Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 52

Chapter 38: chapter 38-- laboratory

"Is this the lab you were talking about? Where are lab equipments? Is this an ATM? But there's not a single option." Tang Ningshan thinks she's being cheated by the system.

"Master, you need to go to the computer, and then you can study everything on it. It's all automatic, but all of them take time. You do not need to operate by yourself, and once the thing has researched successfully, you can choose the number inside the machine, clicking production can. This is the latest production machine, but I used your task reward to trade." The system says, finally, shuts up.

"What did you say!!!" Tang Ningshan is furious.

"I didn't say anything, master. Look, I've got things to do. Don't call me." The system backs again to silence. No matter how Tang Ningshan shouts, it does not answer her.

Tang Ningshan scolds again that the system is not reliable. However, she still begins to study what can be studied on the computer. It is obvious from the above that there are three types of research projects, one is potion, and others are science and books.

Tang Ningshan firstly looks at the potion, and only the spiritual potion can be studied, letting Tang Ningshan feels this thing does not have any use at all, which has the same effect with coffee. She just passes away this directly.

In science and technology, there are a lot of things that she thinks are practical, but at this stage, only the electronic insect and deformation pen can be studied, and the deformation pen is very practical. you can set up six transformation forms to change, whether it is a plane, cannon, ship or jewelry, as long as you can set it, it can be changed directly, but each change can only last two hours. When time is over, it will automatically restore to the pen.

Tang Ningshan firstly studies the electron worm. After all, this thing is extremely important to her now. But the time to finish studying this is 7 days.

When she has finished, she returned directly from the virtual space, for she heard the voice of the telephone.

After picking up the phone to see, Tang Ningshan's expression changes in an instant.


But she picks it up anyway.

"Why that takes you such a long time to answer the phone? Do you feel like you have found a backer, so I cannot control you?" Tang Yichun's voice is heard from the phone.

"No, Father." Tang Ningshan's facial expression is changing constantly, but she still respectfully replies.

"No? I call you all the time, but you don't answer. Do you think you're married now, so you are not my daughter?" Tang Yichun's voice is higher and higher, letting Tang Ningshan feel very harsh, but she still patiently answers.

"No, Father, I didn't know you had called."

"Come back home tomorrow and bring your husband home. Remember to come back early."

"Father, I can go back tomorrow, but I don't know if he is free..." Tang Ningshan speaks softly, the tone does not change a bit.

"I don't care whether he is free or not. No matter what you do, you have to bring him back to me. If I had known what he really is, would you think you would marry him? Just be sensible." Tang Yichun starts cursing.

"Father, I was given birth by you, and you know best what I am." Tang Ningshan can't bear it, after all, the person opposite has nothing to do with her, it's already quite good for her to bear to listen to his speech, even then scolds a person, that can't blame her.

"You... my unfilial daughter, you must come back with Shao Ruihan, or you will bear all the consequences." Tang Yichun finishes, directly hangs up the phone.

Tang Ningshan looks at the phone in her hand for a long time. God, she really can't figure out what kind of father can say such words to his daughter.

As Tang Ningshan is staring at the telephone at the moment, Shao Ruihan comes in and sees such a scene.

A girl with a disheveled hair sits on the bed, her hair cover the whole face, holding her cell phone in her hand.

Shao Ruihan walks over to the bed, but she doesn't have any reaction.

"Are you all right?" Shao Ruihan's voice is a little softer than ever.

She nods.

"Let's go down for dinner, then."

She goes on nodding her head.

"Let's go." Then Shao Ruihan walks out and sees that she is still sitting on the bed. He comes back to her and pulls her wrist, so that she comes back to herself.

"Tang Ningshan looks at him suspiciously.

"I said let's go!" Shao Ruihan's voice is cold and serious, as if he has not been the gentle man just now.

"Oh." Tang Ningshan answers, and follows Shao Ruihan downstairs.

Sitting at the table, Tang Ningshan hesitates for a long time.

"Are you free tomorrow?"

Shao Ruihan looks at her suspiciously.

"He called me just now and said he wants me to come back with you tomorrow..."

Shao Ruihan is surprised at first, but he knows who he is quickly.


Looking at the food on the table, Tang Ningshan has no energy to eat anything. She could not help thinking of people falling to the ground during the day, especially when she sees red peppers and white meat, which make her feel sick immediately, even though the smell is so sweet.

"I can't eat. I got go upstairs and have a rest." Tang Ningshan says, almost flying away from the table, and runs upstairs.

By the time Shao Ruihan returns to her bedroom, Tang Ningshan is asleep. He puts on his pajamas, lying down on the bed, and drags the sleeping girl close to him, and put her face to his breast.

The next morning, Tang Ningshan wakes up, feeling as if she has been tied down by something,. She is unable to move, immediately she opens her eyes, and finds that there is a wall of flesh before her. She tries hard to move her head back, only to find that she is in his arms.

This scene lets Tang Ningshan feel very upset. Why did he hug her when she was sleeping without asking her permission at all.

Looking up to say something, Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan with a calm face. Sleeping Shao Ruihan is different from usualness, he is much gentler.

"Have you seen enough?" Shao Ruihan's eyes are closed, and a husky voice comes out of his mouth.

Tang Ningshan's face turns red and struggles in his arms at once. Shao Ruihan watches the struggling girl regain her previous state and he lets go of her.

Seeing that he has left her range, Tang Ningshan immediately gets out of bed and runs into the bathroom.

She pats her chest in the bathroom, "Luckily, the bed is big, otherwise, I will fall down."

Tang Ningshan washes her face, and the cold water hits her face, allowing her to calm down. It occurs to her that she has not asked him why he was holding her when she was sleeping, then he ran off, and took advantage of her, and she was molested.

But now, even if Shao Ruihan stands in front of Tang Ningshan, she feels she does not have the courage to ask why he actually hugs her to sleep.

Tang Ningshan comes out of the bathroom. The bedroom is empty, which lets Tang Ningshan feel relaxed. After all, she really does not know, after yesterday and this morning, what kind of mentality she should use to face him.

After she changes her clothes, it's almost 10:00 A.M.

She goes to the restaurant downstairs, seeing Shao Ruihan sitting there eating and reading the newspaper. Under the sunshine, Shao Ruihan's face is covered by the warm light, directly letting Tang Ningshan stupefied.

"Eat!" Shao Ruihan coolly says.

Tang Ningshan mechanically sits down on the chair, scolding herself that how could she be confused by his handsomeness, don't she know what kind of person is him.

Shaking her head, she puts out the scene just now, and eats in peace.

"We'll go to your home later." Shao Ruihan still looks at the newspaper, while flipping and talking.

Tang Ningshan mutters and the restaurant is calm again.

After dinner, the two of them go to the Tang's house. The Tang's villa is very near Shao Ruihan's villa. Tang Ningshan does not know why Tang Yichun has never seen Shao Ruihan before. Shao Ruihan does not say any words, Tang Ningshan also does not have the habit of asking for trouble.

When they reach the Tang's house, the servants lead them straight to the living room. Tang Ningshan looks it over carefully, which makes she feel that the Tang's villa is not bad either. There are three floors. There is a large living room on the first floor. And the two of them enter the room and see Tang Yichun sitting on the sofa with a smiling Yin He and Yin Bilu.

Seeing them come in, Yin He immediately stands up, elegantly walking to Tang Ningshan and cordially pulling Tang Ningshan's hand.

"Your father misses you so much. Even though you got married, your own family would still be your home. Why didn't you come back and visit your father?" Yin He says. Tang Ningshan smiles and nods.

She looks at Shao Ruihan with Tang Ningshan's hand holding, "This is Shao Ruihan, right? It is the first time we meet." Yin He's words let Shao Ruihan slightly frown, but also he does not say anything.

Yin He finds Shao Ruihan does not answer a word at all, pulling Tang Ningshan to approach to Tang Yichun.

"Father, I'm home." Tang Ningshan's smile on her face is very gentle, and her voice is soft. Tang Yichun doesn't even look at her. He keeps his eyes on Shao Ruihan.