Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 37

Chapter 23: chapter 23-- the top of the mountain

A few people in the room hold back their smiles. It seems not appropriate to make fun of the captain.

"Since you're so keen on making fun of me, I'll find you a better place to go and you'll be satisfied." Shao Ruihan's face is calm, and his voice is mild, but Wang Yu feels a little chill from the bottom of his heart.

Shao Ruihan takes a file bag from the top of the table and puts it on his chest, "Go to deal with this matter, I do not want anyone to appear in front of me to ask about this matter, if anyone comes to me, say that I am out for mission!"

Wang Yu, who is reading the document, turns his face into somber.

"Captain, can you change someone else? I really can't, ah, let others do it! "Shao Ruihan doesn't look at Wang Yu, who has a grudge on his face.

His eyes are still on the person in the screen. Shao Ruihan thinks she is perseverant; although he does not agree with Wang Yu's words, but her motivation does come from him, which let him feel that this is a matter of course.

Several times she has shown signs of giving up, and then she tries to keep going up. Watching her climb to the top, all the people in the room are sweating for her, hoping that she would hold on.

After all, there would not be a chance of survival if she really falls down.

Tang Ningshan's firm eyes looks at the cliff top and keeps telling herself in her heart that she could kick Shao Ruihan down when she reaches the top.

Finally, she slowly goes up.

Everyone in the security room is relieved, especially Wang Yu. Other people don't know her training grades, but he knows. It is still a negative number even is all the training grades are added up together, he is very worried about her, after all, she doesn't even have a teammate.

At last, she heaves a sigh of relief as she reaches the precipice!

"Finally!" Tang Ningshan lies directly on the ground.

After a short rest, she picks up a big rock and throws it down, muttering something in her mouth,

"Damn you, Shao Ruihan, I'll throw you down."

Immediately, her words allow the people in surveillance room laugh.

And Shao Ruihan glares at the woman on the screen annoyingly; all the people around him can feel the low pressure from him. They all get out of the room silently to avoid his anger.

Shao Ruihan thinks that he can't let her go such easily!

Tang Ningshan is now standing on the cliff, looking at the lush forest beneath her feet, even feeling that this kind of life is good. As long as she does not see Shao Ruihan, she feels that even if she lives in the army in the future, also is a good thing.

Every time she thinks of Shao Ruihan, The little universe in her heart would explode because of anger, and she would like to try to overtake him, trampling him under her feet and letting him experience the feeling of disrespect.

She continues to walks towards the top of the mountain. After all, the water and food are not enough, and it took a long time to get the destination. She bumps along the way to the most dangerous part of the mountain, the marsh.

And on the edge of the marsh, she sees two people, No.28 and No.30.

Tang Ningshan goes over with a puzzled expression.

"What are you doing here?" She looks around and asks, "Where are your team-mates? How come there are just two of you?"

No.30 looks very helpless, so she tells Tang Ningshan why they are here.

"And you're still here because of your sprained ankle?" Tang Ningshan feels very doubtful. Aren't the troops are united? Is a team allowed to give up any teammate? why they leave them here...

"Um..." The face of No.28 gets red. She is a bit embarrassed.

"Did your team leader leave you two behind? Did they say that when they arrive, then they will come back for you?" Tang Ningshan looks at the stuff around them. There is only a kettle.

No.30 shakes her head and does not say anything.

"Do you have enough food to eat?" Tang Ningshan only chooses the most important thing to ask.

Both of them lower their head at the same time.

Tang Ningshan sighs.

"If you're waiting for your teammate to come back, I suggest you stay away from the marsh. If they don't come back for you, let's go together. The place is so humid and not suitable for a long stay. Of course, if you don't want to come with me, I won't force you, I have food with me, and I'll leave it to you both, but I advise you not to stay in this place all the time. It's not a rainforest, but it's also infested with wild animals."

Then she leaves her things with them, and walks towards the marsh.

In fact, No.28 exactly wants to be with Tang Ningshan, but the No.30 has been dragging her. She cannot move, but No.30 is always staying here with her after all, she must respect No.30's wish.

Soon Tang Ningshan passes through the marsh. Gradually her figure disappears into the eyes of those two people.

Because she knows the exact location of the top of the hill, and she could easily tell where she is, soon she reaches the top of the hill and finds the so-called military supply, which is in fact a large rucksack full of stones. It is heavy, in her estimation, which weighs a hundred pounds.

But there is nothing she could do; she has to carry everything on her own. She decides to go back the same way and sees if No.28 and No.30 have been picked up.

And Shao Ruihan in the surveillance room is looking at her. Actually this task is the team cooperation. Going up the mountain is easier than going down the mountain. She gave all the food to the others.

For some reasons, Shao Ruihan suddenly wishes that she could stop. After all, she has been training for only a short time, there is no need to work so hard, the initial climbing is already exhausting. In the situation of lack of supplies, downhill is a very difficult thing.

Tang Ningshan backs these things, slowly moves, only hoping that she will not fall down. After all, the thing on her body is too heavy, if she falls down, it will be much more difficult for her to stand up.

On the way back, she see No.28 and her teammates. A group of them gathers around each other as if they are arguing about something.

At first she doesn't want to go, but their quarrelling voices are too loud.

"Why are you still here?" Tang Ningshan slowly walks over. She asks, "It's none of your business."

No.32 gives her a sarcastic look and her hand is still waving to inform her to leave.

Tang Ningshan doesn't care. She walks to No. 28 and squats down to ask her.

"How are your feet?"

"Well, I can't move. They just came back to see if my feet get better."

"Let me see. If it's not serious, it can be moved. Let them hold you. That's fine."

No.28 nods, after all, she wishes that she could go on with the task herself.

She is just about to touch No. 28's ankle, when No. 32 pushes her away.

She almost has pushed Tang Ningshan on No.28's body.

"What are you doing?" Tang Ningshan looks angry.

"What am I doing? She's in my team. It's none of your business." No.32 is impatient.

"Do you think that I want to involve in this? Do you know if there's something wrong with her feet; it is only going to get worse in such a damp environment. And you're still keeping her here. Who is going to be responsible for that if there's something really wrong with her foot?" Tang Ningshan's voice gets louder and louder, and her face becomes more and more serious. She does not understand what she did to No.32; she always keeps treating her like.

"It's none of your business even if I keep her here. It's funny that you come here to hold us back instead of finishing your own mission." No. 32's face is a little pale, after hearing Tang Ningshan's words.

"No.28, will you quit or not? If you don't quit, you're on your own. We don't want to finish the mission with someone who can only hold us back like you." No. 32 walks to the side of no. 28, looking down at her, and says scornfully.

No.28 endures the pain, and wants to stand up. She has tried several times, but she does not succeed.

"You can go now, and if I can move, I'll come to you." No.28's face is lonesome, but she still says what No.32 want to hear.

No.32 gets what she wants, so she asks her teammates to go, leaving No.28 sitting on the ground.

No.28 always thinks she's in the team all the time. Even in her former training team, everyone loves each other and helps each other. The army is a big family, and today, because of her feet, her teammates abandon. She feels so sad.

But she doesn't blame them. After all, it's her fault that she can't move. It's not anyone else's problem.

Looking at Tang Ningshan, she feels she is so lucky. There is still person accompanying her.

Tang Ningshan reaches out her hand and touches No. 28's foot. She confirms that it is just sprained. There are no bones damaged.

"Now, what do you want to do? Do you want to wait for them here, or do you want to team up with me?" Tang Ningshan asks faintly, she just thinks that No.28 is a nice person.

"I'll wait for them here. If I'm with you, I'll drag you down. You've already packed too much stuff. If I team up with you, it will be more difficult for you to finish the mission." No.28's words let Tang Ningshan feels that she has no alternatives.