face. I want let you train to be a man. Since you like to be fed, now I will feed you!"

Shao Ruihan brings in a bag from the door and empties it all on the ground.

Bananas are scattered all over the ground, he picks up one and holds it tightly in his hand, only to see that the banana directly split open, a whole banana is pinched beyond recognition.

But when he pinches the banana, he looks at her eyes, which makes her feel that what he is pinching is not a banana but her neck.

He just throws the banana peel in his hand on the ground.

"Lick it." He puts his hand in front of her.

She turns her head to the other side without looking at his face. And she doesn't prepare to listen to him either.

"Still refuse?" There is a grim smile on his face, and a handsome face becomes a little twisted.

She looks at him in silence, trying to see what is going on.

She sees him picks up two more bananas on the ground.

He slowly peels the banana with his big hand. Two bananas quickly peeled.

With a banana in one hand, he sends it to her mouth.

"Eat!" He frowns, but his eyes are darkening.

She shakes her head firmly, and she doesn't looks at him.

He reaches out one hand and secures her head, squeezing her mouth with the other hand. Then the two bananas are thrust directly into her mouth, and he keeps pushing them in until they are all ate in the mouth, but his hands are not removed.

"Mmm-hmm," she says through her nose, her throat is jammed, tears is streaming out of her eyes and dripping into his hand

He only looks at her quietly, with a different sense in his eyes.

Taking his hand off her mouth, she rushes to the bathroom.

He quietly leans against the bathroom door and watches her vomiting in the toilet. He is even more enraged than before.