Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 50

Chapter 36: chapter 36-- the first time

Tang Ningshan quickly takes out the computer, putting it on a tree stump. She squats down to connect the monitoring program, making Zhu Tao who is watching her surprised.

The hand is too fast, the speed is not a normal person should have. Even he cannot see the movement of her finger, but only hear crackling sound of the keyboard. The code is constantly rising on the screen. Zhu Tao thinks if there is a stopwatch to calculate now, Tang Ningshan may even write the codes ten times or a hundred times more than others within one seconds.

"How did you practice?" Zhu Tao begins to look at Tang Ningshan formally and seriously. Tang Ningshan can only helplessly shake her head, looking at Shao Ruihan. It's not that she does not want to say it, but she cannot say. If she says then she will get in trouble.

Shao Ruihan looks at Zhu Tao who is serious. "It's none of your business, okay? If you really want to be as quick as her, you'd better put your hand into the boiling oil like the TV played. You just put your hand into the boiling oil to grab coins. When you can grab the coin out without burning your hand, then you will have a quick hand successfully."

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan in surprise. He is really smart, because she has practiced the speed this way. The saucepan is so big and the system required her to reach in and pick up the coin with her fingertips. When she takes it out, her hand shouldn't have any oil on it. And every time, there are more than a dozen coins that had to be brought out at once.

Zhu Tao looks at Tang Ningshan. From the expression of her, he knows that Shao Ruihan was telling the truth, the girl in front of him really practiced in this way.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, there is a kind of strange feeling produce from the bottom of his heart, but the feeling is so slightly and very quickly flashes, which lets Shao Ruihan not understand what that feeling is. Quickly, he puts it aside and doesn't consider any more.

"Did you ask your boss? Is there any spy among them?" Shao Ruihan with his head down intends to deal with the matter at hand first.

"Well, as you said, the Chinese man inside is undercover, and all the information confirms that he is the one who sent the information to us." Zhu Tao looks at Shao Ruihan beside him; there is a weird feeling in Zhu Tao's heart.

When he saw the Chinese man in the picture, he recognized the man, but Shao Ruihan did not directly consider the rescue, but asked him to consult his superior. Remember that when the person suddenly disappeared, they were all in low mood. Now they see this person, Shao Ruihan even begins to be careful. It is really not like Shao Ruihan's style.

"Something's going on." Tang Ningshan says in a low voice.

The two people stop continuing the topic just now, directly walking to Tang Ningshan to look at the picture on the computer. And the person who they have lost comes back.

Shao Ruihan looks at the people and makes a plan.

Looking at Zhu Tao behind him, he says "how many snipers you have brought? You have to make sure you can shoot them with one shoot."

Zhu Tao is grimaced. "Count me in, two."

Shao Ruihan nods. "You go and get the men. I'll set the task."

Zhu Tao nods roughly and turns to find that man.

He soon returns with a short young man.

Shao Ruihan beckons several people to ask them come to the map. Tang Ningshan is just sitting quietly, but directly pulled over by him.

Tang Ningshan is sad, because she knows that she could not run away.

Shao Ruihan points out several points on the map and arranges Zhu Tao and the young man to go to a grassy patch of land in the east. On the high side, he could easily find the sniper's position. Also, he arranges Lee to the west, there is a tree about one kilometer away from the cabin, and the view is very good above.

Then she takes Tang Ningshan to the back of the cabin. This is the most inconvenient position for a sniper. The front is covered and the terrain is on the low side, but it is the closest place to the cabin, which is about 200 to 300 meters away.

After Shao Ruihan assigns their position, then each of them take a bag and spread out.

Shao Ruihan picks up a bag and hands it to Tang Ningshan, Pulling her wrist to go directly. Tang Ningshan feels very speechless; she does not understand what's wrong with Shao Ruihan today. He always pulls her wrist, which lets her uncomfortable.

Arriving at the designated location, Tang Ningshan opens the bag, taking out the inside box. Then she opens directly, looking at Shao Ruihan beside her. "Hey, we need to change."

Shao Ruihan takes out the box inside his bag and opens. The thing inside makes Tang Ningshan confused.

Tang Ningshan curls her mouth. "I have never used this before."

Shao Ruihan glances at her. "I'm sure you'll use it." After that, he doesn't talk to her and starts taking the gun out and looking for the best shooting position.

Looking at Shao Ruihan who has begun to put the gun up, Tang Ningshan can only yield again. And then she begins to look for the vantage point, putting the gun. When all is ready, she makes a gesture to Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan's voice comes from the headset.

"Everyone find the best shooting position, shoot the target. When you find it, and then report your target. You must do it with one shot. Nobody refill. Remember that." Shao Ruihan's cold voice lets Tang Ningshan become nervous. It's her first time to ammunition, and the opposite target is a real person.

But she keeps her eyes on the black man in the scope and reports her target. Just as everyone is in position, something happens in the house.

"Boss, his computer doesn't have any problems, no network, no communications, no erasure marks." The last person to enter the room checks the computer, and then proves the innocent of the Chinese person.

The black man nods and turns to point the gun at the foreigner in blue, "It's either him or you. There are only two of you in the room. Since you said you saw him using the computer, his computer has been checked, now give me your phone."

The blue clothes people takes out the phone from the pocket and directly hands to the black person. After checking, the black people's expression changes, then directly gives him a shoot, the man in blue falls down immediately.

Several people in the room are stupefied, and soon come to their sense. The Black man tells everyone to pack and prepare to leave.

At this moment, Shao Ruihan makes the order to shoot.

With the banging of a few shots, several people in the room runes out and Shao Ruihan leap straight out of the bushes with a pistol in his hand and approaches closer to the house.

Just when he is approaching, Tang Ningshan sees the man in blue lying on the ground with a gun in his hand, facing the Chinese. Without thinking, Tang Ningshan directly shoots to that man.

Shao Ruihan immediately looks back to Tang Ningshan, Tang Ningshan this time is already pale, and both hands severely buckle the gun without moving.

Shao Ruihan enters the room and checks that several people were dead. He fires the pistol at everyone's head to make sure that there is no one they missed.

"I knew it was you, boy." The Chinese in the room sees Shao Ruihan come in, walking over to give him a hug, and pats Shao Ruihan on the back.

"I knew you were all right." Shao Ruihan is very excited. The people he always thought was dead, suddenly became to the person who is going to assassinate the Fuehrer today, then later he becomes undercover. This day lets Shao Ruihan's heart suffer greatly.

The Chinese let go of Shao Ruihan and stands opposite him with a big smile on his face.

This scene let Tang Ningshan feel a little touched.

At this point, everyone else pours into the house, carrying out the dead bodies on the ground and taking all the stuff in the house with them.

And Tang Ningshan is still lying in her place.

In fact, she really wants to get up, but she has no energy at all. She can't move. Even in the virtual space of the battlefield, she has killed many people, Tang Ningshan is very clear that it is not true and it is the system constructs. And today, she shot and killed two alive people, which makes her wonder if she's making the right decision and she keeps asking herself. That the shot, the person, the scene just keeps circling in her mind.

"Who's the guy shot that man in blue? Wang Yu? I must thank him for saving my life." The Chinese in the room still laughs and says it loudly.

Shaw Ruihan shakes his head. "They're not here. Only Lee is here. And the girl who saved you, you haven't seen before."

The Chinese nods, "New recruit? I want to thank her. Bring me to meet her."

Shao Ruihan looks back at Tang Ningshan, who is still lying in the same place. And he walks over.

When he approaches Tang Ningshan, he sees that her body clings to the ground without moving, but her hand clings to the trigger without loosening. Her face is whiter than the paper, this time Shao Ruihan has already understood that this girl should be frightened.

Shao Ruihan reaches out to pull Tang Ningshan's hand away from the gun, feeling her hand constantly shaking. He sighs in the heart; a woman is always a girl.

He picks up Tang Ningshan and asks Lee to put the gun away and he carries Tang Ningshan back to the car.

Tang Ningshan's hand clings to Shao Ruihan's clothes; Shao Ruihan can only see Tang Ningshan's mouth is squirming.

At this time, the Chinese comes over, looking at Tang Ningshan in Shao Ruihan's bosom, and looks at Shao Ruihan with a very ambiguous smile.

"And this is?"

"This is the girl who saved your life just now." Shao Ruihan's dull words let opposite person successfully stupefied.

He begins to look at the woman in Shao Ruihan's arms. She is small and slender with a beautiful face. She is still wearing a long skirt and holding Shaw's clothes with both hands. She is so pale that he could not believe that she is the one who has just shot.

He looks at Shao Ruihan in disbelief.

"She shot a real person for the first time." Shao Ruihan seems to explain his doubts, or to comfort the girl in his arms.

"Hello, my name is Shi Shaohui, thank you so much."

Tang Ningshan slowly comes to her sense, looking at the tall man and greeting to him.

Shao Ruihan holds Tang Ningshan's hand tighter, letting her closer to him. Then he tells Shi Shaohui to get in the car.