Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 53

Chapter 39: chapter 39-- Tang's family

"Come and sit down." Tang Yichun looks at Shao Ruihan, who has no facial expression. And Shao Ruihan does not have the meaning of greeting at all, so he can only speak first.

Tang Ningshan goes over, holding Shao Ruihan's hand, and goes to the other side of the empty sofa to sit down.

It makes Yin Bilu who is looking at Shao Ruihan with her head down jealous. In Yin Bilu's heart, Shao Ruihan already belongs to her. She feels that Tang Ningshan does not deserve to touch her belongings, but because Tang Yichun did not say anything, she can only continue to lower her head to hide the mood in her eyes.

"Ruihan, why didn't you come back with Ningshan early?" Tang Yichun behaves very naturally, as if he is not the person who sold his daughter to others. His eyes are full of love, especially when looking at Shao Ruihan.

'I'm busy!' Shao Ruihan coldly says.

Shao Ruihan's words directly swallow what Tang Yichun wants to say below.

Yin He immediately says to smooth things over.

"Ruihan, was that Ningshan annoy you?" As she speaks, she gives Tang Ningshan a fierce look.

Then she turns to look at Shao Ruihan with a charming smile on her face and says "See, you're also our son-in-law. The old saying said that the son-in-law is half son. Since you are our son, you need to come back to see mom and dad."

Shao Ruihan does not have the slightest reflection to Yin He's words. Tang Ningshan is always watching Shao Ruihan's expression; she sees that his eyes flash of impatience and disgust.

"Aunt He, we've been busy lately. It's not that he doesn't want to come." Tang Ningshan looks at the impatient Shao Ruihan; she can only interrupt this annoying woman.

Tang Ningshan's words make Tang Yichun unhappy.

"Why, Aunt He? Don't you know how to call mom? She's raised you for so many years." Tang Yichun shouts at Tang Ningshan.

"..." Tang Ningshan hears such words, immediately bowing her head.

It's not because she is sad, but she really doesn't know what she is going to say.

Shao Ruihan looks down at Tang Ningshan, who is bowing down her head. He thinks of her pale and helpless face yesterday.

Suddenly, he holds her hand tightly.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Yichun with sharp eyes.

"I remember Mr. Tang gave her to me, didn't you? Since she is already my wife, you're not in a position to judge." Shao Ruihan's words are impolite; the voice is still cold even with a chill.

Under this condition, Tang Yichun can only say to Tang Ningshan. "Tang Ningshan, you come with me to the study."

Tang Yichun, who has already ascended the stairs, looks at Tang Ningshan, who is still held in his arms by Shao Ruihan, he feels angry.

"I will give you your mother's remains." Tang Yichun's voice is very impatient.

But this sentence makes Tang Ningshan interested, this is the first time she hears Tang Yichun mention the mother of the original owner. In the memory of the original owner, when she was a few years old, she once asked Tang Yichun where her mother was, but she was slap in the face by Tang Yichun and scolded her for not being allowed to mention her mother.

"I'll go and have a look." Tang Ningshan whispers to Shao Ruihan's ear, then stands up and follows Tang Yichun upstairs.

Looking at Tang Ningshan's back, Yin Bilu's shows a vague smile.

After they come into the study, Tang Yichun goes to sit down on the chair; Tang Ningshan can only stand opposite him.

"You've changed a lot." Tang Yichun's eyes are full of anger.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head and stands there quietly.

"Why, you think someone's protecting you now? You don't see what you are, and since I can sell you out, I can bring you back." Tang Yichun's voice is getting smaller and smaller. He is so angry that let Tang Ningshan feels if not because Shao Ruihan is downstairs, perhaps Tang Yichun will directly kill her.

Tang Ningshan mourns in her heart for the original host. It was unfortunate that she has such a father. It was better not to have a father.

"Father, didn't you say you have my mother's remains?" Tang Ningshan does not intend to argue with Tang Yichun. She followed him up just to see who the original owner's mother is and what kinds of things he would give her. And anything else she is not interested in.

"I'll give it to you. When you go back today, take Bilu with you and let her stay with you for a few days. Then I'll let someone send it over." Tang Yichun thinks that this is a good idea that firstly he sends Yin Bilu to Shao family, and then the rest of the things can be a matter of course.

"You mean to tell me to take her back to the Shao's family?" Tang Ningshan says flatly, the expression on the face does not change a bit.

"Yes, take her home for a few days." Tang Yichun seems to have thought of something wonderful, he smiles.

"Well, you may have to ask Shao Ruihan. I can't decide." Tang Ningshan hangs her head, as if she could not make up her mind at all.

"It's useless to raise you for such a long time. You can't even make a decision. I'll burn your mother's legacy if you fail to do it. Whatever you do, and bring Bilu back, or I'll burn your mother's legacy and not give it to you. You are son of a bitch." Tang Yichun's face is a hideous and he growls. Tang Ningshan feels very strange that why is it that every time she talks about her mother's belongings, his heart throbs so much. When he speaks of her mother, Tang Yichun would show a kind of expression that seems to be insulted and with deeply regret and hatred.

Tang Ningshan feels that there must be some dirty secret between them, and that the only way she could know the secret is these remain.

Tang Ningshan wants to know what was going on with the owner. After all, she has taken possession of her body. It's her duty to try to help her find out what she wanted to know. Especially the original host was anxious to know why her own father every time looks at her with disgust, even murderous eyes.

"Maybe I can't do that today. I'll have to ask Shao Ruihan's permission. If he doesn't agree, I can't help it." Tang Ningshan can only continue to put this matter on Shao Ruihan, after all his status is not ordinary. If Tang Ningshan wants to see the relics, she must let herself behave very well.

"You can leave your address. I'll have my driver to drive her over, and then I'll let her stay with you! All you have to do is open the door and let her in. The rest is none of your business, as long as you don't show up in front of her." Tang Yichun says.

Tang Ningshan blankly nods.

Tang Yichun looks at the opposite girl who has almost the same appearance with her mother. His mood is complex, he wants to see her, but her existence reminds him of the original betrayal.

In the living room.

Shao Ruihan just sits down on the sofa lazily with his eyes closed.

"Ruihan, are you tired?" Yin Bilu walks slowly to Shao Ruihan and sits down beside him.

Shao Ruihan's closed eyes do not open, and the breath do not change, so that people would think he is asleep

Yin Bilu slowly moves to the position of Shao Ruihan. Until the two people's body is nearly close, Shao Ruihan directly opens his eyes. A pair of cold eyes let Yin Bilu stiff.

"Ruihan..., if you are tired, you can go upstairs with me. My bed is really soft" The voice of Yin Bilu is softer and softer, and her expression also becomes more charming. Her body leans forward, the bosom is tightly pressed Shao Ruihan's arm.

Shao Ruihan stares at her for a while, nods unexpectedly, letting Yin Bilu surprised.

Yin Bilu wants to take Shao Ruihan's hand, but Shao Ruihan directly avoids.

Yin He, who has been watching quietly, smiles contentedly. And things move in the direction she has expected. As long as Bilu works hard, the position of Shao Ruihan's wife must be hers.

Yin Bilu keeps talking to Shao Ruihan on the way upstairs.

"Ruihan, what do you like to do?"

"Ruihan, what do you like to eat?"

"Ruihan, do you like my cousin Ningshan?"

"Ruihan, why are you ignoring me?"

With Yin Bilu's problems coming out one by one, Shao Ruihan's mood is getting worse. His patience has been used. He curses that damn girl in his heart that why she has stayed such a long time in the study.

Yin Bilu leads Shao Ruihan pass though the study, the study is not closed. Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan standing in the same place with her head down and bearing Tang Yichun's scolding.

Shao Ruihan walks into the study. He stands beside Tang Ningshan with her waist holding.

"Haven't you got it yet?" The cool voice of Shao Ruihan reverberates in the room and lets Tang Ningshan know that Shao Ruihan is about to be angry.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head.

"You give it to Ningshan, we got to leave now." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Yichun, the tone is somewhat impatient.

Tang Yichun stands up and looks at Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan for a moment.

"Look, Ruihan, I'm old and I've forgot where I put those things. And when I find them I'll ask Bilu to deliver them to you."

Shao Ruihan hears such words, think of the scene in the living room. Immediately, he knows their intent.