Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 54

Chapter 40: chapter 40-- undiscriminating

Shao Ruihan nods slightly, and then looks back at Yin Bilu who is standing outside the study.

Yin Bilu notices that Shao Ruihan is looking at her, immediately appearing a bashful appearance, which is very seductive.

"It'll be straightly sent to my house. You know where it is." Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan's hand and says, then walks to the door.

This sentence in Tang Yichun's heart can be different, and combined with Shao Ruihan's movement of turning back to look at Yin Bilu, Immediately he thinks his plan has the effect. So he does not say anything else, after all, the goal has been achieved.

Tang Yichun shows a smile on his face, looking at Shao Ruihan, as if he had seen the scene that Shao Ruihan running back to home every day, chasing Yin Bilu. "Well, you are free to go, and when I find it, I'll have Bilu deliver it to you." Finishing that, he ambiguously smiles to Shao Ruihan.

Yin Bilu, who is standing beside blushes, bows her head and then runs away.

Yin He, who has always been in the living room, sees three people coming down, she knows that the purpose has been achieved, especially Tang Yichun, who is beaming with joy. So she begins to warm up to Shao Ruihan with enthusiasm.

"Stay here for dinner, Ruihan, and let me make you some good dishes tonight."

Shao Ruihan's face is impassive, but Tang Ningshan who is standing beside him feels that Shao Ruihan has been enraged. Don't ask her why, because the pinched wrist is beginning to ache.

"Aunt He, we have something to do." Tang Ningshan can only speak to save her own wrist.

Yin He glares at Tang Ningshan, feeling that this Tang Ningshan is getting worse.

"Well, they have something to do, and we will have time to meet up later." Tang Yichun interrupts Yin He.

"Well, if you have the time, Ruihan, you should come over to the house more often."

When getting in the car, Tang Ningshan throws off Shao Ruihan's hand and stares at Shao Ruihan.

"What's wrong with you? If you don't want to stay, or don't want to come, you can just leave, is there anything you cannot do? Why did you bear with them, and then revenge it on me."

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan and his eyes darken.

"You are undiscriminating"

"Me?" Tang Ningshan points at herself with her finger.

"Why? If you don't want to, you can just say no, or you can just walk away and no one's going to make you have to put up with it, right? Now you say that I am undiscriminating, I think you have been bewitched, and I think you have pinched my wrist on purpose, didn't you? Because you saw her blushing look, so you have been attracted? In fact, you could have just told them and I think they are happy to send Yin Bilu to you." Tang Ningshan says more and more loudly. Lee sitting in front of the car sees Shao Ruihan's face getting blacker and blacker through the rearview mirror. Lee's eyes look ahead, as far as possible to reduce his own sense of existence.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan without saying any word, but he sees Tang Ningshan's wrist, he feels that the purple and blue on her wrist is something eyesore.

Tang Ningshan finds that Shao Ruihan is not talking and not contradicting her. She thinks that he has acquiesced in her words.

She feels very weird that she has been looking forward to getting rid of Shao Ruihan, but now she gets angry for that Shao Ruihan has purpled her wrist because of a woman. The more she thinks the more she feels angry. Why does she need to suffer when he falls in love with other women?

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan, who has closed his eyes. And she could not wait to push him out of.

Slowly she calms down, rubbing her wrist. Tang Ningshan feels that she must be the most restrained person in history. The more she thinks about it the more she feels that she is poor, and then she puts her hand on Shao Ruihan and pinches his leg. Before he opens his eyes, she leans back in her seat and closes her eyes immediately.

She still keeps thinking that you pinched me, so I pinch you. It's equal.

The car finally backs into peace, but the atmosphere becomes more and more intense. Lee in front of her sees Tang Ningshan reaches out and pinches Shao Ruihan. His sweat has already flowed down from his face, and just when he thought that Tang Ningshan would be thrown out of the car, he saw a strange scene.

The moment when Tang Ningshan pinched Shao Ruihan, Shao Ruihan's two eyes opened directly. However, when looking at Tang Ningshan's blue and purple wrist, he did not move. Even Lee actually saw him to show a heartache expression.

This scene also lets Lee nearly hit the car in front of him. Shao Ruihan notices that Lee has already started to wander, he can only warn him. Immediately, he brakes.

Tang Ningshan's head directly hit the front seat.

"Lee, do I have a beef with you? Even if you're jealous of my beauty, you don't have to disfigure me." Tang Ningshan feels her head and makes a playful remark.

"Mrs. Shao, I didn't mean it." Lee is about to cry and he looks at Shao Ruihan near Tang Ningshan, feeling that he might be killed by Shao Ruihan later.

"Well, no offense, but be careful when you're driving. I really care about my life." Tang Ningshan says faintly.

"Sorry." Lee has already felt the chill from Shao Ruihan's body. Tang Ningshan is not afraid of Shao Ruihan, but he is.

"All right, all right. Just drive."

After Tang Ningshan saying this, Lee looks at Shao Ruihan, seeing he nods. Then he starts the car to keep going.

When the bell rings, Shao Ruihan pulls an old cell phone out of his pocket.

Tang Ningshan gives him a weird look, and turns to look out of the window.


"Guess who I am." There is a laugh on the other side of the phone.

"What is the matter?" Shao Ruihan is not affected at all and he answers indifferently.

"Well, I knew it would happen. We just got off the plane. Shouldn't you meet us at the airport?" The voice of another man comes from the opposite.

'Well, wait.' Shao Ruihan says directly and hangs up the phone, telling Lee to drive to the airport.

The car slowly turns around into the busy downtown. After passing through some of the busiest streets and driving to the airport. Tang Ningshan looks at the time on her phone. It cost nearly 2 hours from the position the turned around to the airport, which means the people who called Shao Ruihan have waited in the airport for two hours.

Shao Ruihan takes out the phone and dials it out.

"Here I am. Come on out."

Then he hangs up the phone, lazily leaning on the chair.

The windows are tapped softly from the outside, making a rattling noise.

Shao Ruihan opens the window, Tang Ningshan sees three men standing outside. Everyone has a different style. All three are well-dressed casual suits. A man is gentle; a man with an evil smile on his face puts his hand on the gentle man's shoulder. And a man with stiff face puts his hands in his pockets.

Seeing the window opened, that person with evil smile throws Shao Ruihan a kiss.

"If you want to settle down at the airport, I can help you." Shao Ruihan smiles. This is the first time that Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan shows a smile to a person.

"Ruihan, if you want to make your home at the airport, then we don't mind settling down at the airport at all."

"Stop your nonsense. Let's go back first."

"Well, who is this beauty, Ruihan? You can't hide a beauty in your car. There are three people here, can she stand it?"

With that, he even reaches out to Tang Ningshan. As his hand is about to touch Tang Ningshan's face, Tang Ningshan raises her hand and punches away his hand, then turns and looks at Shao Ruihan angrily. Then she opens the door and gets out of the car.

"Oh, don't be angry, we will treat you gentlemanly, you must be obedient."

Tang Ningshan gives him a look, walking to him. She lifts her leg and is about to kick him.

She doesn't even approach him, and she is stopped.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan holding her leg, and says coldly "let me go."

Shao Ruihan directly loosened her leg.

Shao Ruihan looks at the angry Tang Ningshan and says to that person, "Ji Jun, don't be rude, she is not the person you think."

"All right, all right, I'm sorry. It was a joke. Beauty, please don't mind." Then he reaches out to shake hand with Tang Ningshan, "Hello, my name is Ji Jun, I hope we can get along well."

Tang Ningshan does not want to talk with him. She takes a look at Shao Ruihan.

"Can I go home now? I don't want to waste my time here with boring people." Tang Ningshan's thought is simple. Just get out of here and go home now, and she can do whatever she wants instead of having a cell phone in her hand and nothing else.

"Get in the car, seat on the front seat." Shao Ruihan says to Tang Ningshan and directly opens the door of Lee's side.

Lee walks out from the driver's position consciously.

"Captain, I..." Lee sees Shao Ruihan sitting in the cab; quickly he understands Shao Ruihan's meaning.