Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 47

Chapter 33: chapter 33-- anti intrusion

"Look, he's put something in there. Can you send someone to check it? If it's something normal, that's fine. But if it's a bomb, that's a problem."

Tang Ningshan wrinkles her nose, feeling that the quality of the camera is too poor. Since it is used to monitor, why not make it high-definition. If it fails to see tings clearly, what's the use of it?

"Tao, send some people here to clean up all the trash cans on the first and second floors. Send more people, be quick. In addition, a suspicious target has been found and if there is anything in the trash can, evacuate the crowd. Keep an eye out for a man in a white casual dress, wearing sneakers and a dark blue hat. He's about 176 centimeters tall and is kind of thin."

Tang Ningshan listens to Shao Ruihan's order, feeling speechless. Why not connecting directly to their computer? Why does he make this thing such troublesome? Then, her finger flies on the keyboard, there are kinds of codes appear on the screen.

Soon after, Tang Ningshan has connected to the headquarters' computer, successfully hacking into their system and circling the location of suspicious targets on their computers.

Her action makes Shao Ruihan's eyes flash a light. But soon, he returns to normal.

"Can you trace the hack inside their system?" Shao Ruihan asks softly, as if he is afraid of scaring her.

After all, hackers are rare. He believes their headquarters is not so easy to hack, but it only takes a few minutes for her to get in and control it.

"Yes, I can." Tang Ningshan answers quickly.

Then she realizes what she has done. She bounces off the sofa and hits her head on Shao Ruihan's chin. She sits down again with a "ah".

One hand rubs her head, while she is moving to the other side of the sofa. She tries to leave the current position, but she is pulled back by Shao Ruihan.

"See if you can find out where the hacker is."

"System task. complete tracking location. Track successfully and get random rewards."

"System, you are bothersome. Why you have to send out the task for a little thing, you are really so boring."

"I am busy, okay? I'm helping you make a study plan every day. If you want more rewards and better body, you need to do more tasks, master. I'm doing it for your own benefits."

"I know, I know." Her face is clearly impatient.

Shao Ruihan looks at her hand flying on the keyboard, looking at her expression. Suddenly he gets angry. He just let her track, why does she show such an impatient expression.

"Can you do it?"

Shao Ruihan's tone is very bad, letting Tang Ningshan feel that he is the pervert at all who she hates.

"Don't you think you should be a little patient? He has used hundreds of tricks. That's not so easy to catch up with. Besides, if he doesn't open his computer, I can't catch up with it. Do you know?"

"Well, if you can catch it, I'll just wait here patiently." At this point, Shao Ruihan seems to understand that her impatience is not directed at him. His voice and expression gets much better, and he walks to one side, taking the phone out of his pocket and making a few orders. Then hangs up the phone and comes back to the sofa opposite her.

People say that the earnest person is the most beautiful; this sentence is not false at all. Although Tang Ningshan's appearance is really because, Shao Ruihan still does not like the former her.

And now she doesn't make him feel disgusted. Now she's even making him happy and entertained. Looking at her angry appearance, it is just like the cat he has ever raised. When she is angry, she immediately puts out its claws bristles all of her fur.

"Captain Shao, all the trash cans have been replaced with new ones, with the latest type of remote-controlled bombs. We followed the suspect and found that he was wandering around the mall without the slightest intention of going upstairs." Voice comes from inside the walkie-talkie again.

"See if you can find a place to destroy it right away. If not, find a vacant lot immediately and evacuate the crowd afterwards." Shao Ruihan makes a prompt decision.

Shao Ruihan now even feels that this time it is not an attack on the head of state at all, but retaliation against society, otherwise who would have made so many powerful time bombs? They also specially selected places with large numbers of people to settle them.

"Are there any other suspicious circumstances?"

"No, many of our people have been scattered behind the crowd, and if they see a suspicious target, they will immediately report to you."

The conversation between the two soon ends, and the minutes pass. Tang Ningshan has also caught the hacker's last location, but he seems not be here.

"Hey, he's not here." Tang Ningshan's says to Shao Ruihan.

She is so tired and hungry now.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with this expression, which makes him feel a little strange. This is the first time that he sees her showing such a look, as if she is deeply wronged and sad.

He even begins to think about her secret, and he is now very certain that this person, or the soul of this person, is not the woman he married at all.

"See if there's anything useful in his computer." Shao Ruihan stands up and walks over to Tang Ningshan, his eyes always fix on her body.

Listening to his words, she can only continue to work hard. After all, he is her boss!

The fingers are tapping on the keyboard, making a crackling noise.

"Check it out. It's a multi-layered encrypted folder. It will be united in a minute. I'm going to the bathroom." Tang Ningshan thinks that she must not see these documents. The old saying says that the more you know, the faster you die. She does not live enough time, so she needs to learn to be smarter.

In the toilet, Tang Ningshan turns on the tap, letting the water keep flowing. She sits on the sink.

"System, don't you think you've given me too many of a tasks but you haven't sent me any task rewards!!!" What annoys Tang Ningshan most is that the system has said only random rewards many times, but has not given her anything after completing the task?

"Master, calm down and I will tell you a piece of good news."

Tang Ningshan picks up her eyebrows. "What good news? If it doesn't cheer me up, I suggest you stop talking."

"After completing one more random task, I can upgrade."

"What? You can still upgrade? How come you've never been promoted before?" Tang Ningshan's face is surprised. "It's your fault. You only chose the simplest work to do and chose the reward yourself. There's nothing useful, so I'm at the lowest level. Master, I think you need to review it."

"I'll keep trying. You'd better stop talking nonsense."

"When are you going to reward me?"

"After the upgrade, I'm giving you something better..." The sound of the system is getting smaller and smaller. Tang Ningshan cannot hear it at all, but she feels that the system is trying to figure something out.

Coming out of the bathroom, she sees the strange expression on Shao Ruihan's face.

Tang Ningshan is originally lazy person, so consciously she walks to one side, taking out a mobile phone to start playing games. She does not pay attention to the man's weirdness at all.

A sudden noise comes from the computer.

Tang Ningshan immediately walks to the computer, Shao Ruihan also immediately recovers. Two people looks at several figures from the computer screen, but fail to see the face clearly.

"Huh? Are they infighting?" Tang Ningshan asks suspiciously.

"Is there any way to hear their voices?" Shao Ruihan has a serious look on his face.

'Wait.' Tang Ningshan's fingers quickly tap a few codes on the computer, and then they hear the sound from there.

A stocky black man, speaking a pure foreign language, says in a rather bad tone. "Why was the bomb discovered? Who leaked it?"

"There are only six of us; three of us went out, three of us on guard. No one has communication tools but the conductor and the man outside, and who's going to leak the news." The voice of a young man spreads out, but he is invisible.

"There must be a mole among us." The Black goes on talking.

"I think it's him." A foreigner in blue shirt points to the person, who is close to the computer.

"I think it's you, also." The person next to the computer is a Chinese. According to the accent, he should come from Beijing. Because he sits back to the computer, so they cannot see the figure.

As they speak, the two men argues, and the blue-shirt foreigner just grabs a chair from under his butt and smashes it into the man sitting by the computer.

"All right, now it's time to find out the spy instead of infighting." The black man bawls out.

"Tell me what you've been doing all this time. The few of us, everyone's a suspect."

"Why should anyone be a suspect? We're both in the room with nothing. We're both in the room, If sitting in a room is suspect, you might as well have shot me, because if I am not being trusted, and there's no need for us to work together." On the side of the computer, the man says loudly.

"I just saw you working on your computer."As soon as the man in blue says that, all the people in the room turn around and look at the people by the computer.