Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 42

Chapter 28: chapter 28-- you are my sister

The two months passes quickly, and everyone else's training results have come out, and everyone, except her, seems extremely nervous.

Tang Ningshan is also very nervous, but the thing she worries is different from others. She is looking forward to this day, but also afraid the coming of this day. Tang Ningshan does not know what will happen next. With the fear of the future, she relies on the hatred of Shao Ruihan every day to encourage herself to do hard training to escape the fear.

"No.38, training is over. I hope that I could stay here." No.28 is sitting on her own bed, with a lonely face. This is the first time Tang Ningshan has seen such a look on No.28.

Tang Ningshan does not know what she should say to No.28. She has no enthusiasm for the army. She is just a laid-back person, so she can only nod slightly.

"If I can't stay here, I'll have to go back to my old unit. How about you? Are you going back to school?" No.28 looks curious and jumps out of bed to Tang Ningshan's bed.

"If you go back to school, will I never see you again?" Saying this, No.28 appears a pathetic appearance.

"Don't you have any holidays in the army? You can come and see me then, and I can come and see you." Although Tang Ningshan comforts her, but in her heart, she thinks this is true. Who knows what will happen in the later days. Whether they can meet is predestination.

"Oh, you are right." After No.28 gets the satisfactory answer, and there is a silly smile on his face.

"Have you packed all your things?" Tang Ningshan glances at No.28's bed and looks at the thing which scatters on her bed. She still has a lot of things to pack and helplessly asks.

No.28 suddenly feels a little embarrassed. "Hey... Hey, hey... It'll be ready in a minute." As she speaks, she runs to her bed and puts the things quickly in her bag.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head in silence, where does this strange child come from?

The two girls quickly pack their things and sit down on their respective beds.

'Oh.' No.28 suddenly pats Tang Ningshan's head, which frightens Tang Ningshan.

"What's the matter?" Tang Ningshan thinks that No.28 is definitely temperamental. The child's brain circuits are not normal, she often do what she wants without thinking. The most important is that her response is slow.

"I don't even know your name. In the future, if I'm going to find you, I can't ask others where No.38 is, right? And you don't know my name and what unit I'm in. How can you find me?" No.28 has begun a long talk of soliloquies.

"My name is Tang Ningshan." Tang Ningshan's simple words make the person on the bed opposite very satisfied.

"Ha, I finally have a friend, you know, you are my first friend, you are still so nice to me. Can you be my sister? Then you'll be nice to me forever." Tang Ningshan looks at No. 28. When she said this, her eyes are sad and wistful.

"You haven't said your name yet." Tang Ningshan directly interrupts her, not allowing her to remain in her own world.

"What? Oh, yes, my name is Miao Yu. I'm from the Tank Brigade of the 32nd Military Region. I'm 18 years old. My family..." Miao Yu stops talking.

Tang Ningshan listens to her, while thinks of other things, but finding that she suddenly pauses, Tang Ningshan looks up at her with curiosity. "What's the matter?"

"I'm the only one in my family." Miao Yu's voice gets lower and lower, and her expression is invisible, But Tang Ningshan can feel that she misses her family very much.

"If you really want to be my sister, you'll be my sister from today on." Tang Ningshan really can't stand her like this.

"Really? Yeah. But the people in my city said that my parents and sisters were killed by me, because I am a bad luck person, when I was born, I have brought my family a lot of disasters. They didn't want to come near me, for fear that I might bring them disaster, and even my chickens were either dead or lost. And they said I was born to be alone, and that the one would come near me would come to a bad end." As Miao Yu speaks, her body begins to contract, slowly huddling herself into a ball. She crouches on the ground, her hands clasps to her knees, her head sticks firmly in her lap, and her voice becomes smaller and more choking.

Tang Ningshan walks over to her and touches her head on her lap. Miao Yu feels as if she is caressed by her mother, making her feel warm and gentle.

"I'm tough, I'm not afraid." Tang Ningshan's gentle words let Miao Yu slowly raise her head. When Tang Ningshan looks at her, she feels as if she sees the puppy abandoned by her owner by the side of the road with tears in his eyes, full of anticipation and surprise.

"From now on you are my sister, you must protect me well." Tang Ningshan's face hangs a gentle smile and winks to Miao Yu.

"I will protect you. I will." Miao Yu says. Her fists are clenched, tears slips down, and nods severely, as if she is promising to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan pulls Miao Yu up from the ground, reaching out to wipe the tears from her face, and says with a smile, "Well, we'll gather in a minute. You need to wash your face quickly."

"Sister?" Miao Yu calls.

'Hmm?' Tang Ningshan bows her head to tidy up the things of Miao Yu. Hearing No.28 call her, she responses.

"Nothing, I'm just trying..." As she speaks, Miao Yu waves her hand. "Then I'll go to wash my face first, sister..."

Tang Ningshan looks at Miao Yu's back and bursts out laughing.

"Does that mean I also have a family?" Tang Ningshan murmurs to herself.

Tang Ningshan is still tiding up Miao Yu's things, when Miao Yu backs.

At this time, the outpost outside also rings.

Both girls buttons up their belts, and goes out of the tent.

Training is hard, the results are cruel. From the beginning of dozens of people to now, there are only a few people left. Tang Ningshan thinks, Special Forces is really sick, the people who can enter Special Forces are even amazing. She can't understand the mentality of these people, and she wants to know why they have to come to such a place to be tortured.

"All of you get your stuff and assemble in front of the building in three minutes." Wang Yu shouts. As if his mood is very good, the tone of the speech is happier than usual.

In front of the office building, Shao Ruihan is standing there, his uniform makes him looks taller. His epaulets are shining with golden light under the sun.

Soon everyone is standing opposite Shao Ruihan, with their knapsacks, weapons, and a training uniform.

Perhaps everybody knows that today is a special day, the queue is more tidy than usual. Everyone's body is very tight; the expression on their face is more solemn.

Shao Ruihan stands on the stage, looks at the people in front of him, and nods his head slightly.

"I am pleased to see that there are still people standing here today. The rest of you are fighters who can withstand the test, but that's not enough. If you want to be a good SWAT soldier, you will have a much heavier responsibility than others in the future. You will have to train harder than others. You will face conditions even beyond your wildest imagination. I hope you will be able to contribute your strength to your country and people in the future." Shao Ruihan says seriously. Tang Ningshan sees a few people's eyes all on Shao Ruihan's body. The eyes are filled with admiration, and she curls her mouth and gives Shao Ruihan a supercilious looks, saying something in her heart.

"If you can accept more ruthlessly training and want to be a good SWAT player, you can report to instructor Wang later. If you don't think you can handle it, just go to Niu Er."

"No.38 stay here and the rest of you can disperse." Shao Ruihan speaks to several people in front of him and walks over to Tang Ningshan.

The two people look at each other face to face. If eyes can kill people, Shao Ruihan has already died a thousand times.

"Come with me to the office." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan in front of him, the corners of his mouth slightly hooks up, and then he turns to the office building.

Shao Ruihan's office is as tidy as ever.

They enter the room. Shao Ruihan asks Tang Ningshan to close the door. He raises his hand and motions her to sit on the sofa, while he goes to sit down on a chair near his desk. He takes off his hat, putting it directly on the table.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan sitting on the chair. She had to admit that the man is blessed with a face that makes others jealous about it, and the uniform he dresses makes him more handsome.

Both of them are sitting quietly, neither of them says anything. And Tang Ningshan's hands stared at by Shao Ruihan are full of sweat, but she is not ready to be the first one to speak.

"Two months of training has made me feel quite satisfied, but of course, if you're at your current level, you're still far from the standard of being my wife." Shao Ruihan looks out of the window, and the cold voice comes from his mouth.

"So?" Tang stares at her hands, and is not ready to keep looking at the man she hates.

"Although I would like you to stay and continue with the training, the timing is not allowed, and the two-month period is over, it is still not clear whether you will be able to stay in the position of my wife steadily." Shao Ruihan's mouth corner shows a sneer smile.