Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 35

Chapter 21: chapter 21-- the hate

"Are you sick? If you have any problem, go to the hospital quickly, you are pervert!!!" Tang Ningshan is full of anger and does not know how to express herself. She could only throw everything she could see at the door to him who is standing by the door.

The smile on Shao Ruihan's face is getting more and more obvious. She knows it means that he is annoyed, which makes her want to stay away from him in advance.

He goes into the bathroom, grabbing her by the hair, dragging her into the bedroom, and tosses her directly onto the bed heavily.

"Aah! It hurts! Shao Ruihan, you are a son of bitch, who do you think you are? Do you know, how much it hurts? What the fuck do you want?" Tang Ningshan is so angry now that he does not know how to calm down. She can only throw the pillow at him.

Shao Ruihan walks to the other side, eluding her pillow.

"I guess you still don't understand until now!" Shao Ruihan walks towards the wardrobe and takes out a tie from it.Seeing his movement, Tang Ningshan's first reaction is to run.

She totters to the door. When she is about to touch the handle Shao Ruihan suddenly appears in front of her.

She immediately takes a step back. "What do you want, Shao Ruihan?"

"What do I want? Now you don't know what I want?" Shao Ruihan is holding a green tie in his hand. He moves closer and closer to her, constantly pulling at the tie inside his hand.

"Shao Ruihan, don't come over!" Tang Ningshan's face is delicate and pale, full of tears. There are some water marks on her clothes. She backs step by step.

'Ah!' With a scream from Tang Ningshan, her body falls back. The pain does not appear, and when she slowly opens her eyes, she finds herself lying on the bed.

As Shao Ruihan approaches, she wants to scream, but her body is trembling and she could not make any sound. Looking at him, she feels that he is a dogged spirit, a murderous devil, and she even wants to beg forgiveness, but his eyes are so fearful that she could not make any sound.

He approaches her and moves quickly to tie her hands together with a tie, and successfully, he keeps her hands still. His hand feels over her body.

She tries to control her trembling body, trying to tell herself calm, trying to make her understand that no one but herself could save her.

He bends over to her, his face approaches to her neck slowly. His breath and sound are getting closer and closer to her ear, and she could feel his breath blowing around her neck.

The look that she gives him is hardened. She lifts her knee, and her leg kicks heavily between his legs. Instead of letting her go as she expected, he is treating her even more brutal.

"Want to play? I'll help you!"

As soon as his hands are in her collar, he hears a click. His hands gradually loosen, and the upper part of her clothes is torn apart, leaving only a waistcoat.

"You sick bastard! What do you want? No, you can't do this to me." What she said doesn't make any difference.

His hand comes to her waist, and his hand was rubbing against her skin.

She shakes her head. "Don't! You can't do this to me! You can't do this to me!"

His hands are moving up to the exposed skin. It makes her feel humiliated and disgusted. The distance between them is getting closer and closer, and his hand reaches inside her waistcoat successfully.

She has to struggle under his body and feel the pain coming from her chest.

She's scared!

"See, what I said, you is only worthy of such treatment."

His voice is very soft and light, as if he is saying something ordinary.

He looks down at her trousers, a seductive smile appears on his face.

Soon, she is stripped of all her underwear.

The exposed skin makes her feel cold instantly.

"Now, do you know who your body belongs to? You know why I showed you the file? You know what you need to do?"

He stands by the bed, condescendingly looking at her on the bed, her face covers with tears, and her body keeps shaking. And he might even go on if her eyes are not so cold and desperate.

"You need to find your place. Know what you're really doing here by yourself. You need to remember who you are. There are a lot of things people like you couldn't do." The words of Shao Ruihan make her disappointed she begins to laugh.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha. Do you think I should beg you? Do you think I'm supposed to be crushed by you? Do you think that I'm supposed to just be under your feet and beg for your love? Who are you. How could you treat a woman like this. You're nothing at all. What you only know is to insult. You just have higher position, possess more power and have more money than others. Besides these, you have nothing, no family, no lover, you are nothing. I curse for that you will never loved by others in the rest of your life. Just go to hell!" Her laughter is getting louder and louder, and it is even growling.

The smile on her face makes her more beautiful, but her husky voice makes her looks even more frightening.

"Are you talking to me? When you're standing at the same level as me, you're able to talk to me about your tirade. Family, lover, Do you have? Don't forget why you're here. Kiss my ass? Don't you always beg? Don't you wish to be sheltered?" The cool voice of Shao Ruihan echoes in her ears, in her mind, in her heart.

Yes, at the beginning she hoped that he can give her certain protection, hoping to continue to live a life like past, or to maintain the attitude of life like before, but now, she does not want to have any relations with the men beside her.

She even wishes that if possible, she hopes that the man can disappear in her world.

Shao Ruihan looks at her coldly on the bed. His face even looks disgusted, and his eyes are sarcastic.

"If you can't stand it, get out now. No one's ever asked you to be here. If you stay here, you need to obey the rule here, and also my rules!" His voice is so cold that every word could freeze her heart.

"If you are going, leave now. I don't want to see the same scene tomorrow. If you can't control yourself and keeps trying to seduce a man, I've got a better place to send you." He looks at her, and turns away.

Soon she hears a noise coming from the door downstairs.

She knows he's gone. She lies on the bad, staring at the light on the ceiling. What happened today was something she had never imagined.

All the touch, all the insults, she had never imagined. Even now, she's still naked on the bed. She hopes that one day the same thing would happen to Shao Ruihan. She wants to let him know what she was feeling. She is fear and panic now. She hates him more.

Even if they are tied together, even if she needs training to get an equal chance to talk with him, it doesn't mean she has to pay her dignity, her body.

And today's everything completely let her understand that he is a possessive man. Even if their marriage is not real at all, it is just a deal, she is still not allowed to get close to other men. Even if she can't pass the test, she will even be thrown away, he still think she should belong to him.

Now she knows exactly everything that happened today is due to the possessiveness of the men and his desire.

She let his belonging be violated, and though nothing happened at all, she did not even touch the hands of the others.

"Oh, don't you want to change? Tang Ningshan." The murmuring whisper comes from her mouth, and the hatred in her eyes increases. Yeah, don't want to change?

She's supposed to change. Life is like that. If you can't fight it, you have to accept all of it, if you can't accept being bullied, insulted, or even abused, then change is needed. She need to get stronger, otherwise, there will never be dignity or freedom.

At this moment her eyes are full of firmness, and the hatred of her heart covers her whole body.

"System, I need to practice!"

"Are you okay, Master?" The sound of the system is so weak that even a tiny tremor could be heard if you listens it carefully.

"Oh, only when I effort to become strong, can I not be controlled by people! I want things to be changed from today, and you're going to help me. I'm going to learn all the things a soldier can do, whether it's shooting or something else. You set the mission for me."

"Very well, master, shall we begin today?"


The sound of the system vanishes from her mind. She tries to sit up and gnaws at the tie on her wrist with her teeth. She doesn't shed a single tear even though she bits the skin on her wrist. Tears are usually the expression of the weak, and she does not consider herself as weak, and that night is the beginning of her bloom.

She begins to receive the task in the virtual space, constantly training. She is full of hatred, so that she does not know what the flinch is.

She works hard to pass all of the training programs perfectly, trying to meet the highest standards required by the system.

"Master, today's work is all done. You'd better take a shower after then. Today's prize is the memory potion."

She takes the memory potion and drinks it.

"I got go."