Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 38

Chapter 24: chapter 24-- partner

"I said, do you want to stay here, or do you want to come down with me? Is that such a difficult question?" I don't think you will hold me back. I don't have any team members, if you want to be with me, it may be easier for me to finfish the mission!" Tang Ningshan says to No.28 patiently.

"Do you really think that I won't slow you down?" asks No.28, cautiously.

"If you go on like this, you might really drag me down. All you have to do now is give me a clear answer. Being with me or stay here alone, there are only two options." Tang Ningshan is about to yell.

"Well, I will be with you, if you think I'm a trouble, you can just find a place to put me down."

No.28 looks at Tang Ningshan, finally she makes a decision.

"Well, I'll help you stand up now, and we'll go down the hill." Tang Ningshan stretches out her hand to help her, but she is anxious.

"Why do we get down? I don't want out of training."

"Nobody asked you to quit. I've already been to the top of the hill, and I've taken everything. Now the job is to go back down the hill and bring it back, okay?" Tang Ningshan really does not want to talk with her now.

"What!!!" No.28's face is uncanny. She yells it out.

"Keep your voice down. Don't get excited. Take care of your feet." Tang Ningshan's face is calm.

She lifts her up, putting her arm around her neck, and holds her like this.

"Sorry... You've already arrived at the top? And you've took everything, too? Where are those things?" No.28 looks shocked. She is staring at Tang Ningshan.

'Hmm.' Tang Ningshan gently points to the big rucksack behind her.

"... You carry so many things on your back, and now you are supporting me. Can you bear it? You can put me down!" No.28 says. She looks at Tang Ningshan and finds that she has a very big rucksack on her back. From her side, it is clear that it is full. She feels very sorry for her.

"If you don't want to slow me down, you just stay quietly. Don't you know that every time I talk to you, it will cost much energy of me?" Tang Ningshan has already treated her as a child, only hoping that she can ask fewer questions. If she keeps talking like this, she will not be able to move on.

Tang Ningshan feels that the quiet world is so beautiful.

The two girls walk slowly and support each other, and soon they have left the marshes. The sky is very dark now.

Under this circumstance, it's not suitable for them to walk in the mountain in the dark.

Tang Ningshan decides to find a place to rest.

She puts No.28 down under a tree. There are a few big rocks under it, which can keep out the wind. And Tang Ningshan puts No.28 between the stones and tells her to rest.

No matter what she says, No.28 seems to know that nothing will change Tang Ningshan's decision. What she can do is to listen to Tang Ningshan carefully.

At night, Tang Ningshan leans against a rock, closing her eyes and asking the system to keep an eye on No.28. If anything happens, call her immediately. It's the first time she has had a good rest in so many days.

In the office of Shao Ruihan, he and Wang Yu are formally discussing Tang Ningshan's problem.

"I'm very positive about her and I hope she can join us in the future. Her adaptability and learning ability are very strong and he is worth of training." Wang Yu's expression is solemn. The tone is serious, and he hopes Shao Ruihan can give him a satisfactory answer.

"Not yet. She's not allowed to do this, you know my family, and if she join us, her situation will get dangerous unless I protect her. But how many people do you think that want me to die soon. How can I protect her?" Shao Ruihan speaks slowly; his face doesn't have any expression.

"Does that mean we can do this later? I really think she's worth training, and I'm sure you feel the same way, but do you really want her to keep hating you this way? Your relationship... If it keeps going on like this, what happens after that?" Wang Yu's face hangs with a smile.

"After that, if she doesn't pass the Shaw test, you'll take her away and save me the trouble. If she passes, it's hard to say what happens next." Shao Ruihan looks at Wang Yu; he only wants to let his idea be destroyed.

"I hope she doesn't pass, so I can get a good apprentice. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Then you stay by yourself. I'll observe my future apprentice." Wang Yu laughs and goes out without looking at Shao Ruihan's face.

Shao Ruihan watches the closed door quietly, hearing his laughter. He makes a decision that he should still find Wang Yu some more things, so that he has no time to think of other things.

After this conversation, Shao Ruihan begins to change her attitude to Tang Ningshan; he used to treat her as a plaything. According to the information that he investigated, Tang Ningshan was brought to her by others with certain purpose. So he didn't think that she was worth of treating normally.

During these times of training, his perception of her has changed a great deal. He finds out that she is completely a different person. But he even doubts her story in the past. He wonders when she has been switched, but what makes him wonder is how she was switched.

He doesn't want to know why she has changed. She is his personal property, As long as she gives him obediently, he will give her what she deserves.

The night passes quickly.

Tang Ningshan opens her eyes. She has nothing to eat. She could only find it herself, but she could not dare to put No.28 here. So she leaves her gun with her, and tells her to shoot if she meets any wild animals.

Tang Ningshan doesn't know if she is lucky, or if someone planned it. She has only gone a short distance when she finds a trap in the ground, in which there are two pheasants, the feet of which are caught in the trap, and could not move.

Seeing this, Tang Ningshan is excited.

She remembers there is a place around here where there is water. She is going to clean the chicken here.

Soon, she arrives at the place; she quickly washes the chickens, and covers the chicken with mud.

Making sure there was nothing missing, she returns with two large balls of mud.

Tang Ningshan thanks the system to tell her how to know the direction, otherwise she can't walk back to find No.28 now.

No.28 sees Tang Ningshan goes back, taking two mud balls. Although she wants to ask why she takes the mud back, she just watches with curiosity.

Tang Ningshan walks to No. 28 and dugs two not very deep holes. She puts the ball in and buries it. Then she Takes out the fire and simply lights the wood and puts the wood into the hole. Luckily, the soil is not wet, or she really can't do it.

Soon there was a smell coming from the hole. No.28 smells it, and the stomach begins to purr.

Tang Ningshan looks up at her and sees her face flushes and she is avoiding her eyes.

"Haha, you are hungry. Don't worry. You'll be able to eat in a minute. How's your foot feeling?" Tang Ningshan smiles and asks.

"I think there's nothing wrong with it. It doesn't hurt that much." Says No.28. She actually stands up, and also moves her feet.

"Oh, the pain has gone!" No.28 leaps to his feet and shouts.

"Now, be careful. Don't make this happen again." Tang Ningshan's words are platitudes, but in his eyes there is a gentle smile.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, I promise I'll be careful, but I'm so hungry now." No.28 pathetically stands aside.

"After a while, you'll be able to eat." Tang Ningshan looks helpless.

Soon, Tang Ningshan dugs two chickens up, and knock twice on the stones. The dirt is pulled away and she hands to No.28.

They eat the chicken quietly, and if they are not all in a mess and dress in camouflage, others might think they are doing picnic.

When she finishes eating, Tang Ningshan gets up and puts the two parcels on her back.

"Hey, wait for me..." No.28 is shouting behind Tang Ningshan.

"Hurry up, let's down the hill. Are you going to spend the night in the hill?" Tang Ningshan says faintly, but she hangs a smile on her face.