Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 39

Chapter 25: chapter 25-- bear all the consequences

Soon, the two girls have passed through the trees, and they come to the top of the cliff. They find a big thick tree and take all the strings out of the parcel.

They have no choice but to choose the fastest way to save time. The most important thing is that they don't have enough food. It's the only way to go.

Tang Ningshan secures the rope, and ties the pack to the rope, letting it down first. Then she tests the load bearing of the rope.

Then she puts No.28 down, telling her to take care her feet.

She's just putting down the rope slowly and carefully.

"No.38, you're really nice. They said you're an encumbrance, but I think they are totally wrong!" The adoration makes Tang Ningshan happy.

If she has any choices, she won't choose to come here, but no one gives her a choice! She has to make an effort to create an opportunity for herself. Thinking of her current situation, she couldn't help thinking of Shao Ruihan. She wouldn't be here right now if Shao Ruihan didn't come into her world. She could has lived a comfortable life and stayed at home every day, eating, drinking, playing with the system. But her happiness is all ruined by Shao Ruihan, and she swears she'll revenge Shao Ruihan one day.

At midnight, the two of them finally returns to the camp.

"Whew! Finally!" No.28 sighs.

Entering the camp, they see instructor Wang is standing there straightly, so that they have to walks to him quickly even if they really want to have a rest.

"Sir, mission accomplished." The two girls stand at the left side of instructor Wang and say.

"Put the things down and I'll check it." Instructor Wang begins to help Tang Ningshan take off her backpack.

Instructor Wang pats on the back of the bag, asking a few people around to take out all the things inside out to check if they are damaged.

"No.28, why did you come back with the No.38?" instructor Wang's voice is so serious that she nearly falls down because of fear.



"Here's the thing,..." No.28 says without mentioning her former teammate and No.32. She only said that she had sprained her ankle on the way and met Tang Ningshan.

"No.38, is what No.28 said true?" instructor Wang's voice is confused, but he thinks that No.28 is a nice person.

"Yes, I found her halfway." Tang Ningshan's voice is not loud, even is faint.

"Fine, go back and have a rest." instructor Wang waves his hand to show that they could leave.

After they have gone quite a distance, Wang Yu's voice spreads from behind "No.28, you need to go to the infirmary to examine your feet."

After two people leaves, Wang Yu looks happy and whistles back to the office.

Shao Ruihan in the office is talking to Lee about something.

"Well, what are you talking about here, tell me, I will give you advice." Wang Yu's tone is pleasant, and Shao Ruihan could easily guess what happened.

"She's back?" The look on Shao Ruihan's face has not changed much, either because of the army or because it is a habit that has been developed for a long time.

"Yes, she's the first one to come back with No.28. I must say she's a real diamond. She'll be able to take my place in the future, if she's carefully sculpted." Wang Yu sighs. He then picks up the cup on Shao Ruihan's table and directly drinks.

"Who is it?" Lee asks. These days he has been asked to do a mission out by Shao Ruihan, so he does not know what happened.

"Guess." Wang Yu smirks. "I'll tell you one funny thing if you can guess it... Hey, hey, hey..." Wang Yu gets closer to Lee, whispering to him.

"Well, I'll find out sooner or later. Don't tell me. I know you're trying to cheat me." Lee says carelessly.

"Well, you're smart enough now, Ruihan has taught you well." Wang Yu is eager to let him guess. But Shao Ruihan is here, it's not easy for him to bully Lee.

"Come on, tell me what you're doing here and get the hell out of here." Shao Ruihan looks at Wang Yu and says impatiently. At this time, seeing Wang Yu is laughing, he only wants to beat his head.

"Last night, No.28 was left behind by her teammates and came back with her today." Wang Yu says seriously.

In fact, if they are not in a military region, maybe this is not a serious problem, but there is different, to abandon a teammate is to give up them. In their eyes, even if your teammate dies, you can't give up on him if possible. Even if it's not possible, you should put him away until you're safe and come back for him.

"Her team just left her alone?" Shao Ruihan says.

"Yes, she was left alone and there were no supplies for her." Wang Yu's body is somewhat stiff, he is frightened by Shao Ruihan's expression.

"Well, let them all leave. It's a small thing. You can deal with it all yourself." Shao Ruihan frowns and looks at Wang Yu.

"It's troublesome that there is a person, who has some connection with you." Wang Yu says.

"With me?" Shao Ruihan rubs his forehead and asks him to continue.

"She was brought in by your grandfather." Wang Yu watches his face and speaks warily.

"... Give her information to me, all the people in that team must get away. You should know what kinds of people are able to stay here." Shao Ruihan says. And let these two people in his office to go out.

The next morning, every team has returned.

The rocks in rucksack were scattered over everyone, and some were missing a few bars. The people who carried less stones, of course, will be out, including No.32.

Wang Yu stands at the camp and watches the last group of people coming back. He begins to understand why they would do something to abandon a teammate.

The thing on the back of No.32 are all her own. Only one person in their team whose face is pale is carrying the rocks.

Wang Yu motions to the people around to help the person put down his stuff and ask them to take him to the infirmary for examination.

No.32 is still cocky.

"You're all out!"

The words of Wang Yu make several people confused, especially No.32.

"Why should we out? We've done the job. Why should we be eliminated?" No.32 shouts.

"Because you abandoned your teammates, if it was on the battlefield, you would have given up your teammates' lives, and we don' t allow people like you here to train."

"How did we abandon our teammate? She said she was willing to stay." No.32 keeps shouting.

Wang Yu thinks his head is about to explode, and he wants to tear off the woman opposite, but he couldn't.

"If you have any questions, you can go back to the original unit and talk to your superiors. Now please pack up your things and leave immediately!" Wang Yu says calmly, ignoring the shouting No.32.

"I don't care. I'm not going anywhere. None of you have the right to let me go unless Shao Ruihan comes and talks to me." No.32 sits on the ground, glaring at Wang Yu.

"You must go, or we'll have to send you away."

"If you don't care, you can send me away, and I'll give you a hard time!"

During their quarrel, Shao Ruihan comes. And he looks at No.32, who is lying on the ground. All he feels is that his grandfather is finding troubles for him.

"I'm here. Say what you want t, and leave." Shao Ruihan stands here, holding a file bag in his hand. His face is impatient.

Tang Ningshan, who just finished her breakfast, comes out of the dining hall with No.28 and sees this interesting scene in the middle of the camp.

She feels very speechless, but No.28 is very interested in this, pulling her wrist and is ready to go close to watch.

After all, there are no students dare to say such impolite words to instructor.

She and No.28 are watching sneakily. She sees that No.32 is sitting on the ground, suddenly she stands up and runs towards Shao Ruihan. As she is about to come into his arms, Shao Ruihan walks away directly. No.32 falls straight to the ground, and the bystanders roar with laughter. No.32 face blushes, but no one knows whether she is angry or shy.

No.32 has nothing to do, but lying on the ground and crying loudly.

"I don't care. You can't let me go. I'm here because of you. If you want me to go, I have to get the answers I want, otherwise I won't leave." No.32 is crying on the ground. And there are more and more people watching. After all, it's about Shao Ruihan.

"If you don't want to go, I can have someone ask you to leave." He doesn't want his own business be watched by others. So he is quite annoyed by such a thing now. Especially, a girl is watching this under a tree sneakily, which makes him angrier.

"The rest of you send her away as soon as she's ready." Shao Ruihan turns to give orders to some soldiers who are close to him.