Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 41

Chapter 27: chapter 27-- she is amazing

After experiencing field training and yesterday afternoon's scene, everyone keeps a very serious attitude to training; the original three rows of teams have only a dozen people left, and now there is not much time before the end of the training, the day passes quickly.

Spending every day in tedious training, Tang Ningshan even begins to think that whether she can do daily training and tasks without sleeping, and she does not need to do anything else, except completing missions.

During the day, she even asks the system to give her extra gravities on her body. Every day she looks very tired, so that others couldn't find her changes. After all, no matter how good quality a person possesses, no one can reach that all subjects are developed by leaps and bounds in only several days of training.

When it is time for their shooting practice, Tang Ningshan is put on 200 times gravity by the system. Her hand with gun could not lift at first, which makes Wang Yu frowns.

But Wang Yu doesn't think she is faking it when she sweats. She couldn't lift the gun, but Wang Yu thinks she shouldn't slow down others' practice, so he lets her stand where she is and when she can hold the gun smoothly then she can do shooting.

There is a scene on the training ground where a dozen people are making obstacle shots; one is standing at the side with a gun. And a dozen are shooting from the side, and she is still standing at the side with a gun.

From ten in the morning until two in the afternoon she carries the weight, holding a gun and standing under the sun for four hours. Tang Ningshan scolds Wang Yu 10,000 times in his heart.

Those who can be with Shao Ruihan are not good people at all.

Just when Tang thinks she is about to become a statue, she thinks Wang is finally ready to let her go. She finds that she is wrong again, and how could those who stay with Shao Ruihan would let her go easily?

"No.38!" Wang Yu shouts from the shooting range.

"Here!" Tang Ningshan replies feebly.

"Come and shoot, ten shots required, a total score that is not less than 70. And do obstacle shooting, the time limit is one and a half minutes." Wang Yu doesn't even look at her, directly tells her what she needs to accomplish, and the standard of eligibility.


Tang Ningshan scolds Wang Yu in her heart. "Damn, don't you see I'm tired already? If I continue to do these practices, I will die. What's worse, I have stood for such a long time, the whole body is stiff. Then he asks her to do obstacle shooting, does the instructor use her as a robot, even if the robot couldn't stand such training.

Tang Ningshan complains her heart, before activating the hands and feet. She is ready to shoot firstly, after all, it not only does not need to move, but also can slow down first.

On the ground, she holds the gun, slowly relaxing her body, adjusting her breathing, quietly feeling the direction of the wind. For each shot, she takes a break. After ten shots, the people on the side have changed several times.

Slowly, she gets up and shouts, "Sir."

Wang Yu takes the intercom and says, "Target No.5."

Soon, the walkie-talkie starts making noises.

"Target No.5, seventy points."

Wang Yu looks at Tang Ningshan standing on one side.

Then he says to the man on the walkie-talkie, "Send me the shooting image." A moment later, a soldier in a training suit comes over with a target paper in his hand.

After looking at the spot where the bullet has passed, Wang Yu doesn't know whether he should laugh or cry.

In the drawing, the circle of the seventh ring is evenly divided into ten holes, each of which keeps the same distance, just made a circle on it.

"No. 38! Do obstacle shooting, now!" Wang Yu yells at Tang Ningshan in anger.

Tang Ningshan with a pale face can only continue to do the obstacle shooting.

Soon the same thing has happened. And the timing is right, exactly one and a half minutes, she just finished. The stopwatch above the display is zero; letting Wang Yu begins to be chagrined that he didn't set a shorter time or a higher scores.

From this day on, no matter what kinds of training, Tang Ningshan finishes it exactly according to the standard. She can control the time accurately every time, except combat. She doesn't seem to be able to control her subconscious movements. And several times during practice, when she didn't want to attack others, her hand was already calling, directly stretches to others' face. It always bothers her.

But even so, Tang Ningshan has left the rest of people in the team a deep impression; even several people will discuss something about her after dinner.

"No.38 is Shao Ruihan's wife, why do you think she is here to train to suffer?" No.5 lies on his bed, stretching his legs to lift the top bunk board.

"Who knows? If I were Captain Shao, I wouldn't let my wife come to this place. Even if she could practice self-defense, I wouldn't want her to stay with a bunch of men all day." No.9 on the upper bed suddenly puts his head out, and his face is full of smile.

"If I have a wife as beautiful as No.38, and if I am captain Shao, I would teach my wife by myself!" No.7 walks in the room and says.

"But seriously, don't you think the No.38 is really amazing? Remember the day she first came here, she didn't understand anything? Everybody looked down on her, but she also can survive; now she can even pass the training content that the instructor arranges." No.5 says.

"She was the first to come back from the field training. She's much better than all of us, and that day in combat training, No.3 and she were practicing alongside me. At the beginning, No. 3 won, but she knocked him out just a few minutes." No.6 with a decidedly gloating look on his face says.

"She's better than all of us. Think about it, okay? You've all been training with her these days, what you feel when you're done, what she feels when she's done, who can do it?" There is no expression on No.3's face, but there is a deep yearning in his eyes.

"It's true. I went rock climbing with her the other day, although I arrived firstly, when she came up with a lot of sweat, she didn't feel tired." No.6 speaks slowly.

"She was wheezing all the way through the armed cross-country that day and I tried to help her, but she kept up the same speed until the end." No.9 tilts his head to say what he knows, and then rolls out his hand to show that he did not care about the matter at that time.

If Tang Ningshan sees this scene now, she will be sure to exclaim that the gossip of the country is indeed gender-neutral.

Unfortunately, she wasn't there, and she didn't know that their discussion had been seen by the one in the surveillance room who makes her annoyed.

"Wang Yu, what do you think of their words?" The look on Shao Ruihan's face is suspicious, and he feels that those people can also feel that she is a completely different person.

"Ruihan, do you think it's better for you to teach your wife by yourself?" Wang Yu's face is gloated.

"Ha, ha, of course the captain doesn't think so, otherwise how can he bring his wife to us." Niu Er interrupts. After seeing Shao Ruihan's expression has changed, immediately he turns to hide behind Wang Yu.

Shao Ruihan quietly stared at Wang Yu for a while.

"All right, I'm afraid of you. I think they're telling the truth. At that day, they do shooting and obstacle shooting, I set an eligible standard of 70 points, and she actually hit the target. As for the obstacle shooting, the requirement is a minute and a half, she actually completed exactly. Do you think this shows something?" as he says, he backs away to maintain a safe distance with Shao Ruihan.

"Oh?" After a few seconds of contemplation, and then he sees a gleam of light in Shao Ruihan's eyes and the corners of his mouth slowly rise.

Wang Yu retreats slowly to the door, because every time Shao RuiHan shows the expression like this, he would be scolded.

Some of the people in the room who also do not want to stay to suffer are also leave with Wang Yu.

Shao Ruihan is soon left alone in the room. He changes the picture on the monitor to Tang Ningshan's position and sees that she is lying in bed with her eyes closed quietly.

A thought crossed his mind that if she could be so obedient all the time, perhaps he could always keep her close to him.

However, Shao Ruihan suddenly thinks of something, and then says to himself "is that Zang Zhuo?"

Suddenly, he thinks of her hateful eyes, is that Zang Zhuo wants to cope him?

"Oh, really looking forward to it." Shao Ruihan thinks and laughs.

And he doesn't know it. He's changing his mind about her.