Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 58

Chapter 44: chapter 44-- injection

When Tang Ningshan regains consciousness again, feeling the neck is painful very much. Originally, she wants to reach to touch, but she can't move. She opens her eyes, only to discover that her hands and the feet are all tied.

"Damn system, it's in danger. Why didn't you tell me?" Tang Ningshan roars in her heart.

"Master, you did not turn on the red flag." The sound of the system is filled with laughter.

"Even if I hadn't opened it, wouldn't you tell me what to do now?" Tang Ningshan rolls her eyes.

"Master, you are on your own this time. Let me give you a mission. Successfully escape, then there's a reward for you."

"Shit!" Tang Ningshan now just wants to pull out the system and give it a thrashing.

"You can disappear now." Tang Ningshan puts up with anger and calms herself.

It is then that the conversation of several men is dimly heard outside.

"Tell me, what's with the girl in the room?"

"Who knows, but she offended a wrong person."

"Yap, the young master and the young lady have ordered the arrest. Alas, such a pretty girl she is."

There is a faint sigh in the speaker's voice.

"Hey, if we can..." The man's voice is so foul that Tang Ningshan finds it disgusting to listen.

Tang Ningshan also knows that she is now tied up, and she is the only person to save her own life. After observing the situation, she knows she is being held in a warehouse with some wood and other things in it. She has been left in a corner. It's dark inside the warehouse, and from the sound she could hear only two people outside, but she is not sure that there would be anyone else, and she is afraid to do anything.

On the other side, Shao Ruihan finds that Tang Ningshan has gone to the washroom for a long time without coming back, feeling very strange. And also, she doesn't answer his call, directly he calls the fat man to come over.

"Look for the girl who came with me, and see if she has gone." Shao Ruihan's voice is deep and cold.

He feels that Tang Ningshan does not want to stay with him, so she runs away without informing him.

The fat man quickly asks a person to check the surveillance of the door, but he does not find Tang Ningshan go out of the main gate.

"Sir, the young lady does not leave." Fat man doesn't know what's going on.

"Go to find her." Shao Ruihan's eyes are twinkling, and the pressure is low.

The three of them come up from the dance floor below and see a fat man with sweat on his face and an angry Shao Ruihan. They ask in disbelief.

"What's the matter?"

Shao Ruihan sips his lips and shakes his head.

Xuan Yun looks at him; he probably knows that it should be that Tang Ningshan has not come back.

"Your wife hasn't come back yet?" Qu Bo asks loudly.

Shao Ruihan glances at him and nods.

The fat man is becoming anxious. Mrs. Shao has disappeared in his club. And he could not bear the burden of such a thing.

"Just a moment, sir, I'll go and find her right away." With that, the fat man trots away from them.

Shao Ruihan follows the fat man. And he does not know how to describe his current mood. He just feels that he has let the girl stay with him, but now she is lost under his own eyes. He even wonders now whether the girl has hidden herself, but soon he dismisses the idea. If the girl really wanted to hide for the rest of her life, she probably has already planned to escape.

They come to a room on the top floor with the monitor of each floor. Shao Ruihan directly turns the surveillance to the third floor, seeing Tang Ningshan went into the bathroom without coming out. After a while, three women came in and then came out with another woman, who seems to be drunk with her head hanging.

"Stop. Draw the image closer." Shao Ruihan stares at the woman above and confirms that it is Tang Ningshan.

The fat man quickly has the image switched to the nearest one.

"Damn women." Shao Ruihan's voice gets colder and colder.

"Now, go to find out if she's still here." Shao Ruihan's eyes are like flames, staring at the fat man beside him.

"Yes, yes, sir. Just a moment, please. Just a moment." The fat man leans against the wall, trying hard to prop up his fat body, and tells the people to find out quickly.

Shao Ruihan calls Lee to show him where Tang Ningshan is.

"Sir, they went out in your car..." The fat man's voice trails off.

Shao Ruihan's eyes are fixed on the license plate, and he smiles grimly.

Good, so quickly they put the attention to Tang Ningshan. Since they are so anxious, he should also pay them back well.

"You can go home first; I'll go and drive her back." Shao Ruihan turns to Ji Jun and says.

The three people nod.

Lee's car has been parked in the door downstairs, Shao Ruihan does not hesitate to open the door and get in.

"Boss, Mrs. Shao's position is in the western suburbs. It will take about an hour from here to there." Lee quickly says Tang Ningshan's present position, handing Shao Ruihan the electronic map in his hand.

"Well," Shao Ruihan looks at the map in his hand, looking at the red dot that is standing still and flickering. His both fists are clenched.

Tang Ningshan on the other side is not in good situation.

The hands are tied, she cannot move at all. She can only try hard to let herself sit up straight against the wall. She doesn't know why she doesn't have any strength.


"Miss, we've already caught him."

"Well, I see, but the young master's..."

"Yes, yes, I see."

Tang Ningshan hears the outside people hanging up the phone and laughing out loudly.

"Hey, man, we're so lucky..."

"What is it?"

"Miss said to find someone to **** her and then send her a video."


"Of course it's true."

"Hahaha, what are we waiting for? There's a beautiful woman waiting for us in the house..."

The conversation between the two men makes Tang Ningshan shudder. What kind of lady she has offended?

Tang Ningshan sees outside two people push door to enter, they still have some things in hands.

They walk closer to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan closes her eyes and tries to relax herself because she has no energy and she couldn't make any big moves.

Waiting for two people to come to her side, she suddenly opens her eyes with a sour look.

"What do you want?" Tang Ningshan's voice is a little shrill, as if she has been greatly frightened.

"Hey, hey, you'll see what we're up to in a minute." One of them is slightly fat and not very tall, and his face is covered with blains. He looks terrible. The other is medium height, wearing a mask over his face.

"Don't come over. Let's talk it over." Tang Ningshan's face is covered with tears.

"Oh, don't cry. We will treat you gentlemanly." Then she sees the fat man puts his things on the ground. Then he takes out some pills, crushing them and pouring some water into a glass, and then pulls out a syringe and sucks in all the contents.

Tang Ningshan looks at the man's skillful movement; she understands what he is going to do. No matter what is it, she cannot let it goes into her body.

The man takes the needle and walks to Tang Ningshan and lays Tang Ningshan to the ground.

"Listen, if you want money, I'll give it to you. Please let me go." Tang Ningshan now has no other way, only to try to delay the time.

"Oh? How much can you give us?" The man of medium height comes over and puts his hand on Tang Ningshan's chin and feels her face.

"I'll give you as much as you want, as long as you let me go." Tang Ningshan puts down the disgusting, making a delicate voice with a trace of temptation.

"Oh, in China, even if you're rich, it doesn't matter. Who let you offend the wrong person?" The slight fat man reaches out and touches Tang Ningshan's leg and lets out a lascivious laugh.

"Then what will it take for you to let me go?" Tang Ningshan feels the strength of the body recovering little by little, continuing to talk to two people.

"Oh, as long as you are obedient, we can still let you suffer less."

"Then can you loosen me? Just me, a weak girl, if don't allow me to go, I can't run away, can I? But my hands are a little numb." Tang Ningshan tries hard to make the voice she most annoys, making the voice more and more delicate.

"Fine, we can let go of you. You can wait for me to inject you the medicine, and then you will be released."

Tang Ningshan looks at the getting closer needle, trying hard to avoid. But she is pressed by two men, she cannot even move.

She can only watch the medicine in the needle pushed into her body.

"Look, you've already injected something in. Can you tell me what it is?" Tang Ningshan now even has the thought of killing these two people. Who knows what she was injected. If it is drugs, then there will be trouble.

"Something to make you obedient. Just enjoy it later." After saying these words, the two of them still do not let go of Tang Ningshan. They just pull her up and throw her in a dirty bed, which has a very unpleasant smell, making Tang Ningshan's stomach sick.

Tang Ningshan kneels down on the bed and feels something wrong inside her body. She is relieved to know what they have given her. Luckily, it isn't drugs or anything like that.