Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 51

Chapter 37: chapter 37-- update the system

The speed of the car is fast, Tang Ningshan also stays in Shao Ruihan's arms all the time, which makes her feel safe. His body temperature is high, his arms are strong, and he clasps her tightly in his arms. Slowly, she relaxes and gets her body close to him to allay the fear that she has just killed someone.

Shao Ruihan looks at the pale and trembling girl in his arms.

If he hasn't held her so hard she must have curled up, but he didn't say anything to comfort her, because he feels that she is his girl instead of a coward who couldn't bear these things. And he has not the slightest recollection of the fact that he has promised to give her a new identity after getting her help, or that he has tried to kill her during the day.

The person is so strange. His mentality, view, maybe will change because of a thing, a movement. But unfortunately at this time Shao Ruihan does not feel anything wrong.

"Captain, are we going to the house or..." Lee looks at Shao Ruihan from the rearview mirror, then looks at Tang Ningshan in his arms and asks in a low voice.

"Not yet." The voice of Shao Ruihan is flat, but Lee feels that he has somewhere different.

As the car pulls into a small area and to a villa door, Shao Ruihan walks in smoothly with Tang Ningshan holding in his arms. And he sees Steward Lin waiting there at the door.

"Come upstairs with some appetizer later." When Shao Ruihan passes Steward Lin, he says in a low voice.

Steward Lin looks at Tang Ningshan, who looks very weak in Shao Ruihan's arms. "Yes, sir."

Shao Ruihan carries Tang Ningshan quickly upstairs. In the bedroom, he moves very gently and puts her on the bed, telling her to take a good rest.

Just when Shao Ruihan wants to turn around, Tang Ningshan's eyes are closed, and she grabs his clothes tightly as if she has grabbed the straw.

Shao Ruihan feels very strange, shouldn't this girl hate him extremely, now how could she show such a behavior.

It gives him the feeling that if she let him go, it's like giving up hope of survival.

But he doesn't mind that. Shao Ruihan's idea about the girl in bed is simple. She is his possession, and since his belonging needs him when he is not busy, he is happy to tease her.

Therefore, his mood is getting a little better. Shao Ruihan moves to Tang Ningshan, and lies beside her. He puts her in his arms and feels her back until he feels that the girl in his arms is not tense. He stops her caressing hand and puts it on her waist.

Tang Ningshan's mood is very complicated now, she does not want to stay alone, actually also does not want to stay with Shao Ruihan, but in his arms, she feels warm, safe, letting her not willing to let him leave.

When she is in his arms, her face against his chest, she can hear a strong heartbeat. Every beat makes she feel particularly comfortable, unconsciously, she gradually forgets the moment of shooting. suddenly she finds that he is not as that abnormal as she thought, at least at this time, he does not let her stay alone.

With the heartbeat of Shao Ruihan, Tang Ningshan slowly falls asleep, but the hand is still tightly around his waist.

There is a knock at the door, and Shao Ruihan opens his eyes in an instant.

He lifts the hand gently from his waist and puts it aside. He gets up and walks to the door.

Shao Ruihan leaves his bedroom and sees Steward Lin standing in the doorway.

"Sir, dinner is ready. What time shall we eat?" steward Lin bows his head in a deferential manner.

'Hmm.' Shao Ruihan goes downstairs. On the sofa, Lee and Shi Shaohui are sitting and eating fruit.

The two men see Shao Ruihan coming down the stairs and stands up in succession.

"Boss, we're being asked to make a summary of the movement." Lee looks to Shao Ruihan and says directly.

"You can write what you want." Shao Ruihan nods and goes to sit down on the sofa.

"So... Mrs. Shao... should we put her in?" Lee asks cautiously.

"Simplify, or don't write, at your own discretion." Shao Ruihan says and looks to Shi Shaohui on the side.

"When you went missing, your girlfriend called you every day. She even went to your team. After a while I received the information that she went abroad. Now you're back. She..." Shao Ruihan looks at Shi Shaohui.

"Well, I know, but I can't. When the Chief asked me to take this job, I was ready to become a sacrifice. After all, people like us every time go out for a mission; we should be ready to die. Now that she has gone abroad, I don't want to disturb her. I hope she will find a good person to company her to live the life she wants." Shi Shaohui says blandly, but Shao Ruihan easily feels his sad and reluctant.

Shao Ruihan pats him on the shoulder and says nothing more.

Shi Shaohui also feels the friend's comfort, looking up at him and smiling.

"Did Lee just say that you and my savior are husband and wife?" Shi Shaohui's expression is gossipy.

"Yap." Shao Ruihan nods.

"Where did you get such beautiful wife? Didn't you say you wouldn't get married? Why would you want to get married now? You always said you wouldn't get married if you didn't find the guy..." finishing saying that, Shi Shaohui does not feel any inappropriate.

Lee winks at Shi Shaohui, but this time Shi Shaohui is sinking in the mind of gossip and never looks at Lee at all.

Lee could only shake his head helplessly and begins to mourn for Shi Shaohui in his heart.

"It was then, it's now. If you like gossip so much, I've got a good place for you to gossip. You've just come back and I planned to give you a break. You don't seem to need a break at all." Shao Ruihan's words are flat, which successfully makes the people opposite him stiff.

"... No, I think I'd better take a break. I'll stop asking." Shi Shaohui stiffly smiles.

Steward Lin walks from one side to Shao Ruihan. "There's a call for you, sir."

"Hello, this is Shao Ruihan." Shao steps aside to pick up the phone.

'Yes, I know.' The mood of Shao Ruihan is surging, but his voice is flat.

After hanging up the phone, Shao Ruihan stands in the same place, both of his hands clench; the anger from his body gets more obvious.

Shi Shaohui walks to him and asks in a low voice, "What's the matter?"

Shao Ruihan restrains his emotion and shakes his head.

Shi Shaohui looks at him, he can only stop asking. "Then I got to go, tomorrow I need to report the situation."

Shao Ruihan looks at him and nods. Then he asks Lee to take him back.

After the two men left, Shao Ruihan sits on the sofa in a trance. His mood turns upside down. And the phone call lets him feel rather unsettled. He does not know why his teacher had suddenly disappeared. The housekeeper of his teacher phoned and said that his teacher is still out of the house. And he has not been able to get in touch with him. He even tries to call the police. But Shao Ruihan knows very well what kind of person his teacher is. How can a person disappear without reasons, unless he found out something. Shao Ruihan suspects.

Tang Ningshan was awake when Shao Ruihan went downstairs. She does not know how to face him. Now her mood is so complex. She hates him but also feels the need for him.

She lies quietly on the bed, reminiscing over today's shooting moment. She knows exactly who Shao Ruihan is. He isn't the kind of person she could count on. She has to be strong to stand on her own.

"Master, are you all right?" The system just pops up.

"..." Tang Ningshan doesn't answer.

"Master, the system has been upgraded. Would you like to come in and see something new?"

"Did you finish the upgrade?" Tang Ningshan seems to have come back to her sense just now.

"Yes, Master, it's the new virtual lab. I recommend you to use."

"A virtual lab? What's it for? I don't dissect. What's a lab for?" Tang Ningshan feels confused. A lab, it doesn't work.

"Master, virtual lab is very useful for you, or for the development of technology in the world today. Isn't that you want to collect other's data? You can study an electronic worm in the virtual lab that can be directly implanted into a wire. In other words, as long as electricity is available, it can be monitored and monitored without anyone noticing."

"So magical?" Tang Ningshan is interested to this. If she has such thing, then her safe will have great guarantee. What kind of family Shao family is? If not because the agreement content is too alluring, she wouldn't sign anything. But if there is such a worm, there wouldn't be too much things for her to do, so she could just stay home and watch TV and report back to Shao Ruihan.

The more she thinks about it, the more Tang Ningshan finds it is useful. And she decides to go in and see what the so-called virtual laboratory is.

Tang Ningshan closes her eyes, relaxing the body and directly getting into the virtual space. She discovers the virtual space expands after upgrading. It has an extra door, above the door is hanging a big sign, which is very conspicuous.

Tang Ningshan walks in, pushing the door open. And she is stunned. The lab is too far from what she has imagined. In her understanding, there should be a lot of bottles and cans, lots of equipment, but here there are only one computer, and something like an ATM.