Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 45

Chapter 45: chapter 45--smells good

Perhaps it was the drugs injected into her body that makes Tang Ningshan, who had no strength at all, recover her strength a little more quickly. But with the recovery of her strength, the heat in her body becomes more and more unbearable and makes her a little transic.

The bound hands and feet begin to rub unawares. She even groans in her mouth. The two men standing nearby see that Tang Ningshan is getting into a situation, and they are ready to untie her rope first. After all, it is hard enough for an ordinary person to stand the effect of one of this pill.

What's more, the man injected Tang Ningshan with several shots at once. Even if she is as good as it said in the information, she should become very enthusiastic and can be manipulated now.

"Heh heh..." The fatter man rubs his hands and moves a little closer to Tang Ningshan as he begins to unbutton his own clothes.

"Don't worry; it'll be fun to wait for the effect to kick in." The other man stops the fatter one, but with a smirk on his face.

"What are you waiting for? I can't wait. Such a beautiful woman lies there to beg us for giving her what she wants. Who can stand it?" Saying that and he directly reaches up and touches Tang Ningshan's leg.

"Look at the skin. It's so tender and white. What a pity." He is feeling his mouth and sighing.

"Well, that's really pity." The man of medium height couldn't help touching with his hands.

Just as they are about to tear open Tang Ningshan's clothes, a telephone rings nearby.

"You get it." The man in the middle height commands the fatter man, whose hand never leaves Tang Ningshan's legs.

"You go." The fatter one doesn't want to move at all. He keeps his eyes fixed on Tang Ningshan's face.

"Forget it, let's go together."

The two men leave Tang Ningshan's side and let Tang Ningshan heave a sigh of relief. If they never untied her rope, would she keep on doing so?

Thinking of here, Tang Ningshan shakes her head in the heart. Her willpower could not resist for long, so she must have a quick decision.

"Hello, young master." The man of medium height answers the telephone and immediately assumes a very deferential attitude.

"Well, yes, the girl has been caught."

"What? What? Are you on your way already?"

"Yes, yes, we know."

Hanging up the phone, the fatter one looks reluctant.

"That's bad luck. The meat at the mouth just flies away."

"Who cares? Let's do what we want first."

The two throw the phone to the side, immediately returns to Tang Ningshan's side. Tang Ningshan's face is confused, her cheeks flushed and her mouth even sheds a trace of saliva.

"Why don't you untie the rope and let's hurry up and get it over with before the young master arrives?"

The two of them agree, beginning to untie the rope. This time Tang Ningshan is already nearly tortured by the effect of the drug.

As soon as the rope is untied, Tang Ningshan kicks on the middle-height man's face with all strength. The man directly falls on the ground.

'Fuck.' The fatter one swears, picking up a chair from the side and throwing it at Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan's body sways, dodging the chair, but also she nearly falls. The vision of her begins to become more and more blurred.

But looking at the getting closer figure, she can only rigidly give her own tongue a sharp bite, only then she restores a little sanity.

She calculates the distance between the two men, and when the man is only a step away from her, she thrusts her knee sharply between his legs.

She hears the man "Ow" and falls to the ground, and Tang Ningshan totters to the door.

There's a stick flying right behind her, and it hits her right in the face.

She is giddy, so that some unconscious her cannot see the situation clearly. The heat is getting worse; she has some uncontrollable desire to tear off the clothes.

The man of medium height rubs his face and goes to Tang Ningshan's side, grabbing her hair and dragging her straight back to bed.

Maybe it is the medicine in her body, and she doesn't even feel any pain.

"Damn it, bitch." he raises his hand and slaps Tang Ningshan in the face.

This time, she clears up a lot, but still cannot see the people clearly in front of her.

The man scolds as he pulls the belt from his trousers and beats Tang Ningshan's body several times.

The pain press over her, and bring her to her senses. And now she could see the man in front of her.

"Damn it." The man continues to beat her at the same place with the belt, and Tang Ningshan's skin is soon stained with scarlet streaks.

Tang Ningshan runs into him with all her might.

After bumping down a man, Tang Ningshan walks towards the door. At the moment, the door is pushed open.

Tang Ningshan squints at the people who is coming in, but the light outside is so bright and dazzling that she unconsciously tries to block it with her hands.

"Yo, cousin, having fun here? You and Shao Ruihan have interrupted me just now, so I should let some people take good care of you." Outside the door, the man stands in front of the headlights, sitting on the hood of the car, and speaks in a cheerful voice.

"Shao Kaile?" Tang Ningshan listens to the voice, trying to recall whose voice this is.

"Cousin's memory is very good. I saw my cousin's skill that day. How do you end up like this? If

Shao Ruihan's grandpa finds out, you'd be in a bad position."

"Well, you've made a perfect plan, and I'm not sure I'll be able to do what you want."

"Cousin, let's make a deal and see what you want. If you help me get Shao Ruihan down from his position, I'll give you anything."

"Just you?" Tang Ningshan's face is satirical, and she even laughs aloud.

"Why do you despise me? I can bring you here today from Lan Yuan, and I'll get you somewhere else tomorrow, so don't try my patience." Shao Kaile's voice is deep with threatening.

"Oh, you let people kidnap me, drug me. And you even ask people to prepare to **** me. But now you say you want to cooperate with me. Do you think I am a 3-year old child?"

"Cousin, I never let anyone **** you. I only want you to come here and make a deal with you. Cousin, don't insult the good people at will."

"Then keep your eyes open and see what kind of situation I'm in right now." Tang Ningshan is impatient, planning how to get out of their range without getting caught.

"Cousin, I'm sorry that these guys misunderstood my meaning. As long as my cousin you agree to cooperate with me, I can do what you want to these people." Shao Kaile says excitedly, as if Tang Ningshan has agreed.

"Then tell me, how can you promise that I will be satisfied with everything I ask for? I am the wife of Shao Ruihan. Everything of your family is mine. After that, it is my children's. Why must I cooperate with you?"

"Cousin, do you know why Shao Ruihan has not been living at home?" Shao Kaile's words arouse Tang Ningshan's interest.

"Do you know that?" Tang Ningshan says doubtfully.

"As long as you agree to cooperate, I am 100 percent sure that Shao Ruihan will step down."Shao Kaile's face full of assurance, letting Tang Ningshan doubt whether he has really known something.

"Well, you give me a way to contact and then send me back, I promise you." Tang Ningshan hesitates, but in the heart thought that promise also is not impossible, perhaps she can let herself get the thing Shao Ruihan needs quickly.

"So we're a good team?" Shao Kaile goes to Tang Ningshan step by step, reaching out his hand.

Tang Ningshan takes the hand and immediately let go of her hand as if it has been electrocuted.

"You'd better get rid of the people in the house quickly, or our cooperation won't go on." Tang Ningshan looks at the room and wants to burn it down at once. The fire of anger could even be seen in her eyes.

'Yes.' Shao Kaile waves to the person behind him. And she sees two people running into the room, and then hears two screams.

"All right, you go ahead and Shao Ruihan will be here in a few minutes. I hope you can really do what you promise, otherwise I'll definitely not let you go." Tang Ningshan threatens Shao Kaile, not for anything but hope she won't be suspected.

"Of course, my cousin, we shall meet again." Finishing saying, Shao Kaile pulls Tang Ningshan's hand to give her a light kiss on the back of the hand.

"It smells good." Shao Kaile says, and then walks straightly into the car. He looks at Tang Ningshan standing in the same place from the back of the window, the corners of his mouth raises, and he thinks that he would let her bow down to him one day. Such a beauty, who does not want to taste.

When Tang Ningshan is alone in the place, she sinks in a moment. Her fever is getting worse and worse, making her wants to find an ice cellar to lower the fire immediately.

Tang Ningshan lies on the ground, touching as much as possible to the ground, so that she can stay awake. In such a dreary place, there was no guarantee that she would not be taken away by any other person. And in her present state she would not be able to escape.

Watching the car coming toward her in the distance, Tang Ningshan suddenly becomes alert.

Looking at the car approaching bit by bit, Tang Ningshan is desperate. It seems that she really cannot escape from this one disaster.

The car slowly stopped near Tang Ningshan, the front light directly shines on her body. Looking at the person who gets out of the car, Tang Ningshan actually sheds tears, feeling that this time she cannot escape.

The man approaches her bit by bit, and Tang Ningshan is about to have a life and death struggle with the man. She must not be caught again.

Shao Ruihan walks to Tang Ningshan, looking at her body's trace. The eyes flash a very furious fire, she actually got such treatment.

"Shan, are you all right?" Shao Ruihan gently pushes her with his hand and asks softly.

Tang Ningshan seems to smell the familiar breath; the body's defense immediately unloads.

She reaches out one hand to Shao Ruihan, putting it directly around Shao Ruihan's neck. Also, her body gets closer to Shao Ruihan.