Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 45

Chapter 31: chapter 31-- you are my wife

"Well, we have got the information that an armed attack was planned against the president and that, in order to ensure his security, the Ministry of Military Affairs gave orders at the first time, if possible, to take him alive or, if not, just to kill him at the first opportunity." Wang Yu finishes, then hands Shao Ruihan a stack of materials. "Here are the president's itinerary and the information of the opponent we have got now."

"How could he be there?" Shao Ruihan looks at the information in his hand. He is a little surprised; his eyes also appear a sense of doubt.

"No, we didn't expect him either." Wang Yu hangs his head sadly.

Tang Ningshan looks at Wang Yu curiously, sitting quietly on the seat. She does not understand why Shao Ruihan would take her to do such a thing, but she could not ask.

"Go to headquarters first, and we'll talk about the rest later." The voice of Shao Ruihan is as cool as ever. Tang Ningshan looks at him askance, thinking that he is a contradicted, he can laugh so gentle, charming, seductive, but in his heart there is not a trace of emotion.

"You're taking her with you to headquarters?" A car of people looks at Shao Ruihan in amazement; some do not understand why he has made such a decision.

Shao Ruihan nods, and then looks at the information; he does not want to explain this problem to others, so the several people can only stop asking.

The car speeds into the city and into the parking lot of a building. Several people get out and take the elevator to the second basement. When Tang Ningshan thinks that she has arrived at the place, Wang Yu taps a few times on the wall, and a path appears, passing through a series of winding pipes. Finally, they enter a large room.

The room is dark and full of electronic equipment. Some people in the room are busy monitoring; others are sitting upright in their seats. The walls covered with monitors, each with a different image.

In the largest monitor on the top is a conference room, which seems to be in session.

When the people in the room see them come in, they only looks up for a moment, and then they continue to do their own things.

Shao Ruihan leads them to sit on one side, and a person comes over with a stack of information.

"That's all the information from wiretaps for today." Putting the information on the table in front of Shao Ruihan, he says "Wiretapping didn't find anything unusual. This morning, a hacker broke into the headquarters' system and left a message, saying that today there will be a terrorist attack. Our hacker is going backtracking. He has been directly dumped. He has left no other traces, so we can't trace the source. The president will meet with the president from other countries today. The security aspect must be guaranteed. We've arranged manpower in various locations. You'll see if there's anything else you need to fill, and you must keep the president safe."

"The meeting room is in the presidential suite on the top floor, which has seven rooms. It was decided to meet there some days ago. Three of the rooms have been occupied for a long time, and the remaining ones have been booked. They're all empty now."

The speaker is dressed in plain clothes with a common face, and he even looks raunchy. The gum in his eyes could still be seen. His voice is plain, but with a sense of husky. Tang Ningshan could see nothing special about the man, but he is in control of the room.

"All our soldiers are around the streets?" Shao Ruihan does not raise his head, still looking at the information in his hands.

"Every conceivable position has been arranged so that you can come just in case of emergency. I hope nothing happens."

Shao Ruihan reaches across the table and takes the building plans from one side of the table. Red markings are made on each of the layout plans.

The slob points to the position on the drawing, frowning and saying to Shao Ruihan "But there is a very troublesome problem. One to three floors of this building are shopping centers, where there are a lot of people, even if you can deploy and control, you can't do all the way, so what else do you think needs to be done."

Shao Ruihan looks at the drawings and makes a thoughtful gesture. None of the people around him bother him.

He raps on the table with his finger, as if he has suddenly thought of something.

"What kind of shops are there on the third floor?"

The slob goes to a nearby computer and taps a few times. On the screen, there is the third-floor surveillance.

"The third floor is a luxury area, and they are all import luxury goods, big brands."

Shao Ruihan nods, and then says something to Lee. Then Lee hurries out, and soon he backs, but with a few more bags in hand.

"All of you go outside and look for the highest spot. Find the best location. Once, there's something unusual happens, report to me." Shao Ruihan gives several orders to Wang Yu.

Then he takes Lee's bag, pulling Tang Ningshan away, and then he finds a dressing room to enter.

"Let me go! What are you doing?" Tang Ningshan is really unwilling to do so now. He did not say anything but pulled her out, then directly gave her two guns. And now this he even pulls her into the dressing room alone.

"Just to familiarize you with the life you're going to face in the future in advance." Shao Ruihan looks at her flatly. He unbuttons his jacket and takes off his clothes, revealing a strong upper body.

Shao Ruihan is in good shape with the wheaten skin, and without any dewlaps. He has eight abdominal muscles, a powerful arm, and a handsome face. His hands are unbuckling the belt on the waist.

If there were a man like that in front of her in the past, she would not hesitate to jump on him. What a perfect man he is. But now it's different from before, when she see Shao Ruihan, she will only feel afraid and want to flee.

"Hurry up and get dressed. Come out with me later." Shao Ruihan takes off his trousers, looking at Tang Ningshan who is standing in the corner. He urges.

"Here? Change clothes? Are you kidding me? No." Tang Ningshan says.

"Why? I don't ask you to change in front of everyone. Come on." Shao Ruihan says impatiently.

"Unless you go out, or I won't. I can't change it if you don't go out."

"You're my wife. Besides, I've seen all over of your body."

"Shao Ruihan!!"

In the middle of their quarrel, Shao Ruihan has changed his clothes and is walking towards the door with a suit coat.

Walking to the door, Shao Ruihan suddenly turns his head back. He staring at her, as if he is going to get know what kind of person she is.

"You'd better get used to your current position. You're the wife I married. There are some things you have to do. You know who I am. So there's something unnecessary I hope it won't happen again, including... And don't act like you're about to get raped."

Shao Ruihan's words are not complete, but Tang Ningshan understands what he means, watching him leave. She knows that she can only choose to obey, cooperate now. She cannot resist it, so can only choose to tolerate.

"Give me a room card for the suite, put all the equipment in the trunk, and I'll go up." Shao Ruihan seems to be a born superior. The manner of the movement and the expression, letting people fear to refuse, and can only listen to his command.

"Yes, but you..." Sloppy man looks up to see Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan.

The two men stand together as if they are made for each other. The suit seems more expensive wearing on Shao Ruihan, while Tang Ningshan's face is painted in light makeup with pure white knee-length dress. Her long hair is draped in the bare back.

"Pack your things. We're going to the presidential suite."

Sloppy man leads a few people around to put all the equipments into the suitcase. There are three boxes, and Shao Ruihan asks Lee to load the suitcases on his car.

Three people sitting in the car quietly, there is no the sound of conversation. Shao Ruihan has always closed his eyes. He does not want to tell Tang Ningshan what will happen next and what needs to be done.

Three people get off the car, entering the shopping center on the ground floor. People no matter they are coming in or going out, they all stop to observe both of them; after all, such a handsome body and beautiful young lady are rare.

A tall man with one arm rounding the shoulder of the girl next to him, and the other hand in his pocket, has a ruffian smile on his face. While the woman in the man's arms with flushed cheeks, pouts her mouth. Her eyes charming, her figure is beautiful.

"Well, look, isn't that a star? Look at that girl. Does she look like a star?"

"Look at that man. He's so handsome. He's just a gentleman. Look at that temperament."

"That girl is pretty, too. She's as pretty as a doll."

The people around are secretly looking at them, whispering about the relationship between these two people.

Two people go straight to the third floor and shop one shop by one shop, observing the people inside, observing the environment, observing all the places, and buying a lot of things. Then ask people to send those things upstairs to their room. When Shao Ruihan has finished checking, they go straight into the elevator and go upstairs.

"Auntie, do you think that woman looks like Tang Ningshan?" Yin Bilu is holding a new bag Yin He just bought her, looking at two people getting into the elevator.

Yin He looks around and turns to Yin Bilu. "Where is it?"

"The two people just got into the elevator, Auntie, don't you see them?"

"Was it a mistake?"

"I only saw the back, and she was with a man, who is handsome and noble. Maybe I am mistaken. Let's go home first, aunt."

"Fine, let's go home first. If she comes back, how could she not call your uncle?"