Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 56

Chapter 42: chapter 42-- my wife

Shao Ruihan enters the room, seeing Tang Ningshan sitting on the bed with a laptop holding. He doesn't know what she is laughing at.

He walks to her, and pulls open the drawer beside the bed, taking out a tube of ointment from the top. He directly takes over Tang Ningshan's wrist and smears it softly.

Tang Ningshan is startled by his action, staring at him who is putting the medicine on her hand. When he finishes painting, Tang Ningshan just comes back to her sense.

Suddenly, she pulls away her hand from his hand and looks at him warily.

"What do you want? Do you really want me to be your plaything? Don't smear for me in this pretentious way. It's because of you that my hands are like this." Tang Ningshan's voice is getting higher and higher, not because of anything else, this day does not go well, especially after her hand has been pinched purple and was joked by his friends.

"..." Shao Ruihan coldly looks at the girl in front of him, saying nothing but shaking his head.

"What do you mean, I understand your need as a man, but please don't get it wrong. If you fall in love with someone else, you can just bring her back, and there will be no conflict between this and our agreement. But please remind your friend that don't look at me that way. Though I can't beat you, it's not difficult for me to give your friends a lesson." Tang Ningshan's eyes darken; there is a dim light inside.

"You're impossible." Shao Ruihan listens to Tang Ningshan's words, a nameless anger appears. What does she mean bring her back? Is he such easy person?

"I'm unreasonable? Who is the most unreasonable one? In your friends' eyes, I have no difference with a harlot. What should I do? I didn't even beat him up. I've done enough for you." Tang Ningshan furiously stares at Shao Ruihan.

"Never mind, let's come down for dinner." Although Shao Ruihan would like to continue to see what Tang Ningshan is going to do after getting angry? Obviously now is not the time.

Looking at Shao Ruihan's back, Tang Ningshan has countless thoughts in his heart. She still doesn't understand what's he's going on today. But as long as it doesn't do her any harm, she doesn't want to know Shao Ruihan's thoughts.

Tang Ningshan holds the notebook, continuing to browse the various forums. Since the day after tracking hackers, Tang Ningshan has developed a keen interest in these aspects. She begins to look for partners who have the same interest with her on the computer.

Because she doesn't know much about these forums, she posts a post like she has been looking for something in the past, hoping that someone would recommend some forums to her about it.

After posting, no one replies to her, but she is not anxious. Every day she just randomly searches on the Internet, glancing over different websites. Just not she just finds a very interesting forum.

This forum is a website dedicated to making funny videos. But the things sent out are all unreadable, whether you're a registered user or a spender. Only someone who knows some technology and knows some code can read what's inside.

This is the reason why Tang Ningshan's interested in this. She feels that the website is very interesting, so she is very excited and registers an account. Then she looks at the contents of the video. After watching every video, she would post a comment in an encrypted form below to find fault with the video or says that she hopes to see such a video again.

When Tang Ningshan is indulged in this, Steward Lin knocks on the door to ask her to have dinner. She simply answers, planning to watch this video after going down.

Not even one minute later, the door is pushed open; Shao Ruihan comes in with a cold face and looks at her calmly.

Tang Ningshan directly feels uncomfortable because of his staring, putting the computer to one side. She directly goes downstairs, bypassing Shao Ruihan's side without saying anything.

When she gets into the restaurant, she sees three men who have already sat in their chairs. Tang Ningshan finds a place far away from Shao Ruihan and sits down. Shao Ruihan follows her and sees where she is sitting. He just glances at her and sit down where he always sits.

Then Steward Lin tells the servant to serve the food on the table.

Looking at the two men sitting silently, the three of them do not understand what is going on.

Since Tang Ningshan can let Shao Ruihan marry her, which means she is the person who Shao Ruihan loves. But they don't look like the lover at all, but also unlike the husband and wife. Basically, they are similar to the stranger.

Ji Jun sees there's no one talking all the time, the atmosphere is very depressed. He doesn't know whether others can bear such depressed atmosphere. Anyway he is unable to bear.

"Ruihan, shouldn't you introduce us to her? Even though I was rude during the day, the misunderstanding has been cleared. We still have to get along with each other. If you don't introduce her to me, how we will get along." Ji Jun looks at Shao Ruihan with a smirk on his face.

"My wife, Tang Ningshan." Shao Ruihan's expression is still cold, but there is a trace of warmth from his eyes.

"And then?" Ji Jun's face impatiently points to himself; Shao Ruihan ignores him and points to Xuan Yun.

"He is Xuan Yun, and the other is Qu Bo." He just skips Ji Jun.

"Damn it, Shao Ruihan, isn't we friends?" Ji Jun looks at Shao Ruihan, gnashing his teeth.

But he thinks that since you don't introduce me, then don't blame me.

Ji Jun stands up from his chair and goes to sit down on the chair next to Tang Ningshan.

"Hello, Mrs. Shao, I'm Ji Jun, and I really didn't know you are Ruihan's wife, before this kind of thing happened. In the past, every time Ruihan was pestered, and we would help him settle down like this. When I saw you today, I thought... Ah, I hope you don't mind. "Ji Jun smiles and looks at Shao Ruihan.

Tang Ningshan sees that he has already said hello to her, and apologized. And also Shao Ruihan has introduced her to them, so she decides to introduce herself.

"I'm Tang Ningshan, his nominal wife temporarily, so you don't have to call me Mrs. Shao." Tang Ningshan's face hangs a decent smile. Her body exudes a sense of alienation.

But Ji Jun feels that Tang Ningshan is a bit ungrateful. He has apologized several times, even to the point of humbleness. She seems to still be angry.

But what about the nominal wife?

When he thinks of it, Ji Jun and other two people all look at Shao Ruihan at the same time.

They see the anger in Shao Ruihan's eyes and the coldness in his body.

It is the first time the three of them has ever seen such a strong chill in Shao Ruihan's body, and their involuntary bodies have contracted.

Shao Ruihan doesn't know why he is so angry when Tang Ningshan said she is his nominal wife, but that's not what he wants to hear.

"You're my wife, and I hope I won't hear that again." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with warning.

"Oh," Tang Ningshan sneers. Her face is full of irony and she bows to start eating.

The other three see the situation and stop taking.

The meal ends in a weird atmosphere.

Tang Ningshan finishes eating and goes straight upstairs.

When Tang Ningshan goes upstairs, Ji Jun seems to be alive again.

"Say, Ruihan, what's the matter? I don't think you two are attracted to each other. How the hell did you get together?" As he speaks, Ji Jun walks over to the sofa and sits down. He picks up an apple from the coffee table and eats it with a snicker.

"If you have a crush on her, you can't treat her the way you are." Qu Bo also goes to the sofa to sit down and begins to drink tea.

After listening to Qu Bo, Xuan Yun nods in agreement.

Ji Jun smiles. "Are you kidding? Do you guys think that Ruihan will fall in love with others? If it is the woman in the past, then I believe that. Now the girl has completely different characters with the previous one. She is in bad temper."

Seeing Qu Bo and Xuan Yun shaking their heads, Ji Jun realizes what he has just said. He quickly bows his head and begins to eat the apple, as if he has said nothing just now.

Looking at Shao Ruihan, Qu Bo says nothing. He is even a little expected now. How Shao Ruihan will treat Tang Ningshan, is it the same style or other.

Shao Ruihan, with his head down, is now in a rather complicated frame of mind and begins to reflect on his attitude towards her during the past few months. In the beginning, he agreed this marriage was only because he was afraid of trouble. All he had to do was find a well-behaved woman. It was also because his teacher had mentioned her name and said that he would try to help her if possible. But her change the next day interested him, and then his plan changed to include the girl in the plan. After watching her step by step move in the direction he expected. And her effort changes his attitude towards her.

She didn't hesitate to shoot the first time, but the moment she fired, she looked so vulnerable, and held him as if he were her whole world. In Tang's family, seeing her father humiliate her like that, he even wanted to give his so-called father a lesson directly. Because she wanted to get the relic, and he even put up with Yin Bilu's approach, waiting for her to help her.

Just now, when she said that she is only his nominal wife, his idea was to shut her up and tell her not to say those things that make him feel very bad.

Shao Ruihan knows very well what does those mean. He seems to care too much about her, even like her. He is interested in her and wants her to stay with him all the time.

Perhaps Qu Bo is right. If he really want to keep her, his attitude really needs to change now, but is the girl really believable?

Shao Ruihan thinks that as long as he wants, there is nothing that he could not have.