Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 49

Chapter 35: chapter 35-- onlooking

At this time, several people on the other side of the computer have entered into the heat; several people suspect each other, coming to a deadlock.

However, judging from their words and actions, Tang Ningshan knows that they suspect that the Chinese are traitors and think that the problem is come from him. Because everyone has different opinion, black people have a hard time making decisions and can only wait.

The computer is there all the time, and they are all ready to check his computer. He has to step away from it and wait for the computer expert to come back and see if he has sent any messages through the computer.

As no one touched the computer, Tang Ningshan could only see the inside of the room and hear the sound, but she could not confirm the situation inside of the house. Then Shao Ruihan tells everyone to stay put and wait for instructions.

"Boss, the man in the mall is missing and everyone who goes with him has been dumped." Tao's voice comes from inside the walkie-talkie.

Hearing this, Shao Ruihan became very annoyed, immediately taking out the phone to call the sloppy man to tell him to hide carefully and do not take action in haste.

After hanging up the phone, Shao Ruihan asks Tang Ningshan to pack up the things and go with him.

"Well, why should I go with you?" Tang Ningshan's whole body faintly leans on the sofa, and says faintly.

"It is your duty to obey orders. You will do whatever I want without any reason." Shao Ruihan doesn't even look at her. He goes into his bedroom and takes out two large bags. Tang Ningshan knows that they are full of weapons and equipments. After two months of dealing with these things, she can remember it well.

Shao Ruihan casually throws one to her, the meaning is clear that this bag is hers.

"Hey, why are you giving me this? You know my training scores." Tang Ningshan just opens the bag and sees what is in it, immediately she loses her mind.

"What the hell are you doing? Give me a sniper rifle? I don't know how to use it." Tang Ningshan just throws the bag back, and she has already been very regretful when she was found to master the computer. If he finds something else, she doesn't guarantee that Shao Ruihan won't arrest her.

"Take it. And do not talk." Shao Ruihan's body sends out a cold breath. His tone is calm, letting Tang Ningshan know that this person is now in a bad mood.

The two go out one after another, and go into the elevator. Shao Ruihan puts one hand to round Tang Ningshan's waist. and the elevator goes straight into the underground garage.

They walk to a military Hummer. Lee is sitting in the driver's seat. After getting on the car, Tang Ningshan finds that the interior of the car was transformed into a workshop, which has a lot of electronic equipment.

Shao Ruihan points at Tang Ningshan's computer on the table. The meaning is obvious. She reaches for computer and turns it on. Soon there is a picture on the computer and the sound is coming from inside.

This makes Lee who is driving feel very surprised. After all, when Tang Ningshan was training, she didn't show a little advantage to the computer, and all the results have just reached the pass line.

"They seem to be having an affair. The Chinese man seems to be in danger." Tang Ningshan looks at the picture, and wrinkles her nose.

Shao Ruihan hears the voice and looks over at once, his eyes is darkening.

"There's no way to go on like this. Is there any way to monitor the whole situation?" Shao Ruihan's voice is steady.

"Well, it's not impossible. Do you have permission for a higher net account? It's better if it's top-level." Tang Ningshan turns his head and thinks for a moment. Now that she has tied to the hateful man, she has to make him feel that she is very important, so that she can be safe.

Listening to this, his eyes are staring at her for a long time, before he speaks out an account number.

Tang Ningshan quickly logs in the account, looking for the coordinates near all the monitoring. Only then she knows that they are in a big wooden house above the wasteland. Such a room is very difficult to have surveillance or Internet cable, which lets Tang Ningshan tangle for a long time.

After a long while, as if she has determined to do so, she makes a lot of software on the computer, and then embeds into the other person's computer. Tang Ningshan learned such a program in the virtual space, using alien technology. She does not know how to explain to Shao Ruihan. But to be able to solve the problem quickly, she can only take such a risk.

Soon the program is installed and all the images in the room are displayed on the surveillance screen.

Shao Ruihan stares at Tang Ningshan for a long time; the color in his eyes is getting darker, as if he is going to suck Tang Ningshan in.

Tang Ningshan feels cold from the way he looked at him. She understands that she is only usable resources for Shao Ruihan. She is safe when he feels he could control her, and she would be in danger if he feels she is out of control.

Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan begins to tremble, and looks away.

He takes out the phone and dials it out.

"Tao, there are five people in the house. The man in the mall has been lost. He is missing. You need to hide well as quickly as possible before you are found out. I will share the image of the house with you later." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, who is shrugging.

"No computer?" Shao Ruihan raises his voice.

"A cell phone is okay, too." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan's expression and knows that she must figure out a solution.

"Cell phones are OK. If circumstances permit, you'd better ask your supervisor if there is any spy inside so that he can avoid being injured." Shao Ruihan looks at the picture of the Chinese people, saying the expected idea in his heart.

Tang Ningshan asks puzzlingly, "That Chinese, do you know?"

Shao Ruihan does not speak, just quietly looks at the pictures of several people quarrelling, only finds that the Chinese stops talking without explaining as if as long as the person who knows the computer comes back, he would prove that he is innocent.

The car soon arrives to the edge of the city, following the path to the designated spot. This is Tang Ningshan's first time to come to such wasteland.

This also increases the difficulty of capture. Although there are no residents around, the grass is too high, if someone really shuttles in the grass, it is easy to lose.

Getting out of the car and taking the bag and loaded the computer with her, Tang Ningshan quickly replaces the high-heeled shoes. She puts on a pair of military boots. Lace long skirt and military boots together are appearing unusual, so Shao Ruihan gives her a supercilious look.

The three men slowly move closer to the slob, in order not to be seen by the enemy, but neither did their own... Shao Ruihan looks at them speechlessly. Keeping such vigilance, once the enemy attacks, all of them will definitely be killed. How could they still remain until now?

Shao Ruihan takes a ball directly from inside the bag, throwing it at the slob's head and hitting him directly on the head. Successfully, he gets him back.

The slob touched his head and he laughs. "Oh, what are you doing here?"

"I think you should go back to accept training." Shao Ruihan pats him on the head and says coldly.

"Yes, yes, I'd better go back and wait for captain Shao to give me the assignment." Sloppy man's face does not change at all, but he laughs and says this to Shao Ruihan.

Then Tang Ningshan sees sloppy man coming towards her with a military salute.

"Hello, my name is Zhu Tao. Is that you who caught the hacker's location?" Zhu Tao and Tang Ningshan shake hands before they speak.

Tang Ningshan's beautiful eyebrows moves slightly, and with a smile on her face, "How can you think it's me?"

Zhu Tao points to Shao Ruihan. "I know that he never interested in these things, so it could only be you."

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan and says "Oh" in doubt.

Zhu Tao's head gets close to Tang Ningshan's ear and whispers, "We've known each other for a long time. In the old days, he was cold and impersonal, and he solved everything by force."

When Tang Ningshan hears this, she chuckles loudly.

She looks at Shao Ruihan's expression, immediately shuts up.

"Hello, my name is Tang Ningshan. Nice to meet you." Tang Ningshan introduces herself briefly.

"Then why are you with him?" Zhu Tao is very gossipy.

"Want to know?" Tang Ningshan smiles with bright eyes.

Zhu Tao nods quickly.

"You ask him, and I also want to know why I'm following him. If you ask, come back and tell me." Tang Ningshan smiles and walks over to Shao Ruihan. She is ready to get the surveillance footage out first, in case Shao Ruihan would asked her to do something else.

Zhu Tao looks at Tang Ningshan's back and finds that the girl is interesting. If possible, she could come to their technical department. This is a talented person. As he just wants to follow Tang Ningshan's step, he sees Shao Ruihan looking at him coldly, which lets him just immediately put down his lifted foot.

Zhu Tao sighs in his heart, how can all the talents be discovered by Shao Ruihan? Why can't he keep such a good person? Their information section needs talents very much. Even if she can't come, she can give them training. At this point, Zhu Tao's eyes light up immediately, Yes, I can borrow her. That's a good idea.

Behind them, Lee looks at the three people in front of him and smiles. He seemed to have found something interesting. But should he tell others? If the captain knows that he might suffer. So it's better to be an onlooker.