Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 44

Chapter 30: chapter 30-- battle

Tang Ningshan slowly moves to Shao Ruihan under the eyes of those people. When she just passes through him, she is directly pulled close to Shao Ruihan's bosom by him, sitting on his legs.

Shao Mushuang looks at Tang Ningshan sitting in Shao Ruihan's arms, the eyes are full of envy and resentment.

Yao Ye beside her pats her hand, telling her not to worry.

"Cousin, it's not that we don't believe you. It's mainly because there are so many fake things now. So, it's true that what you hear maybe is not true, right?" Shao Kaiyue interrupts.

"What do you think, Ruihan?" When Shao Cheng sees Tang Ningshan sitting directly in Shao Ruihan's arms, his only thought is that such a woman without rules should not be in their family.

"How do you think we should confirm the report, since none of you believe the report in hand?" Shao Ruihan bows his head, one of his hands is rounding Tang Ningshan's waist, and the other hand is feeling Tang Ningshan's hand. The words make others feel a kind of provocation.

Shao Xingsheng's eyes gleams with a strange light, looking at Shao Ruihan and coughing softly.

"Listen Ruihan, every generation of children in our family will be well-educated, especially the women in our family have to have their own skills. In the situation of our family, right now, if your wife can't save herself from an accident, our family will suffer a great deal. So, why not let your wife to have a simple battle with bodyguards, then we will know her real capacity." Shao Xingsheng turns to look at Shao Cheng, seeing that he did not prevent. Then he motions the bodyguards around to prepare.

"Well, would you like to try?" Shao Xingsheng's voice is full of kindness, but his eyes are full of provocation.

Shao Ruihan's hand lightly pinches in Tang Ningshan's waist, his face close to her ear, the voice is very gentle, but letting her chill from the bottom of the heart.

"If you can't get through this, then you don't have to..."

The gentle voice continuously circulates in Tang Ningshan's heart. She trembles lightly, but she does not know whether it is because his voice is cold, or because of the pain from her waist.

Tang Ningshan slowly stands up, showing a decent smile on her face. She walks step by step to the center of the people around.

"How would you like to battle, uncle?" Tang Ningshan's eyes look directly at Shao Xingsheng, and she says softly, which let Shao Xingsheng's eyes flash a sense of interest.

"Battle with my bodyguards." Shao Xingsheng points to a vacant lot outside the living room.

"Then I'd better obey."Tang Ningshan looks at the position over there. The place is very big, even if can accommodate dozens of people.

Tang Ningshan steps in high-heeled shoes and walks over there. She is very happy that she was not wearing a dress today; otherwise she will get in some trouble.

As soon as she stands there, she sees several people coming from the other side, and each of them is about 180 centimeters tall. Looking at their muscles, Tang Ningshan knows that these people should be trained for several years.

"Mission alert, please fight and win with eight people at the same time. Task bonus is random." The system is back.

"Holy shit. Are you fucking kidding me?" Tang Ningshan is very angry, and she would like to drag out the system to throw away.

"Master, do you wish to refuse?" The sound of the system is flat, but Tang Ningshan can recognizes the expectations inside.

"Fuck, how could I refuse? I've been punished twice already. It's just eight people, group fights, I can stand it." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan angrily. If it is not for him, she would not do it.

Eight tall men walks up to Tang Ningshan and each of them looked at her with a fierce expression. If she does not know that these men are Shao family's bodyguards, Tang Ningshan would thinks that they are terrorists because they do not look like good people to her.

"You guys can start at the same time, save time." Tang Ningshan stands in the middle of eight people. She says indifferently, which makes the eight people feel despised.

The eight looks at each other and think that the girl is arrogant, but they would not take it lightly.

Soon, they begin to attack Tang Ningshan from different directions one by one.

The simultaneous attacks of the eight are a slight restriction for Tang Ningshan, no matter how flexible she is. To the man who comes right in front of her, Tang Ningshan directly kicks him in the crotch. And she kicks him so hard that the tall man falls to his knees on all fours.

The other seven men look at the fallen one, and they all feel a fear in their hearts. For nothing else, that no one should wish to be kicked in that place.

Maybe because seven people are afraid that Tang Ningshan will use the same trick. Each time they run forward her, they will maintain some security distance, so they look a bit cramped.

The few people who stand by are very dissatisfied.

"Yo, is this a movie, do you need a stuntman? How come our Shao family's bodyguards are like this? Well, if that's the case, then I doubt your skills." The words of Shi Panzhen successfully let a few men become fierce.

Seven people begin to attack at the same time from different positions. Tang Ningshan can only jump up. At first she attacks the front of the man's face with her knees, then stamps on his stomach.

Next, she turns back and gives a round kick to the man on the left side. Accurately, she kicks on the center of his head so that the man falls straightly to the ground.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan's movement. Each time she acts as if she has practiced a thousand times. His doubt to her gets stronger and stronger, but he has no clue at all.

Shao Xingsheng is not able to stand still and stares at the remaining five.

The remaining five receives instructions from Shao Xingsheng; they get more and more vicious. Their attack positions are all deadly, either the neck or the head, or the neck of the cervical vertebra.

Tang Ningshan feels that since they have done this, then she has to try her best.

She holds her fists tightly, and let the system to pull the gravity of the body down. This time Tang Ningshan has a feeling of being as light as a swallow. Each movement of her is gorgeous. Each time she attacks the most vulnerable place on the man.

Eight men, six of them were kicked in the crotch, lying on the ground and wailing. And two of them were kicked in the head.

Tang Ningshan looks at the eight people lying on the ground, feeling that if there's no damage, it's not strong enough to prove herself.

So she walks towards Shao Ruihan, stepping on the people who are on the ground every step of the way.

Shao Xingsheng looks at this kind of scene, can only signal other people to carry them off.

Everyone's expressions are different, but no one is making a sound at the moment.

"There's too much hostility." Shao Cheng looks at Tang Ningshan standing beside Shao Ruihan, frowning and leaving these words.

"Not bad. If someone wants me dead, I would kill him firstly." Shao Ruihan's eyes are deep, looking at Shao Cheng and gently saying.

Shao Cheng squints and looks at Shao Xingsheng. Then turns to Shao Ruihan, he says, "Let's have the lunch. Your grandmother will be back in a minute."

After the meal, Shao Ruihan leads Tang Ningshan back to their villa.

Shao Ruihan enters the room, sitting on the sofa languidly, but the eyes are sharp and he looks at Tang Ningshan.

"You might want to explain." The voice of Shao Ruihan is still gentle, but the coldness in his eyes is worse than ever.

"Explain what?" Tang Ningshan goes over and sits on the sofa opposite Shao Ruihan, without looking at his face.

"Explain how a person who can't do a push-up can suddenly change in two months." Shao Ruihan stares at Tang Ningshan closely, so that he won't miss any of her expressions.

"Need an explanation? It's because of you! It's you!" Tang Ningshan's face is angry and her voice is raised unconsciously.

"Oh?" Shao Ruihan acts as if he wishes to hear all about it.

"If I didn't hate you, I wouldn't need to work that hard." She glares at him, and her eyes are blazing with hatred.

Looking at resentful Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan gets up and slowly passes her by, leaning over her a little bit, just as Tang Ningshan thinks that Shao Ruihan is going to do something. Shao Ruihan's phone rings suddenly.

Shao Ruihan picks up the phone. Tang Ningshan feels as if something serious has happened, because his face has changed and is getting more and more serious.

'I know.' Shao Ruihan's tone is stiff when he answers the phone, then he hangs up the phone.

"Come out with me later." Shao Ruihan says.

Tang Ningshan doesn't know what has happened, then he hands her two pistols.

Looking at the gun in front of her, she doesn't know whether to take it or not. If she takes, she would like to kill him directly.

Shao Ruihan does not care what she is thinking at this moment, putting the gun into her hand and taking her by the wrist and walking out the door.

She has to take the gun and go out with him.

Outside the door, there is a car parking outside.

Shao Ruihan leads her to go over. The door opens directly. When they get in the car, Tang Ningshan finds that there are several familiar people in the car, including Wang Yu and Niu Er, as well as some familiar soldiers.

"Captain, why do you bring her with you?" Wang Yu is solemn. He knows that Shao Ruihan is not a fool, but he still wants to know Shao Ruihan's intention.

"Drive, then tell me the details first."

The car moves slowly in the voice of Shao Ruihan.