Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 40

Chapter 26: chapter 26-- I am your fiancee

"Shao Ruihan, I'm your fiance! You can't do this to me." No.32's words stun everyone there, including Shao Ruihan.

Seeing the reactions of all people around, No.32 runs to Shao Ruihan, who is stunned, and reaches out to take his arm.

When Shao Ruihan backs to his sense, he directly throws away her hand.

"You know? Shao Ruihan, your grandfather sent me here to take care of your life. He said even if I fail to pass the exam, I'll also marry you and stay with you here." At this moment, the face of No.32 looks extremely proud.

Shao Ruihan's face is livid, but after a while, his face is covered with an evil smile and a strange charm.

"You said my grandfather promised you that you would marry me even if you don't pass the exam?" Shao Ruihan's eyes are cold. If you keep staring at his eyes, it will even make you feel cold and frightened.

No.32 stands still and nods her head. "That's what your grandfather promised me." Then she says shyly.

"Do you know the laws of China? Do you know bigamy? Do you know what a crime is to break a military marriage?" Shao Ruihan's eyes become colder and colder. Everyone who knows him well knows that he is about to get angry.

No.32 nods.

"Good. Now that you know it, you have said that my grandfather promised you to marry me? Do you think that my grandfather doesn't know the law, or you don't know it yourself, can I think it that you're flouting the law?"

The words of Shao Ruihan confuses No.32. She understands every word he said, but when put it all together, she cannot understand.

It is Commander Shaw who sent her here. How can it be illegal now?

No.32 looks blankly at Shao Ruihan.

"I've been married for over a month, and my wife is here, so if you're going to get involved, I'll see you in court." Shao Ruihan says angrily.

"How could you? Your grandfather told me you'd marry me one day. Don't lie to me." No.32 listened to Shao Ruihan's words, the tears cannot stop to flow. She looks so poor.

"Who are you? Why could I lie to you? You're too proud of yourself." Shao Ruihan says and looks to Tang Ningshan who is trying to sneak away.

"Ningshan, come here." Shao Ruihan waves to Tang Ningshan with a spoilt smile on his face.

Tang Ningshan notices the threat in his eyes, knowing that she cannot run away. She can only walk slowly to him with annoying expression.

"This is my lawfully wedded wife. I only have my wife in my heart." Shao Ruihan gently touches Tang Ningshan's head. His arm directly rounds her waist, but what in exchange is her constant struggle.

In the heart would of Tang Ningshan, she is going to tear Shao Ruihan into pieces at this moment. She knows that she won't get rid of No.32 as long as she involves in this thing.

The more she thinks about it, the more she tries to keep her distance from him. But the coldness in his eyes makes her tremble, remembering that night. She turns her face away.

Shao Ruihan does not notice the face of the person in his arms is pale, but he feels her body stiff and tight. And he moves closer to her, and reaches out and strokes her back lightly.

In other people's eyes, the two of them are a close couple, lover. The girl is petulance, while the man is coaxing her.

But such a scene stimulates the woman opposite.

Seeing No.32 rushes over towards them like a crazy animal, Shao Ruihan does not move. He is just watching quietly without protecting Tang Ningshan. After all, they have done same training, even if Tang Ningshan does not have the ability to fight back, she won't be hurt in his arms.

Tang Ningshan sees that No.32 is getting closer and closer, her body is constantly tense. The hand on her waist has been tight, so she cannot move.

Seeing that No.32 is right in front of her, she just closes her eyes, being ready to bear it, but she forgets that she is in virtual space these days, and as soon as she is in this state of tension, if the body senses the danger and it will react subconsciously.

The unexpected pain does not occur to her, when she hears No.32's voice "Ah." She opens her eyes questioningly, and looks around, only seeing the woman lying on the ground two or three meters away from her.

"You did it?" She whispers in Shao Ruihan's ear.

Shao Ruihan doesn't even talk to her.

That means he didn't do it, so who did?

She turns her head to No. 28, who is looking at hers with adoration.

Now she realizes that maybe her subconscious reaction kicks her away?

"Oh... Ho ho ho..." Tang Ningshan laughs embarrassedly.

She claps Shao Ruihan's arm with her hand and motions him to let her go.

Now that she is involved, the matter had to be settled, or she could not guarantee what she would

do next time, when his another fiances appear.

But Shao Ruihan does not want to let her go, she could only stand still. She cannot go forward to see if No.32 is injured.

"No.32, I'm sorry, though I don't even know your name, but I know, as a woman, you should at least have self-respect. Do not peep a married man, your parents should have taught you this from childhood, right? I know Shao Ruihan is a perfect man, but then he is also someone else's, please, when you fall in love with someone, the first thing you need to do is to find out whether this man is married. Of course, if you think he's lying about getting married, you can call your family and ask them. A month ago at that party, a lot of people would know this. Also, if Shao Ruihan's grandfather really promised you anything, please wait in the line, waiting for me to dump this man, then you are to rob! If you still think you're doing the right thing, Then I can only feel sorry for your parents, even if they teach you to be a good person at a young age, you will end up on the way of being a concubine. If you really like him and want to marry him, let him divorce with me."

Tang Ningshan is held in his arms by Shao Ruihan. He feels satisfied with her words at the beginning, but the more she said, the more makes him angry. Even when it comes to divorce, the girl seems to have forgotten who she belongs to. What it means to dump him. What it means to wait in line. And sooner or later he's going to show her that she can't get rid of him for the rest of her life.

No.32 looks at the two people in front of her.

"Wow!" With a loud cry, she keeps muttering, "I'm not a mistress. I didn't know he was married. We have betrothed. You're the mistress. You bitch. Shame on you."

The cries grow louder.

At this moment, Tang Ningshan doesn't want to be here anymore.

She was just an audience of this show, but she becomes the main character of the show.

Damn you, Shao Ruihan! I Curse you every day that you will be chased by women, and you will be pestered every day!

Getting rid of Shao Ruihan's arms, she immediately jumped away from him and turns away. And she does not want to see his farce.

"Lee" Shao Ruihan sees Lee is having an excited discussion with Wang Yu and he immediately decides to call him over.

"Captain." Lee is sad and is unwilling to come. So he decides to bring Wang Yu with him, as the saying goes, brothers need to share weal and woe.

"Send her away immediately!" Shao Ruihan glances at the crying woman, his eyes full of disgust.

"Sooner or later, Shao Ruihan, you'll regret your decision today." No.32 looks at Shao Ruihan's back and shouts.

Shao Ruihan doesn't looks at her. He's got more important things to do.

After Shao Ruihan arrives at the office, he opens the file bag in his hand and takes out the document. The words prick his nerves and plunges him into the darkness.

"Dang" someone is knocking the door.

"Come in!"

"Captain, the woman has been sent away. Have you seen the information you brought back today? Although there is no definite evidence, but..." Lee looks at Shao Ruihan with a sullen look on his face. In fact, there are some things that are not written in this document. He hopes to find out more clearly. If it's true, he is afraid that Shao Ruihan won't stand it.

'But what?' Shao Ruihan frowns and keeps his fingers tapping on the file bag, making a snapping noise.

"But there are a lot of things that haven't been proven and need further forensics, but we don't have anyone close to it right now, not one of us can get in." Lee bows his head, he feels that he is incompetent, he did not complete the task which Shao Ruihan entrusted.

"It's going to work out. But, uh... The longer the truth is hidden, the more people feel miserable. I hope it's not what I thought it would be!" Shao Ruihan's low pressure is so strong and he clenches his fists as if he has just experienced a cruel slaughter, and his eyes are dimly red and he has made a decision.

The night is so quiet, the starlight is shining, but it seems that something important would happen!