Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 5

chapter 195-- its better to have short, sharp pains than long, dull pains

"Shan, you misunderstand me. I seriously want to spend a lifetime with you, although I don't love you ..." Shao Ruihan's words are not finished, Tang Ningshan shouts to Shao Ruihan: "You shut up!"

"Shao Ruihan! This is the last time I talk to you about this topic. My marriage must have love in it. If there is no love in a marriage, then it is not called marriage. I don't care what you are thinking, but I will tell you again now! You don't love me, I don't love you either. There is nothing but cooperation between us. As long as I help you get what you need, I hope that you will immediately put the divorce agreement in front of me!" After that, Tang Ningshan directly goes into the bathroom.

At the moment of entering, Tang Ningshan locks the door. The weight of her entire body is all pressed against the door of the bathroom. She leans against the door, raising a hand to press her heart, trying hard to calm her emotion. When she heard Shao Ruihan's words which are like a confession, she was very impulsive to promise him. However, he just now said that he does not love her? Her heart is like falling into the bottom.

At this moment, Tang Ningshan understands that she has placed Shao Ruihan in a very important position. She cares more about him than she thinks, and she has even reached the point of love. However, he does not love her.

Thinking of this, Tang Ningshan's face shows a mocking smile. Since he is not willing to give her love, then it's better to have short, sharp pains than long, dull pains.

Tang Ningshan goes to the sink and fills it with water. She buries her head directly into the sink, and she wants to wake herself up. The feeling of suffocation reminds her that she still has a lot to do.

When Tang Ningshan feels that she is about to suffocate, she lifts her head out of the water. She keeps breathing, she knows that such self-abuse is wrong, but she couldn't think of any way to keep herself awake and to let herself ignore the sour and painful feelings in her heart.

Tang Ningshan takes the towel on one side, wiping the water on her face and hair, and then walks out with no expression.

Shao Ruihan sees her out and immediately steps forward.

Shao Ruihan's hands hold Tang Ningshan's hand and he says with urgency and seriousness "Shan, I think I can try it. You should listen to me first, don't refute me. Although I don't think I have the ability to love someone, if this person is you, I think I can have a try. All I am saying is true."

Tang Ningshan smiles and says "Shao Ruihan since you said that you don't think you have the ability to love someone, why should you force yourself like this? I think you'd better still to be a free and proud captain. We originally come from two different worlds. If it wasn't for Tang Yichun, I don't think you would pay attention to me at all. It is exactly the former Tang Ningshan. Although there have been many things happening between us, it is under the premise of cooperation between us. I don't want to hear you say these words today again! You don't need to say that you can try to love me. This is a joke for me. Love is love, not love is not love, is love something that can have a try? "Tang Ningshan's voice is quite dull. When she speaks, her emotions don't even have any changes. She gives Shao Ruihan a feeling of being unable to grasp, it's a little ethereal.

Shao Ruihan holds the hand of Tang Ningshan, and his hand unconsciously tightens. Tang Ningshan even feels that her bones are about to be pinched off by him. However, she does not speak, and her expression is faint.

"Tang Ningshan, I hope you can understand that I am really serious. I don't want to divorce you, I don't want you to leave my world, do you understand?" Shao Ruihan's voice is quite gentle, but Tang Ningshan thinks his words have a threatening meaning.

The smile on Tang Ningshan's face does not disappear, but she still says faintly: "Shao Ruihan, what do you think is the significance of talking about this topic over and over again? The original agreement was made by you, right? The later clauses were also drafted after our consultation, right? You said just now that you don't want to divorce me; you don't want me to leave you? Who am I in your heart? "Tang Ningshan forces herself to calm down and says to Shao Ruihan. Her eyes fix on Shao Ruihan's expression, hoping to see what he is thinking now."

Shao Ruihan does not say any more words but directly pushes Tang Ningshan to the bed. His body is attached to her and his eyes are straight on her. After a moment, he bows his head and kisses her.

Tang Ningshan is not struggling. Even though she has undergone system's training, she seems to have a fear of Shao Ruihan. In front of him, she does not have any resistant ability at all.

Because the person under him does not react, the kiss at the beginning gradually turns into a bite. Tang Ningshan does not respond and does not resist. This state of her makes Shao Ruihan very desperate. His head moves down along the body of Tang Ningshan.

"Shao Ruihan, you know that I have no ability to resist. But if this is what you called forever, then you'd better kill me directly." Tang Ningshan's voice is very dull so that Shao Ruihan cannot know her emotions from her voice. Her eyes are fixed on the ceiling, and she knows very well that her body does not exclude Shao Ruihan. Even when Shao Ruihan is close to her, she can feel the joy of her heart. However, this is not what she wants at all. Since she could not get his love, she plans to give up contact with Shao Ruihan.

After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, Shao Ruihan immediately stops the action. His head presses against her cheek and whispers in her ear: "What do you want me to do? I said I will try to love you. What can I do to keep you from leaving me? His voice sounds painful and oppressive. If it weren't for what he said just now, Tang Ningshan even thinks that he has fallen in love with her now.

"We are peacefully leaving each other's world..." Tang Ningshan says to Shao Ruihan, but she is also telling herself. This is the best result between them.

After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, Shao Ruihan does not know what to say. He puts Tang Ningshan into his arms and the two people cling together.

The room suddenly becomes quiet, and both of them could only hear each other's sound of breathing. Just when Tang Ningshan thinks that Shao Ruihan has already agreed with her decision, Shao Ruihan speaks.

"One month, give me a month. If I don't fall in love with you, I will let you go." Shao Ruihan's voice is a little dull.

"Okay, I agree." Tang Ningshan shifts the line of sight that had been looking at the ceiling and places it on Shao Ruihan's head. She couldn't see his expression, but she still replies to him. She doesn't know why, at this moment, she thinks that Shao Ruihan is so fragile, just like the state of the last sudden illness.

After Shao Ruihan hears Tang Ningshan's answer, he looks up and wants to see the expression of Tang Ningshan. The eyes of the two people collide together coincidentally, which lets Shao Ruihan's heart shake. He suddenly finds that the girl in his arms is looking at him with a joyful but complicated look.

"In the month, we have to be together. We can't separate under any circumstances. If I still fail to fall in love with you after a month, then I will let you go. What do you think?" Shao Ruihan seems to be begging. Tang Ningshan nods in no confusion.

After getting the guarantee, Shao Ruihan's lips fall again. The lips of the two people are tightly attached together. Tang Ningshan is directly stunned. She does not understand why Shao Ruihan suddenly starts kissing her again.

Shao Ruihan feels that she is outside the situation. He bites her lip gently, and Tang Ningshan immediately stares at Shao Ruihan.

"Shan, I won't let you leave." Shao Ruihan's words just finish, Tang Ningshan is ready to refute. This just gives Shao Ruihan a chance. After that, the whole room could only hear the moaning sound of Tang Ningshan, and the whole room is full of intimate atmosphere.

When Shao Ruihan let go of her, all of her exposed skin is dyed with a light red.

The next morning, Tang Ningshan wakes up and finds that her body is full of marks left by Shao Ruihan. Even the air is intimate.

Tang Ningshan has been immersed in the matter of yesterday. God, what did they do last night!

Just as Tang Ningshan recalls, Shao Ruihan comes out of the bathroom with a bath towel.

Shao Ruihan looks at the girl sitting in a daze on the bed, smiling.

Shao Ruihan walks toward Tang Ningshan. Once again, he pushes her in bed, and Tang Ningshan screams subconsciously.

"Baby, good morning!" Shao Ruihan's face has a smile; his voice is also very hearty, which is completely different from usual Shao Ruihan.

Tang Ningshan nods. She doesn't know what to say. However, her instinctive reaction is to push Shao Ruihan away from her body.

"Don't move." Shao Ruihan's voice suddenly becomes lower and the color of his eyes becomes darker. Tang Ningshan immediately does not dare to move.

"...I... I think you should get up from me now." Tang Ningshan's voice is very light, and she hopes that Shao Ruihan, who is pressing on her, would keep a distance with her. After all, she feels that this state is very unsafe for her.

Shao Ruihan prints a kiss on the lips of Tang Ningshan. After that, he puts his face in front of Tang Ningshan's lips.

Tang Ningshan immediately understands what he means. Tang Ningshan has no choice but to look up and give a kiss to his face. After that, she takes the courage to push Shao Ruihan away, who is pressing on her.

However, at this time, a scene of embarrassment happens. The bath towel on Shao Ruihan falls to the ground.