Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 46

Chapter 32: chapter 32-- you have to respect me

"Well, let's go back first." Yin Bilu is anxious, hoping to back home immediately to confirm whether Tang Ningshan has passed the test. If she has passed the test, isn't it proves that she is a step closer to Mrs. Shao's position as hostess of Shao family?

Being eager to know the result, Yin Bilu grabs Yin He and hurries downstairs. She tells the driver to drive home quickly, just wanting to know the situation immediately.

In the car, looking at urgent Yin Bilu, Yin He appears a helpless smile.

Yin He claps Yin Bilu's hand to relax her.

Yin Bilu also feels that she has over done it; maybe she should not show this appearance. So she tries to control her own leakage of emotion.

"Auntie, I..." Yin Bilu says, and as he hangs her head down, Yin He could see her flushed cheeks. Yin Bilu rubs her hands together. She looks ashamed and has to lower her head.

"Well, there's nothing to be ashamed of in front of your aunt, but do you really like Shao Ruthann?" Yin He feels a little suspicious, but she still wants to ask Yin Bilu whether she really wants to be with Shao Ruihan from her heart.

'Auntie.' Yin Bilu's head is getting lower and lower. It's going to stick to his chest.

"Good, I have known it, aunt will help you. And you just take it easy." Yin He smiles and looks at shy Yin Bilu. She starts to plan how could she let Yin Bilu get closer to Shao Ruihan in the circumstance and doesn't cause Shao Ruihan to be disgusted with.

When she gets to the Tang's house, she just stops her car and sees Tang Yichun coming back from the outside.

"Uncle" Yin Bilu cleverly stands aside and looks at Tang Yichun with an innocent smile.

"Good girl, did you have a good time today?"

"Uncle, did my cousin Ningshan call you?"

"Why do you mention her today? Why? Is she upsetting you?" Tang Yichun says angrily.

'No.' Yin Bilu waves her hand and takes Tang Yichun's arm then walks into the room. "I was at the mall with my aunt today and I think I saw her, so I want to ask you if she has called you. I haven't seen her for months."

"I'll call her later. If she comes back, I'll ask her to come back, OK?"

"Uncle, Shao Ruihan..." Yin Bi Lu says his name, then turns and runs upstairs.

"Look at the child." Tang Yichun looks at Yin Bi Lu who is running upstairs with a red face, and says to Yin He.

"It's all because of you who have made such a big mistake. I don't care what kinds of method you will use; you must allow Bilu to be with Shao Ruihan. Bilu likes Shao Ruihan very much."

"Take your time with this. We need to make Shao Ruihan to fall in love with her. Take Bilu to visit Shao's house more frequently and also goes to see your daughter. If you get a chance..." Tang Yichun says.

"Well, I'll take Bilu with me, but you'll still have to make a phone call to her. If she comes back, you let her come back with Shao Ruihan, and let Shao Ruihan know that we are they families of Tang Ningshan, so that I can introduce Bilu to him." Yin He enjoins Tang Yichun, while planning if the two of them come later, how to proceed with the next step.

In the hotel suite with all the fine furnishings, if you stand in front of the French windows, you will have a feeling of possessing the world.

Shao Ruihan leads Tang Ningshan into the house and starts to install those equipments. Two people are sitting on the sofa. Tang Ningshan just quietly watching without helping him.

After everything is installed, every floor's image appears. Every hallway, every corner, can be clearly seen.

"Well, don't you think you should not have brought me here for such a thing?" Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan, who is staring at the picture. She does not want to be alone in the same room with him, especially after he said that she has obligations to fulfill.

"I brought you here just to allow you to know your situation. There's no simple person in my family. Your scores are too low, you need training. All your movements will be restricted from now on, if you do anything that doesn't make sense, you'll be suspected." Shao Ruihan's words let Tang Ningshan feel that maybe she has over done it in the morning.

"What do you think I should do in such a situation? If I don't have enough deterrence, I would have been thrown away by your family today. How could I help you observing everyone in your family?"

"If you can't do it, you can't afford the consequences." Shao Ruihan's cold eyes sweep over Tang Ningshan's body.

It's the look in his eyes again. Why can this man's eyes be so cold? Like the blade of a sharp knife in the light of the lamplight, a silvery light, though flashing, can make a person chill, fear.

"Now that I have signed the agreement, I will do it; otherwise I will not sign it. Besides, we are now in a cooperative relationship. Would you please show me your most basic attitude?"

'What attitude?'

"I can't ask why you need to check something in your family, but you have to make sure that I don't risk my life for the time being."

"If you can't protect yourself, then you'd better be my sexual partner."

"Shao Ruihan, can't you take this to heart?"

"It's the truth!"

Tang Ningshan never looks up at Shao Ruihan, feeling frustrated. He is nothing but egotistical, arrogant.

But Tang Ningshan knows that he was right, what he said was true, but that was not what she has agreed to. It had nothing to do with her.

Tang Ningshan hates Shao Ruihan at the same time, also hates the original owner's father.

She just can't figure out how she got a father like that. It's not natural to treat a niece better than her own daughter. And the original owner was a little girl with no memory of her mother, as if she had memories; his father had married his stepmother. And after more than a year, the stepmother came to their home with her niece. The owner had never had a day of being loved, and she took it for granted.

Tang Ningshan decides that she would definitely seek justice for the owners in the future. After all, an innocent girl, at her tender age, was sold by her own father as wife to others. Even if the original owner was stupid, she should not be able to tolerate such a thing.

"Shao Ruihan, I don't want to talk about the past. There are some things that I don't want to talk about. I don't think I can decide. I want you to respect me. It's the least you can do for me!" Tang Ningshan says seriously. Shao Ruihan does not answer her; he is always staring at the screen on the computer.

Tang Ningshan takes a deep breath and tells herself to calm down. She doesn't think she could win over the powerful Shao Ruihan, so she refuses to argue with him.

The images on the computer flash and change. Seeing people come and go in the image, Tang Ningshan does not find a suspicious person. She begins to suspect whether hackers have made a joke with their soldiers.

"Captain Shao, we just received another message from the hacker that the terrorists will be here in about two hours." he says. The slob's voice is heard over the headset.

"Do you get a location this time?" Shao Ruihan takes the microphone. Suddenly another likely idea comes to him, but he cannot be sure.


"Keep everyone alert. Don't miss any suspicious targets." Shao Ruihan can only tell the person opposite. He cannot speak out his doubts and can only wait for the fact to be proved.

Shao Ruihan is looking at a computer without passing a tiny bit of detail. At this time, the phone in Tang Ningshan's pocket rings.

At the same time both men are startled, Shao Ruihan turns to stare at her.

Tang Ningshan just looks at the number on the phone and wonders if she can cancel it.

"Well, you pick it up. Since we're working together, there's something that you need to help me with." Tang Ningshan puts the phone into Shao Ruihan's hand, and pushes him to go away, and she goes to stare at the computer.

Shao Ruihan looks at the number on the phone and decides to answer it first. For a long time, he needs Tang Ningshan to help him investigate information.


"Uh... Where's Tang Ningshan? Put her on the phone." The tone of Tang Yichun is quite violent, and he does not try to please Shao Ruihan as he had done the first time.

"Ningshan is not here. Who's this?"

"I am her father, and who are you? Let Tang Ningshan answer the phone. "

"Ningshan is not here. If you're looking for her, call back while she comes back." With that Shao Ruihan just hangs up the phone and puts it on mute.

On the other side of the phone, Tang Yichun immediately drops the phone in his hand and says, "Fuck."

"Shao Ruihan, come and look at this man. He seems to be suspicious."

Tang Ningshan's finger on the computer points to a man with a hat. And the other hand is constantly waving to Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan walks quickly over and bends over, looking at the position of her finger. There is nothing strange about the man.

"I just saw him threw a few things into different trash cans. Every time he passes a trash can, he would throw one thing in, but the surveillance is so far away that I can't see exactly what he has put in, and every trash can is in the most crowded position."

After Tang Ningshan finishes talking, he finds that the man goes to a garbage can again and he takes out a thing from the bosom, and directly puts into the can.