Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 48

Chapter 34: chapter 34-- tell the truth

"I saw you are playing your cell." The Chinese tone is disdained, and then he turns to the computer.

Tang Ningshan immediately taps on the keyboard for a long time, only then she relieves breath.

In Shao Ruihan's eyes, he couldn't believe but see a person's hand can move so fast that he can't even see the movement of the fingers for the first time.

'Is that all right?' Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, whose face is covered by sweat. And for the first time he asks in a somewhat urgent tone.

"Well, no one will find any traces." Tang Ningshan leans on the sofa, letting her relax. Even when studying in the virtual space, she did not feel such tired.

The image on the computer is still going on.

"You haven't quit?" The voice of Shao Ruihan is deep and the cold light in her eyes makes her shiver.

"Relax, it doesn't matter even if I don't quit. His computer uses a virtual network. It doesn't connect to the Internet at all except using high-end hacking. Why are you so worried about it?" Tong Ningshan sneers.

"Shouldn't you be working on other issues right now?" Tang Ningshan mocks him.

"If he finds out, it's dangerous." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with a grim expression on his face.

Tang Ningshan gives a supercilious look to him.

"I know, otherwise I wouldn't have gone to such lengths to change his program."

Shao Ruihan regrets why not he learned electronics technology harder. Now he is under the derision of a little girl.

"I'm afraid I'm going to urge you to do what you need to do as soon as possible, sir. I'm very tired and very hungry; please finish it quickly, okay?"

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, who is sitting on the sofa limply, and he does not continue to argue with her.

He picks up the walkie-talkie and asks directly.

"Tao, the suspect target is ready to arrest, we have found out the exact location of the hacker, I now give their address to you, you take people there."

'What?' A sound of surprise comes from the opposite direction.

"I'm sending you the coordinates. You take people here." Shao Ruihan ignores the surprise of the people opposite and repeats what he has just said.

"Is the source reliable?" The man opposite asks again.

Hearing this, Tang Ningshan sits up straight on the sofa, and shares the current scene directly on the headquarters computer, letting the people in headquarters to see and to listen by themselves.

There is only one sound from the other side "Fuck... ," It takes a long time to pick up the conversation.

"Captain Shao, can you stop treating HQ's defenses as worthless? I'm really bothered by the way you've been trespassing. And where did you find such a talented person? Can you lend me your people?" The voice of the man opposite seems very excited, and the voice is clearly several decibels higher than before.

"No, do it quickly." Shao Ruihan just puts the intercom down.

Then he starts to put away all the unnecessary listening devices, leaving only the walkie-talkies and the computer.

Suddenly the room backs into silence again and Shao Ruihan sits down beside Tang Ningshan and reaches out to touch her face.

"What are you doing?"Tang Ningshan pushes away his hand, and the body retreats unconsciously, pulling the distance between the two men.

"Who the hell are you?" Shao Ruihan's dark eyes grow dimmer, as if something are about to jump out.

"What? I am... who am I? You don't know?" Tang Ningshan's heart clatters, and begins to wonder if he has known something.

"You're not Tang Ningshan at all. Who the hell are you? Say it." Shao Ruihan's hand directly pinches in Tang Ningshan's slender neck.

"If I'm not Tang Ningshan, who am I? You let go of me, Shao Ruihan you're a psychotic. I don't want to be in such a funk, even if your family doesn't kill me, you'll have to let me die sooner or later.

You're the one who's going to strangle me." Tang Ningshan never care about the hand above her neck because she knows she has the value now, he will not give up her easily.

"Deny it? Tang Ningshan doesn't know anything about computers or hype. The person is kind, and she won't argue with others. Basically she is same as a person who is living in the fairy tale world.

You said you are her, do you think I believe it? You just ask yourself, do you believe? If you were such means before, with such mind, your stepmother and cousin would have easily been handled by you. And tell me who you are immediately." Shao Ruihan makes Tang Ningshan some breathless.

Tang Ningshan begins to struggle, her hands are constantly waving. With less and less air inhaling, the smell of death approaches. And the fear that she had felt the other night, which has sunk her heart, making her realize that if she does not give him a satisfactory answer, he would kill her.

She reaches out to take his hand, but the hand clutching her neck would not budge.

"Ah... Ahem..." Tang Ningshan strokes her neck and coughs. She looks up at his eyes with great hatred in her eyes.

'Say or not?' Shao Ruihan says these three words murderously, letting her can't help but strike a chill.

Shao Ruihan's idea is simple. He must find out who this person is and if she is a spy in another country, with her hacking skills, she can steal all the secrets without any effort. It's terrible. She can hack into people's computers if she knows the location. If she's not one of us, she's a ticking time bomb.

At this time Tang Ningshan is afraid, no one wanted to die. Shao Ruihan's breath really lets her have the feeling of dying. She cries, "I said, you stay away from me. Stay away from me."

Shao Ruihan's murderous spirit does not disappear, but is getting thicker and thicker, letting Tang Ningshan's already slightly trembling body trembles more seriously.

Looking at Shao Ruihan's cold eyes, Tang Ningshan knows that she might not be able to leave the room today if she had a little bit of a lie in her own words.

"I, uh... I, uh... also known as... Tang Ningshan, but I really am not the person you married." Tang Ningshan trembles and chokes with sobs as he said this.

"It must have been died the night of your wedding because of an explosion. And I somehow got inside this body, not because I wanted to come here. I'm an orphan, I want to live as I came, and I told you to let me go, but you... If you don't believe me, you can find out, I used to live in the A city, Shan Heng District, 1 503, the neighbor is an old couple, surnamed Wang. They have no children..." At this point, Tang Ningshan bursts into tears and her eyes are full of grievances.

"You say you entered her body because you were dead?" Shao Ruihan is surprised. How could he have thought that such a thing would happen to him? If Tang Ningshan said is true, then all the anomalies would be explained, but he is not ready to let her go. As a talented person, she should have done something for him.

Shao Ruihan looks at her indifferently. He sees the girl, who usually explodes with a laugh, now is pale with tears and trembling body, even breathing unevenly.

"Um..." Tang Ningshan weeps and nods.

"I'll look into what you said. If you lie to me, I've got 10,000 ways to let you know what happens when you cheat on me." Shao Ruihan's cold words make her tremble even more serious.

"I didn't lie to you. You can go and find out right now."

Shao Ruihan goes to one side, taking out a mobile phone to make a phone call. He gives the address that she said just now to someone to ask him to check the information of the house owner.

Tang Ningshan is a child without parents, without the right and had no money, so the information is very easy to be checked. Soon Shao Ruihan receives the feedback.

"Well, you don't seem to have the guts to lie, but in that case, it looks like that our agreement needs to be changed." Shao Ruihan says.

"Change? Why? I help you get the information, then you let me go, why do you want to change!"Tang Ningshan listens to Shao Ruihan's words, immediately shouting.

"Why? Why? It's easy. If you don't want to get caught and used for studying..." not until Shao Ruihan finish talking, Tang Ningshan instantly understands his meaning.

"You are threatening me?" Tang Ningshan says with an incredible expression.

'What do you think?' He is sitting on the couch with his legs crossed and he makes himself a cup of tea.

"You're a pervert, Shao Ruihan. You'll die a terrible death!" Tang Ningshan feels that if she is threatened every day, she would like to choose death.

"You can't take threats, I promise. As soon as you get out of this house, someone will take you away. If you don't believe me, you can try." Shao Ruihan says calmly.

"..." Tang Ningshan glares at him and grits her teeth.

"What do you want, then?" She feels that if she does not satisfy him today, she would come to a bad end.

"Quite simple, add one more clause to the agreement, and you must comply unconditionally with the task I give you." Shao Ruihan's face is serious, and he says the purpose directly.

"If your task is to let me sleep with someone, do I obey?" Tang Ningshan says fiercely.

"I'm not as dirty as your father, and I'm not going to let my girl be with anyone else." Shao Ruihan's remark is a clear reminder that she has to know where she is.

"Yes, but you must keep it a secret." Tang Ningshan can only fight for herself for the benefits that can be earned.

"According to your appearance" Shao Ruihan raises his eyebrows and looks at her laughingly.

The conversation between the two finally comes to an end, which makes Tang Ningshan feel much better. After all, he is going to let her go, as she expected. And she knows that what she has done is the key to letting her go. She has expected him to threaten her in the future, but he just merely said that an item should be added to the agreement, making her wonder what the so-called mission is.