Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 47

Chapter 47: chapter 47--you are about to die

Seeing Shen Quan injecting the liquid inside the needle into Tang Ningshan's body bit by bit, Shao Ruihan finally feels a little relieved.

He has been helping her as the antidote every day for the past few days. In fact, he is not feeling well and the person has not responded at all. There was no movement, not even a voice, as if it were a one-man show, with no audience and no rival. He has tried a lot of different ways like biting her to wake Tang Ningshan up, at least so that she could make a sound.

But no matter how rough he was, she kept her eyes closed and did not move a bit, which made him feel frustrated. Yes, frustrated, that would have happened to any man.

Think about it, your wife lies under you, but she doesn't have the slightest reaction. Who would not be grumpy? Shao Ruihan decides that when Tang Ningshan wakes up, he will definitely give her a lesson.

After injection, Shen Quan brings in a bowl of Chinese medicine from the outside.

"You drink it." The medicine bowl is delivered directly to Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan lies on the bed, immediately turning his head to one side "take it away."

"If she's having a seizure and you don't have the strength, you'll just have to find someone else to solve her problem." Shen Quan says in overjoyed.

"Shit, give it to me. You'd better forget what you just thought..." Shao Ruihan's voice is full of hostility.

Shen Quan hears such words, and then turns to look at Tang Ningshan very carefully. She is beautiful and has the tenacity. But what happened during these days they after returning, will let

Shao Ruihan make such a change?

Shen Quan recovers a gentle smile, but the words he said let Shao Ruihan want to throw him out directly, but now he doesn't have the ability to do so.

"Then I'll go back first, and when she wakes up again, the effect will come back, so I suggest you eat more now to replenish your strength. When her medicine is fully out of effect, I think you are about to die. Hahaha I'm happy to see then."

When Shen Quan finishes speaking, he turns and goes out to stop at the door.

"Well, I hope I can still see you jumping out of bed." Shen Quan leaves with a smile.

Shao Ruihan looks at the girl lying next to him. He looks very carefully. Her face is clean with closed eyes. She is frowning and looks tired.

He reaches out to hold her close to him. The skins cling to each other, which lets him feel very warm that he hasn't feel for a long time. In this kind of warmth, he gradually falls asleep.

When she opens her eyes, Tang Ningshan feels her body is no longer her own. Her body aches much more than when she learned to fight in a virtual space. She looks at the person lying next to her and reminds her of what had happened.

Tang Ningshan's mood becomes more and more complicated. The man saves her life again, but she doesn't feel touched at all. She was drugged, but must this be the only way to save her? Can't they do it another way?

'Hello.' Tang Ningshan pushes Shao Ruihan.

"Yes? What's up? Go back to sleep. I'm tired." Shao Ruihan's tone rises, giving people a kind of coquettish feeling.

"..." The devil is possessed? Tang Ningshan suspiciously looks at Shao Ruihan for a long time.

He looks very safe in his sleep, and even he looks handsome as if he comes from a picture. But his face is tired.

Tang Ningshan was about to get up, but in the moment of lifting the quilt, she gives up this thought.

"Where are my clothes? Even if we were...., I'm supposed to be dressed when it's over. What's the situation now?" Tang Ningshan murmurs in her heart. Now she really wants to throw the person who is holding her down the bed.

"Hey, get up!" Tang Ningshan shouts loudly.

"Again?" Shao Ruihan squints at Tang Ningshan lying on one side.

Finishing saying that, he directly rolls over on her body.

"Hello? Hey! You'd better stop." Tang Ningshan is furious and writhes hard to shake off the hand on her body.

"Be good, don't make a fuss. It won't hurt when the drug is out of effect." Shao Ruihan bows his head and kisses her on the forehead. He does not wait for Tang Ningshan to speak, but kisses her on the lips.

Tang Ningshan lets out a "uh-uh" sound.

Then there is another round.

Early in the next morning, Shao Ruihan gets up and calls Shen Quan to tell him what had happened yesterday. He asks him to come and check Tang Ningshan's condition now.

Shen Quan soon appears in Shao Ruihan's villa. Soon he sees Shao Ruihan downstairs, but the action is somewhat rigid, because he is stiff.

"Oh, how did you feel yesterday?" Shen Quan orders Steward Lin to sort out the medicinal materials and says to Shao Ruihan at the same time.

"Well, Ruihan, you've finally come down. Have you had enough fun?" Ji Jun gives him a wry smile.

Others stand quietly, lowering their sense of presence.

Shen Quan dares to make fun of Shao Ruihan, because he knows that he won't do anything to him until Tang Ningshan's body recovers, but Ji Jun is likely to have bad luck.

Shao Ruihan goes to the sofa and motions everyone to sit down.

"Jun. what's going on with your company?"

'It's good.'

Shao Ruihan nods.

"Where is the address?"

Ji Jun hears that, and he feels there is a sense of danger approaching.

"I haven't found the right one yet. It's too early for such a thing."

A seductive smile appears on Shao Ruihan's face.

"Since you haven't found the right one, from today on, you go out and look for the right one and

then you can come back. Just go now!"

Ji Jun looks at Shao Ruihan's face. He is seduced, and then nods.

'Hmm.' Shao Ruihan immediately puts away the smile, picking up the fruit from the coffee table to eat.

It takes a long time for Ji Jun to come back to his sense.

"Oh, my God. You're using a honey trap on me? Did you make a mistake? You guys see? Shao Ruihan actually used the honey trap to me!!!"

Shen Quan calmly looks at Ji Jun without making any sound.

Qu Bo with a stiff expression nods to show that he saw.

Xuan Yun has a big smile on his face and makes a thumb at Shao Ruihan.

"Did she wake up?" Shen Quan looks at Shao Ruihan and asks curiously.

Shao Ruihan looks at him and his eyes are full of inquiry.

"Hey, if she is awake. Take some medicine!" Shen Quan looks at Shao Ruihan speechlessly.

"No, I'll bring the medicine up to her later." Shao Ruihan looks at helpless Shen Quan, saying.

At this time in the bedroom.

"System, my reward, if you don't give me a reasonable reward, I think we should just disappear together!"

"You must be satisfied with the reward, master."The system says.

"Hope so."

"Don't worry, master. It's worth every penny."

"Bring it to me."

Tang Ningshan says, and then a yoghurt bottle appears on her hand, which writs special potion on the top.

"What the hell is this? Special yogurt?" Tang Ningshan looks at the bottle in her hand and says.

"Master, you've been drugged this time. So I've got you a potion. It's super-easy to use. Oh, no matter what negative effects of the medicine to you are not working, how you feel, thank me."

"Thank you? if you had taken this stuff out earlier, wouldn't that have happened? And you even hope I thank you, and if you ever show up in front of me, I swear I'll punch you a hundred times in the face."

"... Master, you'd better drink it quickly. This thing has a ten-minute shelf life or it will turn into yoghurt as soon as the time passes."

Tang Ningshan opens the lid, and directly drinks. Her movement is very smooth.

"Oh, yes, master, I advise you to go to the toilet, or..."

After the system says that, Tang Ningshan feels a sharp pain in her stomach.

She gets out of bed at once, but her legs are weak, so she falls on the ground. Shao Ruihan, who has just come in, seeing the person who is lying on the ground struggling.

Shao Ruihan walks quickly to the bed, reaching up and picking her up. But because he is out of energy, before he picks her up, he falls on her body.

"Shao Ruihan, you and I have a grudge against each other. You must get even with me this way?" Tang Ningshan says angrily.

"I'm sorry, I'm a little weak..." Shao Ruihan has a stiff face and red ears.

"Get up quickly; I need to go to the toilet!" Tang Ningshan suffers from abdominal pain, and says a few words.

Looking at Tang Ningshan whose face is covered with sweat, Shao Ruihan props up the body, forcing to embrace Tang Ningshan to walk toward the toilet.

Putting Tang Ningshan on the toilet, Shao Ruihan stands on one side to wait.

"Don't you think you should go out?" Tang Ningshan says in anger.

'Oh.' Shao Ruihan replies, and then stiffly walks out.

Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan has changed after she wakes up. He is not the pervert in the past. He has become a fool, and still a little dim-witted.

About half an hour later, Tang Ningshan finally walks out of the toilet holding the wall and sees Shao Ruihan sitting by the bed with a bowl in his hand. She is absolutely sure that this person is not Shao Ruihan now.

"Hey, possessed by a demon?" Tang thinks it's safer to ask.

Shao Ruihan turns to her and hands over the bowl in his hand.

"Drink up." The voice is getting cold again.


'Quickly, or it will become cold.' Shao Ruihan speaks again, his voice is still cold.

Tang Ningshan directly takes the bowl of dark medicine, looking inside. And she looks at Shao Ruihan. She wonders whether she would spend half an hour in the toilet if she drinks the medicine.

"Can I not drink? I just came out of the bathroom." Tang Ningshan's voice is tired.