Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 43

Chapter 29: chapter 29-- agreement

'What are you trying to say?' Tang Ningshan refuses to continue to talk nonsense with him, and asks him directly.

Shao Ruihan looks at the girl in front of him, who has a delicate face. She is frowning, and her cheeks are flushed. A small mouth tightly closed together, brown eyes are full of impatience.

Shao Ruihan picks up a document from the table and hands it to her.

Tang Ningshan's face is puzzled, and her eyes are alert and her body suddenly tensed. But she reaches out to take the document he gives her.

Watching carefully, she finds it's a deal.

The content is quite simple, which can be summed up with a sentence can. That is, to collect all the information about everyone in his family, what they do every day. Who they come into contact with and even what they say. All of them need to be collected.

If she finds anything out of the ordinary, she must call him immediately. After he has known what he wants and after he has found out, he will let her go and give her a new legal identity.

"You are a pervert. Everyone? Including the servants?" Tang Ningshan's face is confused, but she still needs to know the situation in detail before deciding whether to sign this agreement. After all, leaving and having another legal identity were quite a temptation for her.

"Try to do what you can for me." Shao Ruihan's face is solemn.

"Can I ask the reason?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"No, you've only got two ways now. One is under attack, and the other is co-operation. I think you're a smart person who knows what to do." Shao Ruihan spreads out his hand, and shows that kind of evil smile.

Tang Ningshan finds that each time Shao Ruihan shows such a smile, his eyes will become extremely cold, giving people a sense of irrefutable.

"Well, I promise, give me a pen." Tang Ningshan knows that she could only choose what seems best for her.

Shao Ruihan takes the pen from the table and hands it to her. As soon as she signs her name, he says, "We'll go home later."

Tang Ningshan hands the agreement in her hand directly to Shao Ruihan, indicating him to sign.

"Now that I have the agreement, I will definitely fulfill it. In fact, even if I don't give you the agreement and even if there are no strings attached, you can only do what I asked." The words of

Shao Ruihan annoy Tang Ningshan.

Yes, the man opposite is a person that she does not know very clear. Since he has put forward the attitude of cooperation, she wants to believe him. There is no other choice but to do.

"Then I'll go back and change." Tang Ningshan turns to go out.

On the way back to the family building, Tang Ningshan could not figure out what trick Shao Ruihan is playing. If he wants to spy on others, there is no need for her to come unless he has some dirty secret. And the secret is in the family, and perhaps everyone in the family knows the secret, only Shao Ruihan does not know. Or perhaps it is just because that Shao Ruihan is so boring; he comes up this idea to joke on her.

"Systems, what do you think Shao Ruihan is up to?" Tang Ningshan in the heart begins to look for the consults of the system. In this world, the one she most trust is the system, the system knows all the things about her.

"How do I know? But it's just data collection. It's easy. Once you've learned how to do micro-monitoring, everyone can be under your eyes. You don't need to worry about anything at all, master."

"Micro monitoring?"

"Yes, Master, because you said you were going to give courses on all aspects of military affairs, so even if you go into space every day for the rest of the day, it would probably takes three or four months to complete all the courses."

"What!!!" Tang Ningshan roars in her heart.

"Calm down, master, I am giving you the study assignment according to your request, which is quite up to the standard that you want to reach, and I hope you will continue your efforts.

"Get out!" Tang Ningshan thinks that she should not has chat with the system. But since there is something can quietly monitor everyone, letting Tang Ningshan feel relieved.

Backing at the family building, Tang Ningshan stands outside the door, and begins to tremble. The memory in this room really frightened her, and makes her not want to recall it. Just his room makes her think of the cruel treatment of that night.

With a sigh, she opens the door and goes straight upstairs. Trying to let the mind empty, she quickly changes the clothes, and then runs downstairs. Her action is super fast, if someone sees the scene, he must think that Tang Ningshan is being chased by ghosts.

Tang Ningshan, who runs out of the door, stands there and takes a deep breath, and then slowly spats it out. She pats herself on the chest with her hand and mutters, it's all right. She won't come back.

Shao Ruihan stands by the car, and sees Tang Ningshan with a casual dress quickly came over.

"Get in the car." Shao Ruihan's voice is still cold.

The car slowly passes through the mountain and goes into a tree-lined path, and Tang wonders why she doesn't need to use the blindfold this time, but she doesn't dare to ask these questions.

Looking out of the window at the ever-changing scene, she thinks back to the two months of training life. Although it was very hard, Tang Ningshan feels that these two months are the two most solid months in her life.

"Take it." Shao Ruihan takes a box out of a tape and hands it to her.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan and reaches out for the box. Inside are a cell phone, and a pair of red crystal earrings, but she always feels that there is something else in the crystal, so it is different from the normal crystal.

"Why are you giving me these?" Tang Ningshan is holding something in her hand and still doesn't think he would be the one to give her a present.

"The phone is monitored and the ear drill is GPS, for your own safety." Shao Ruihan's eyes are too deep, letting Tang Ningshan cannot understand. She also does not understand what kind of family Shao family is.

"I don't think that's necessary." Tang Ningshan still feels that she does not need this. These two months, her force value soars, which the average person cannot approach at all.

"For a rainy day." Shao Ruihan says and leans directly on the chair and closes his eyes.

Tang Ningshan also will not find a boring topic to continue to chat with him. She puts her earphone in her ears, beginning to play the game. Although the two are now in a cooperative relationship, But Tang Ningshan still can't be close him. Even the two of them in the same space, she feels very depressed. Thanks to the driver, otherwise she doubts whether she can bear to sit in the car with him.

The bus soon arrives at the Shao family's mansion. It's the second time she come to this place, Tang Ningshan feels that if this was in ancient times, there should be the place where the emperor lives. Who will circle a big piece of land, building so many villas, even each villa has a separate garden? This is not the thing that the normal people will do.

Entering the gate, she sees steward Wei is standing in front of the biggest villa in the middle, waiting for them.

The atmosphere inside the Shao family's mansion is unusually solemn. A group of people are waiting to see the results, who do not believe a jewel-learning darling would go to the army training. What is more, all the people present are very intelligent, rich and powerful; it is easy to check a girl with no background.

Shao Xingsheng sits near to Shao Cheng with a smile on his face, wondering what he would say, so that she won't offend Mr. Shao, and can make Shao Ruihan suffer a dark loss.

Shao Cheng looks at all the people in the living room, his face is serious. Although he doesn't like the granddaughter-in-law whom Shao Ruihan has sought, Shao Ruihan is his own grandchild. He doesn't allow others to look down on him.

Sitting in a room full of people, everyone has their own thoughts, just waiting for Mr. Shao so that they can make progress plans.

They follow Steward Wei into the house and see those who are waiting there.

"Grandpa." Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan say hello to Shao Cheng firstly.

"Welcome back" The voice of Shao Cheng is still so deep, there is no smile on the face, which lets Tang Ningshan feel uncomfortable.

"Yes, Grandpa, here is the report." Lee behind Shao Ruihan, immediately hands the file bag to Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan takes the things in his hand and walks slowly to Shao Cheng. He respectfully hands it to Shao Cheng, who is sitting on the chair.

Shao Cheng does not immediately read the report in his hand; instead, he looks into Shao Ruihan's eyes and finds that he has no expression or guilty behavior. Then he takes it without opening it. And then he gives it to Steward Wei, who stands behind him, and asks him to send it to everyone who is sitting there.

Holding reports in hands, people inside the living room are especially quiet. They can only hear the sound of the paper turning over.

"Uncle, this..." Shao Xingsheng's voice is not loud, but it catches the attention of all. "That doesn't seem very realistic."

"Yes, Uncle, we can't believe it. We've never been involved in the process. Who knows if it was the report they wrote on the fly." Shi Panzhen on one side says, but with a strong smile on her face.

Shao Cheng takes the report from Steward Wei and looks at it and then throws it back.

"How do you explain, Ruihan?"

Shao Ruihan does not answer Shao Cheng's question, but he uses his eyes to look around the circle of people sitting around.

"My uncles and aunts don't believe me, do they?" Shao Ruihan's voice rises and his face remains calm, but his eyes are cold.

"Ruihan, it is not us who make trouble for your life. It is really the report you have produced that can not convince us." Shao Xingsheng has a kindly smile on his face, but his voice is full of regret and suspicion.

"Does that mean I can't convince my aunts even if I take out all the surveillance footage from my training session?" Shao Ruihan walks to one side of the sofa and sits down, folding his legs and waving to Tang Ningshan, who is standing by to signal her to come over to him.