Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 57

Chapter 43: chapter 43-- you can only look at me

After realizing his own thoughts, Shao Ruihan even begins to plan in the heart that how to keep Tang Ningshan with him.

After all, he is a soldier and Tang Ningshan is only training in the army. Later she would go to school to continue her unfinished studies, and they do not have too much time to stay together, now that he has decided to keep her stay with him, he needs to do something to change the situation.

"Let's go out for a drink later." Shaw Ruihan looked at the three people sitting there and says faintly.

"Well, it's been a long time since we've been together."

The other two nod.

Shao Ruihan goes back to his room to change his clothes and sees Tang Ningshan, who is still sitting in bed playing computer games. And he asks her to change clothes and go out with him for a while.

Tang Ningshan has to put down the computer, in fact, she very much does not want to go. But just as she is about to open her mouth, she feels the chill from Shao Ruihan, she can only obey.

Walking into the fitting room, she opens the closet door. It is full of lace-dress with a variety of colors. But they are all skirts, no other clothes, not even a T-shirt to be found.

Tang Ningshan takes out a plain white one. After putting on her body, she pulls open shoe ark, which directly lets her feel more speechless. All of them are more than 8 centimeters of all kinds of high-heeled shoes. She just picks one pair randomly; Tang Ningshan decides that she must go shopping to buy clothes and shoes tomorrow.

After finishing changing clothes, she comes out. Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan for a moment. How to say? Perhaps because after two months of watching Tang Ningshan in her training clothes, he suddenly sees she smiles with such a long white dress and thinks that she is very beautiful, pure and very feminine.

"What are you looking at? Go or not?" Tang Ningshan faintly smiles, but the voice is alienated.

Shao Ruihan comes back to his sense, and then he puts Tang Ningshan's hand on his arm. His expression is unchanged, but in his eyes there is a soft light.

When they get downstairs, they see the three men, who have been waiting at the door,

Tang Ningshan slightly frowns, and quickly recovers.

Shaw Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan on his way out, getting in the car. And he tells that three people to follow his car when he gets into the car. Tang Ningshan is still sitting in the copilot position. After sitting on it, Shao Ruihan impassively ties her seat belt, only then he starts the car.

He drives steadily but the speed is not slow. It can be seen that his driving skills are very good. The car shuttles in the streets, looking at the already dark sky; Tang Ningshan does not know where they are going. But she also does not want to ask.

Finally, the car stops at a brilliantly place and Tang Ningshan gets out of the car and sees a big sign with the words "Lan Yuan" hanging on it. From the name, Tang Ningshan thinks this is the name of a neighborhood.

Shao Ruihan stops the car and opens the door for Tang Ningshan, which lets she think if he is crazy, his behavior is so assiduous.

But after all, no one likes to be tortured. Anyway, she thinks she has nothing to be exploited. She accepts all his attentions and takes Shao Ruihan's hand and gets out of the car gracefully.

Soon the doorman comes and drives Shao Ruihan's car away, and the three men who were following them soon walk to them. Five of them enter the room together.

When entering the room, they receive a warm reception. Shao Ruihan says the number of one room with a blank expression. Immediately another person comes over.

"The room you want is not free now, sir. Could you change another room, please?" The man walks up to Shao Ruihan with a smile on his face, but with no respect. It seems that he has a high position here, because he wears a suit.

"Is someone in there?" Shao Ruihan's voice is cold and his eyes are fixed on the man.

"Yes, sir. Could you change another one, please?"

"You're the manager?"

The man shakes his head.

"Get your manager over here." Shao Ruihan says.

"Then sir, would you please wait for a moment on that side? That you stand here will affect the other guests." The expression on the man's face is distinctly contemptuous, and he thinks that Shao Ruihan is just the son from a rich family. Doesn't he know what place they are in? Does he think that the room he said anyone can come in?

He says a few words with the microphone he is wearing.

"Manager, please come to the anteroom. Here are some gentlemen who want to go to Room 0."

"Yes, four gentlemen and one lady."

'All right.'

The man answers, and says to Shao Ruihan, "Please wait over there, sir. The manager will be here soon." Then he turns and leaves.

Looking at the man's back, Tang Ningshan bursts out laughing.

Shao Ruihan stares at her, but Tang Ningshan does not fear at all, and she still laughs very happily.

Shao Ruihan's eyes are filled with anger, he gives Tang Ningshan a look, and then he takes out of the phone from his pocket.

"I'm at the door; you come down to meet me."

Tang Ningshan thinks Shao Ruihan is a quiet person. He may have autistic, every time he only says several simple words when making the phone call, except in the army. It seems that she can rarely hear a lot of words from him.

In a few moments, they see a fat man running out of the stairwell in a sweat.

"Mr. Shao, you're here. Why didn't you inform me beforehand?" The words are full of deference and flattery.

"Mr. Shao, let's go upstairs first." The fat man looks at Shao Ruihan's face and bends to make an inviting gesture.

Shao Ruihan looks at the fat man, and then walks into the elevator. Fat man quickly runs to Shao Ruihan, making the appearance of leading the way.

The elevator soon arrives at the 10th floor. It's a bit like hotel rooms inside. This floor is very quiet, but you can see a lot of waiters standing in the doorway, the sound insulation effect is very good here.

The fat man walks to the door of Room 0 and opens it. They see a man is moving on a woman's body. Shao Ruihan raises his hand to block Tang Ningshan's eyes, and steps back to leave the room.

Inside the house comes out the screams of women and the curses of men.

"Who's that? Don't you have eyes? Can't you see I am in there?"

Tang Ningshan hears this sound, looking up at Shao Ruihan. The voice she has heard in Shao's house, if she is right, he should be Shao Ruihan's cousin.

"Change to another room." Shao Ruihan's cold voice makes the fat man shiver.

Ji Jun follows up the situation in this room; the corners of his mouth show a weird smile.

"Ruihan, let's go down and watch the show. I don't think you'd want to be in this room if there are people in the house."

The fat man takes one look at Shao Ruihan's expression and immediately leads them down the stairs again. The third floor is a performing arts hall, which has a lot of cards. Under the guidance of the fat guy, five people come to a position with the best view.

The deafening sound box inside the house vibrates; even the body will be numbed. After sitting down on the sofa, and soon someone put on wine and snacks.

Looking at the body writhes in the middle of the stage; Tang Ningshan feels that she does not belong in such a place. On the edge of the stage are groups of men and women, there are all kinds of expressions on their faces. Some are intoxicated, some are smiling, and even several tables with women hugging each other and laughing.

In the past, Tang Ningshan's life is very simple, except at home with others or at home by herself. She never participate social activity, and she does not have close friends.

Looking at those people, Tang Ningshan thinks if she has a few confidant friends now, what the scene would like when they go shopping together.

Shao Ruihan follows Tang Ningshan's eyes and sees that her eyes are on a man in the middle of the stage, which lets Shao Ruihan angry. Originally, he wanted to come out to have fun but he did not expect that she actually looks at other men in ecstatic.

He reaches out to hold her in his arms.

"What are you doing?" Tang Ningshan stares at Shao Ruihan in anger.

She just can't figure out, why will she be angry or be injured every time she stays in the same space with Shao Ruihan. Did she hit the jinx?

"You can only see me." Shao Ruihan says loudly to her ear.

Tang Ningshan is shocked by this remark, because Shao Ruihan's eyes are so serious and his expression is so solemn that she feels that he is declaring some serious things.

'Sick.' Tang Ningshan gets rid of Shao Ruihan's hand and moves to the other side.

But when she just moves, she is held back by Shao Ruihan. She thinks Shao Ruihan suddenly become very difficult to serve.

"What the hell do you want?" Tang Ningshan patiently says, trying to calm down.

"Be obedient." Shao Ruihan says very gentlemanly, the eyes are very affectionate, letting Tang Ningshan feel in the heart as if there is something to break ground to come out. Her face instantly blushes.

Seeing blushed Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan smiles with satisfaction. He holds her hand tightly.

Tang Ningshan looks back at Shao Ruihan for a long time and sees he is smiling gentlemanly. There is a gentleness in his eyes that makes her think that he was possessed by a devil. Now he is not like the perverted Shao Ruihan.

"Shao Ruihan?" Tang Ningshan carefully asks.

Shao Ruihan looks at her and nods.

Tang Ningshan suddenly stands up.

"I need to go to the bathroom." Tang Ningshan quickly goes out of the third floor, walking into the toilet and slapping her face with water.

And just as she is wondering, three women come in.

She glances at them and goes on washing her face.

But before she finishes washing, she feels like she's been hit in the neck, then she loses her consciousness. In the moment, she is struck, Tang Ningshan's only thought is that the system is not reliable. There is a danger but it didn't make warning.