Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 36

Chapter 22: chapter 22-- the cliff

Day by day, every day there will be a new training program. More than 10 days, Tang Ningshan has not received a point, and even do not know how many negative points she has.

But she persists every day. In the eyes of the other students, she could do nothing. She can only hold back, even some cadets satirize her, laugh at her and scold her behind her back. She can tolerate everything, just for one day that she can overcome that arrogant man.

She does training with other people during the day time, and practice tasks in the evening in virtual space. Thanks to her system, which gave her a variety of physical potions and nutritional supplements every time she was exhausted.

If not, she, like the original owner, would have died under such torture.

And the man she hates, these days, does not appear in front of her.

No.16 is gone, too.

Some students said that No.16 went to participate in the special training, if pass, he can enter the Special Forces, if not, he will return to the original troops.

But she knows that No.16 completely loses the opportunity of training here.

The mockery and abuse of the day will become the power in the virtual space at night.

Do the training again and again, she never gives up.

Inside, she has experienced the cruelest slaughter, the cruelest battleground she had ever experienced.

Every night is a gradual metamorphosis.

10 days later, as the system said, now her body is completely different from before.

On their 20th day here, they have their first field training.

At five o'clock in the morning, the rally whistle rings, and after a great uproar, all are quickly assembled at the gathering place.

Instructor Wang with a stiffened face looks at people coming out of the tent.

In three minutes, all the people arrive at the place.

Seeing his face getting better, all the cadets get relaxed.

"Today, we will do field survival training, eight people in a team, I'll give you three days of food and water each. See that mountain across the way?" Instructor Wang points to a faraway hilltop and says. Tang Ningshan does not know exactly where he is pointing.

"There are some military supplies on the top of that mountain. Your job is to go to the top and get it back. One for each team! Do you understand me?"

'Got it!'

"Now every team leader, you can come to me to get a map. You decide your own route, everything is up to you!"Instructor Wang looks at the several teams that were automatically divided.

But Tang Ningshan is standing alone, and he is so frustrated. What about this one.

When Tang Ningshan finds that she has no one around her, she knows that herself is a team. In fact, that if you work alone, you cannot care about others, but it will also become troublesome if something needs teamwork. No one is willing to in the same team with her, she won't force others to come to her team either.

Tang Ningshan's face is impassive and she stands straightly.



"Please give me a map, too!"

Instructor Wang sweeps the eyes of others, and all eyes turns away.

"Please give me the map!"

Just as instructor Wang tries to force her into a team, he hears Shao Ruihan's voice inside the headset.

"Give her a map and I'd like to see what she is going to do!"

Instructor Wang can only take a map out of his pocket to her.

"Everyone should be familiar with the map. I'll give you one minute to find your route and then you can go!" Instructor Wang says. Several teams have already begun to study what route to take.

Tang Ningshan feels that she only needs to know the location of the top of the mountain and her current location. She glances at the map, directly puts the map away. She has remembered the entire thing she needs to remember

She is the first one to leave the rally point.

There are some weeds along the path. The road is not very difficult to walk, maybe because of the rain, the soil is very soft. These days she has adapted to every kinds of environment, so it seems not to be a hard mission.

She calculates her limits, how much she could eat at a time, and what to do if the food runs out.

The air in the woods are fresh, and she feels that life in there is much happier than with Shao Ruihan.

As she walks down the winding path, she feels that her present position might be slightly different from the one which she is going. According to the map, if she goes straight, she would see a water source by now, but now she is in her place and sees nothing but denser trees.

She decides to adjust her direction and she could only take a compass out of the backpack behind her. Although she couldn't see it clearly, it is better than do nothing. She couldn't understand but maybe the system could.

"For system tasks, please learn to use the compass, and the task reward is random. "

"Shit, that's going to be a tough job. How could I learn."

"It's a good thing that she's got such a good memory now, or else she'll die in the mountain."

She has stood on the spot to study for a long time. Firstly, she looks at the position of the sun, then at the position of the tree, looking at the reflection of the tree, finally find out, but it has been more than an hour of time.

"Mission accomplished. Gain strength fortify potion."

" Hei, system, why did I never see this reward before? "

"Because you've never done this mission before. You only picked a simple task to do."

"All right, from now on, if I don't need you, I want you to try to keep quiet!" Tang Ningshan says to the system. She doesn't take the reward out now, not because she knows she's being watched, but because she's been thinking that the mission rewards system gives need to be used in virtual space!

Several people who are watching her all the time in the surveillance room are stunned when she pulls out her compass.

After all, she is a person who has never had any contact with such things. There is no one helps her at the side, and they have never seen her take out her map. When she takes the compass out of her backpack, several people thinks, "Is she really that smart?"

She takes out her compass and turns it round and round. Then she shakes it, and probably takes two steps. She thinks there is something wrong, so she goes back to her place, and then she just stands there, staring at the compass, and then her face gets worse and worse. Finally she puts the compass back in her bag.

This surprised several people, for she has taken the nearest route, but also the most difficult one, but in the right direction.

Soon she has reached the most difficult place on the road, a crag, and it has about the height of a multi-story building.

Standing under the cliff, she looks at the high cliff and just wants to make a detour.

But right now, the system runs out and gives her a mission to climb.

Climbing bare-handed, and it is so high, and she has even no protection. Does the system want to kill her?

Without thinking about it, she unconsciously refused.

"What do you want, system?!!" She looks so ghastly.

"Please complete the task, then you will get random reward!" The system repeats mechanically.

But she can only pray silently in the heart, praying that she can climb over smoothly.

And in the surveillance room, Shao Ruihan, who is watching her, feels that she is too arrogant and desperate.

Is that what she can do? But he can't stop her.

Once a training mission starts, no one can stop it unless the players themselves request it.

He just calls the medical team to stand by in case she gets hurt.

She moves up slowly, and at the beginning, she seems to be at ease, but the more she goes up, the more she feels powerless. And she even does not dare to look down, her position now is about five or six layers of high. She does not have any retreat. It is impossible to go back, unless she jumps from the hill.

So she tries to keep her slightly shaking arm under control, and each time she makes sure she is at a safe position before she makes her new step.

But this causes a severe loss of physical strength, and her sweat has begun to slide down her cheeks. When she feels she would not hold out, she suddenly remembers that night.

The hatred burst forth.

"Shao Ruihan, you are a bastard, Shao Ruihan, you are a pervert, I will revenge!" she scolds, as if

Shao Ruihan is standing on the cliff, she can just climb up and throw him down.

Several people in the surveillance room are laughing, fearless Wang Yu even runs to Shao Ruihan's side, hitting the arm of Shao Ruihan.

"I said you're a stimulant, even more effective than a stimulant. What did you do to her? Every time she thinks of you, she'll explode her potential. If she does pass the test, I'd like to keep her here. There aren't many of these potential people now." Wang Yu says laughingly.