Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 41

Chapter 41: chapter 41-- missing teacher

"You can call the taxi or get someone to pick you up." Shao Ruihan says that directly and closes the car door, ignoring Lee with a sad expression outside.

The three men standing outside look at each other and then open the door and get in.

"Ruihan, where are we going?" Ji Jun keeps staring at Tang Ningshan with a wicked smile and asks in a rising voice.

"Ruihan, I met a beautiful woman several days ago. It is a pity that she is not good enough for me, so I couldn't marry her. However, she wouldn't let me go. Tell me what I should do."

"You haven't introduced me to this beauty, Ruihan."

"Beauty, it was a joke just now. Just forget it, I am such a handsome and unrestrained man, I can't be remembered for a joke, right? You should remember my handsome." Ji Jun looks at the silent two people in front of him, constantly talking to himself. as if he does not feel that his voice is a torture.

"Ruihan, let's find a place to rest first. My assistant will be here in two days." The gentle man speaks softly, and his eyes glance at Tang Ningshan.

"I'm tired."The voice of the man with a stiff face is cold and indifferent like his expression.

"Go to my house first." Shao Ruihan's eyes look straight ahead. He drives his car while answering three people's questions in one sentence, ignoring the curiosity of the three people sitting behind him about Tang Ningshan.

Shao Ruihan drives the car very quickly. Tang Ningshan sits impassively, looking out the window. From the moment she first arrived in this body, she could not understand why Shao Ruihan is a big pervert. Isn't said that soldiers have very good quality and have received a good education, why would he meet so dirty friends?

But the conversation in the car makes her understand that birds of a feather flock together. Shao Ruihan's friends are such kind of people. There is no doubt that he is no better than anyone else. At first, she thought that Shao Ruihan was inspired by something so that he became like this. Now it seems his nature is like this, which lets Tang Ningshan's attitude to Shao Ruihan slightly changes, but she does not hate him as at the beginning.

Tang Ningshan is a very lazy person with principle. If you do not threaten me, then I will pretend you don't exist. Now she feels that Shao Ruihan is not a threat to her. Besides, there is an agreement between them. As long as she completes the agreement between them, she believes that Shao Ruihan will keep his promise.

The car stops in front of Shao Ruihan's villa. When the car stops, Tang Ningshan opens the door and jumps out of the car and walks straight into the house without looking back.

Several people in the car also get out. Ji Jun walks to Shao Ruihan, hitting Shao Ruihan with the shoulder.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Let's go inside."

Three people follow Shao Ruihan into the house; Steward Lin comes over and takes Shao Ruihan's clothes.

"Prepare some cups of tea." Shao Ruihan says to Steward Lin nearby.

Steward Lin takes the clothes and hangs it on one side, walking into the kitchen. And soon he returns to stand with his head down.

"Ruihan, now you can tell us. You're hiding a beauty in your house, aren't you? You get a beauty, but why don't you introduce to us? Look at that girl's temper. Can you handle it?" Ji Jun says faintly, but his eyes are full of inquiry.

"Where is she, Lin?" Shao Ruihan does not answer Ji Jun's question, just asking Steward Lin.

"Madam went upstairs to have a rest. She said she was coming down for dinner." Lin bows his head and says respectfully.

But this sentence lets the three people dazed, but quickly recovering.

Shao Ruihan nods and motions to Lin to go away.

"What are you three doing back here?" Shao Ruihan says.

"The situation abroad is very bad, and we come back to develop." Ji Jun withdraws the smile on his face, and says solemnly.

'Hmm?' Shao Ruihan looks up in disbelief.

"Our teacher just disappeared. Our business is being shut down. There are a lot of things that need to be done by our teacher. The people on the board aren't paying us any respect." Then, Shao Ruihan knows exactly what's going on.

"So what are your plans?" Shao Ruihan just asks the point.

"Back here to found a company and wait for the teacher coming back. It is better than being a thankless man abroad and giving money away. We all thought the same thing, so we came back to see if the teacher had had any contact with you. After all, this sudden disappearance was strange.

Even though the teacher is sometimes very unreliable, it is the first time such a disappearance occurred. We all feel that this matter is not simple, so we come back to discuss together. It's impossible for us to find him blindly without any plans." When Ji Jun finishes speaking, the other two men nods in recognition of the fact that this was what they were thinking.

"We don't have to worry about the teacher now. I always think it's not that simple. I remember he told me once that if he suddenly disappeared one day, he must have found something, so we just need to wait for him to come back, or it means he would never come back." Shao Ruihan puts down the cup, telling them what he knows at present, and also lets them have a preparation.

"So you're saying it's possible that he wanted to disappear instead of an accident?" Xuan Yun looks at Shao Ruihan suspiciously.

"Well, it's quite possible. When I got a call from the teacher's housekeeper, the housekeeper was very calm, and his voice was not anxious. Please try to recall if anything had happened or he had met anyone before disappearing." Shao Ruihan's says.

The three men all look down and begin to wonder if anything had happened.

'I know.' Qu Bo says rigidly, letting three people look at him at the same time.

He touches his nose.

"That night, when I got back from a social engagement, I saw the teacher was making a call with others. He was very angry and his attitude is not nice. He didn't get up for morning exercises the next morning and when I went back in the evening he was gone." Qu Bo tells them what he had seen.

Shao Ruihan knows that his teacher is a very kind man; he never talks loudly and is good-natured. What kind of thing could make his teacher get angry?

"Well, it doesn't make sense to talk about it now. Since the teacher doesn't show up, there's no need to pay attention to it now. We should have our own company now and it's just so bad that being repressed all the time." Ji Jun with his leg crossed says carelessly.

"I'm in." Shao Ruihan looks at the three people opposite, feeling that he should also do something. Since he is not allowed to found a company, it's okay for him to be a shareholder.



Qu Bo nods stiffly.

Seeing the matter is finished, Ji Jun's face is hanging out that evil smile.

"Now it's the time to tell your story. Who is that beauty? Your wife?" Ji Jun asks and winks at Shao Ruihan.

"My wife." Shao Ruihan is very calm.

"Are you married? Why don't we know?" Shao Ruihan admits personally, which makes Ji Jun shocked. Once they thought Shao Ruihan will never get married, because of that thing. Shao Ruihan did not believe in love.

"Um, accident." Shao Ruihan looks at him faintly and says simply.

Ji Jun shouts out "What?! Marriage can also be an accident, what else can not be an accident? Wait, no. even if the wedding was an accident, you wouldn't have taken her to the airport to meet us today, would you? Besides, she's going to kick me today. And you didn't even say anything. What's going on?" Ji Jun says curiously.

Xuan Yun also looks at Shao Ruihan curiously, as if hoping to know the answer quickly.

"It was an accident. You don't have to worry about it." Shao Ruihan's words lead three people to successfully think of who he is now. Is that what they think?

"Is it possible that you were made to sleep with someone and then she stuck to you?" Ji Jun laughs. If it really happened to Shao Ruihan, he promises this will be a forever joke.

Shao Ruihan shakes his head calmly.

"Don't guess. She's not the kind of person you think." Shao Ruihan thought it would be better to warn him in advance in case anything should happen.

"Let Lin show you to your rooms. I'll go up and have a look." Shao Ruihan says. When he is ready to get up and go upstairs, he is directly stopped by Ji Jun.

"You're not nice. At least let us know who she is."

"I'll tell you in the evening." Shao Ruihan goes straight upstairs, bypassing Ji Jun.

"Tell me, what is the matter?" Ji Jun looks at the two people around him with a gossipy look.

Qu Bo gives him a supercilious look then he follows Steward Lin to his room. After several hours of staying in the plane, he is really tired.

Watching Qu Bo's back, Ji Jun says to himself. "Not interesting."

Xuan Yun looks at Ji Jun and then looks to Qu Bo. He thinks it would be better if he takes a break. After all, he's not such a gossip man.

There is only Ji Jun who is anxious to know the truth in the living room.

"Shao Ruihan, you are an ungrateful fellow. I used to take you out to date with girls and ease your emotions, but now you can't even share such a thing with us." Ji Jun catches up with Xuan Yun, planning to get to know the beauty in the evening.