Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 6

chapter 197-- show your love

After parking the car in the parking lot, Shao Ruihan walks into the building with Tang Ningshan. From the outside, the building is about 18 stories high. Tang Ningshan has always believed that their company only occupies several floors of the building. However, she did not expect to see an inquiry desk on the first floor of the building, standing behind two female receptionists in uniform. Behind them is a big logo with the name of the company.

"Hey, are they so rich?" Tang Ningshan whispers in the ear of Shao Ruihan.

After hearing the words of Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan laughs. Tang Ningshan does not understand why he is laughing, but she also knows that she has asked a stupid question. They can set up a jewelry company, how can they have no money? Otherwise, where are the high-end jewels coming from?

When two people are just about to walk towards the elevator, one of the women receptionists immediately asks "Hello, can I help you? If you need, I can help you introduce something." When the woman is talking, she looks up and down Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan. The girl is beautiful and the man is handsome, and when they are standing together, they look very suitable. They are wearing a couple's sportswear and the woman can't see the age of two people from their appearances at all, so she would ask them. Generally, people who buy jewelry will go directly to the store. Few people come directly to the company. The customers who come to the company generally do some business negotiations, but she has never seen such people who are wearing sportswear coming for a business meeting.

"We are looking for someone." Tang Ningshan sees that Shao Ruihan does not mean to speak, she could only reply to this female receptionist.

After listening to her, the female receptionist immediately stunned and says, "Miss, Who are you looking for?"

"Looking for Ji Jun, or Qu Bo or Xuan Yun. Anyone of them." Tang Ningshan replies directly.

The female receptionist says directly after listening to Tang Ningshan. "Ms., this is the case. Do you have an appointment?" It is not because this receptionist questions their identity, but because that this is her most basic work. Generally, only important customers will come to the manager directly, and before meeting the manager, they must make an appointment.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head and looks at Shao Ruihan and asks, "What should we do?"

Shao Ruihan looks at the expression on Tang Ningshan's face and thinks she is very cute now. He couldn't help but kiss her cheek and says, "I will call them and let them down."

Tang Ningshan has not returned to her sense, and Shao Ruihan has already called out. After Tang Ningshan realizes what Shao Ruihan has done, she firstly blushes, then secretly glances at the female receptionist, and finally reaches out to pinch Shao Ruihan's waist.

After Shao Ruihan hangs up the phone, they go to the sofa in the hall. Just sitting down, they see Ji Jun excitedly coming out of the elevator.

Seeing them sitting on the sofa, Ji Jun immediately goes over.

"Why don't you go straight up?" Ji Jun has been waiting for them both upstairs. He doesn't understand why they didn't go upstairs directly when they arrived.

Tang Ningshan immediately says "Because we have no appointment, your receptionist is very responsible." Tang Ningshan's voice is with approval. Ji Jun looks back at the female receptionist standing not far away.

"Really? That's good." After that, Ji Jun nods and gives the receptionist a look. The receptionist lightly nods her head and walks back to the back of the help desk.

"Let's go, let's go up, I will take you on a tour." Ji Jun finishes, and he begins to move toward the elevator. The female receptionist is shocked to see this scene. And she is like, who can make the attitude of their boss become like this?

Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan's shoulder and follows Ji Jun.

After entering the elevator, Ji Jun discovers that the two of them are wearing couple's clothing and Shao Ruihan's hand have never left Tang Ningshan. He couldn't help but jokingly says, "Are you coming to show your love?"

After listening to this, Tang Ningshan immediately gives Ji Jun a supercilious look.

Shao Ruihan nods naturally. The moment when Tang Ningshan sees him nodding, she even has an impulse to hit the wall with her head.

"Hah, okay. Please take care of the feelings of single people." Ji Jun immediately shows a grievance on his face, but his eyes are full of doubts and excitement.

Shao Ruihan does not respond to his doubts. It is not until the elevator stops on the top floor that Ji Jun comes back to normal. Out of the elevator, three people go straight into the innermost room, which writes 'chairman's office' on the door.

"Look, this is your office. Although I know you won't come, I will leave an office for you." Ji Jun pushes the door open and stands at the door.

After Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan enter the house, Shao Ruihan sits directly on the sofa. His movements are natural, just like he is really the boss of this company.

"You wait for a while; I'll let someone send coffee to you guys. Qu Bo is not there, Xuan Yun will come up later." Ji Jun finishes, he turns and leaves.

Tang Ningshan looks around the room, finally she sits next to the window. The entire building is wrapped in special glass and looks very shiny.

"What are you looking at?" Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan sitting on the edge of the window and immediately comes over. He stands next to her and asks. After that, he looks along the line of sight of her and finds that she is staring at the sea outside the window.

"Do you like the sea?" Shao Ruihan asks.

Tang Ningshan nods. She really likes the sea, but she has never been to the beach, which is her regret.

"If there is a chance, I will take you there. You should sit down on the sofa first, lest you have a backache." Shao Ruihan's words exchange Tang Ningshan's supercilious look and a nip on his waist.

When Tang Ningshan walks toward the sofa, Shao Ruihan immediately takes the hand of Tang Ningshan. At this time, Tang Ningshan has been very speechless. Does what Shao Ruihan so-called not separate means not letting go of her hand?

Just as Tang Ningshan is about to sit down, Shao Ruihan pulls her directly onto his lap.

Tang Ningshan could only helplessly shake her head and sit on his lap.

When Ji Jun comes in again, he sees Shao Ruihan sitting on the sofa with a smile and holding Tang Ningshan.

"Hey, the sofa is very big enough so you don't have to do this to save space." Ji Jun really does not understand what happened between Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan. In the beginning, he did not feel that their relationship was so close.

Shao Ruihan raises his eyebrows and looks at Ji Jun. Ji Jun immediately removes his eyes and looks at Tang Ningshan "Girl, do you have any new designs recently? The jewelry you designed is now selling well."

Tang Ningshan listens to this topic and immediately becomes interested. After all, Tang Ningshan feels very satisfied when the things she designed are loved by everyone.

"Really? But I haven't had much time to do design recently." Tang Ningshan finishes and takes a look at Shao Ruihan.

"Girl, are you interested in designing a wedding ring?" Ji Jun has been thinking about it for a long time. However, during this time he does not have the opportunity to see Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan, so this is postponed until now.

"Wedding ring? I have never designed it. But you give me a pen and paper. I can draw a pair for you now." After Tang Ningshan hears his words, she immediately has inspiration in her mind, so she asks for a pen and paper.

Ji Jun immediately walks toward the desk. He opens the drawer, taking out the pen and paper, and hands it to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan begins to focus on the drawing. When Tang Ningshan is in the creation, all the thoughts in her head are all related to Shao Ruihan. The pattern of the ring is simple, but it is all pieced together with broken diamonds. The two rings look like two hearts. When the two rings are buckled together, they are entangled like a snake, and the two rings can be fastened together.

After the complete design drawing appears on the paper, Ji Jun does not know what words to use to describe his current mood. He had never seen Tang Ningshan paintings before, so when Tang Ningshan gave her designs as a gift to him at the beginning, he did doubt Tang Ningshan and even suspected that the original designer of this design is not Tang Ningshan. However, today he witnesses the whole process of her creation and he is shocked.

Shao Ruihan picks up the design drawing of Tang Ningshan and asks "What is the name?"

Tang Ningshan does not hesitate and says directly: "The lingering."

Shao Ruihan nods after listening. He kisses Tang Ningshan's neck and hands the paper to Ji Jun "Make only one pair, I'll get it."

Ji Jun listens to Shao Ruihan's words and then is stunned. The expression on his face is pleading, looking at Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan's expression is obviously telling Ji Jun that this is impossible. Tang Ningshan also can only ignore Ji Jun's gaze.

When Xuan Yun comes in, he sees Ji Jun looking at Tang Ningshan with a look of grief. He immediately comes over and asks, "What happened?"

Ji Jun directly hands the paper in his hand to Xuan Yun and wants to let Xuan Yun help him.

Xuan Yun looks at the ring above and looks at Shao Ruihan, who is holding Tang Ningshan, and immediately understands.

"Jun, do you think you have other choices?" Xuan Yun's words directly break Ji Jin's expectations.

"Or I will design another one for you?" Tang Ningshan hesitates for a long time. She still can't stand the expression of Ji Jun, so she asks directly.

When Ji Jun nods, Shao Ruihan says "No, in the future, you will not be allowed to design such a thing for other people."

Tang Ningshan says speechlessly: "Why!"

"You are mine, and the things you design are also mine. You can't have this idea of designing rings for others!" Shao Ruihan says confidently. When he looks at Tang Ningshan, his eyes are full of sincerity, and Tang Ningshan could not help but blush.

"Well... you don't look at me like this!" Tang Ningshan immediately succumbs to him.

"Good." Shao Ruihan finishes and kisses Tang Ningshan's face.

Tang Ningshan can only work hard to reduce her sense of existence. She really does not understand why the contrast between previous Shao Ruihan and current Shao Ruihan is so big.

Xuan Yun and Ji Jun both look at Shao Ruihan with surprises. Even before, Shao Ruihan never showed such strong possessiveness.

"Have dinner together at night?" Xuan Yun suddenly says.

"We will return to Shao's house later. If you can buy food, we can have dinner together at night in my new home." Shao Ruihan directly answers Xuan Yun's question and does not give Tang Ningshan a chance to speak.

"You cook? But you will?" Ji Jun is already unexpected enough, and now after hearing Shao Ruihan's words, he even feels more unexpected.

"Bo can cook." Shao Ruihan does not intend to cook for others. He believes that only Tang Ningshan can eat what he makes, and it is best not to share what Tang Ningshan cooks with others.